Gossip Girl Return Promo: Who is Cousin Charlie?

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The return of Gossip Girl is still more than two weeks away, but a new promo for the April 18 episode has us more intrigued than ever about the rest of the season.

Who is cousin Charlie and how will she become enmeshed in Serena's "world"? Where will S' story take her this spring? And what happens when Dair's secret is out?

We reported earlier today that Blair gets engaged by the end of this season. It looked like she was headed down that road last May, too, until everything blew up.

It may have been just one kiss with Dan, but she says it changed her. So much so that the Queen will reexamine what - and who - she really wants in this world?

Watch this promo for "The Kids Stay in the Picture" and comment below:

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As awesome as their tandem may be, Blair and Dan are not going to get together. Blair will be too busy resisting the temptation to be with Dan and Chuck, she'll end up accepting Prince Louis' engagement proposal. It's classic Blair. Then in the end, Blair and Chuck will be reunited. Charlie will be the thorn between Dan and Serena, which is kind of ironic considering Serena is the one going to bring Charlie into her world. But I guess she's not going to realize what a mistake that is until it's too late. Nate and Raina will become an official couple, Lily won't go to prison, Rufus will continue to be the stay at home mom, Eric's going to find a new boyfriend and will continue to offer sage advice, Vanessa needs to get out for good, and Jenny...well who cares, right? The season is much less annoying without her.




I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see Chuck's reaction to Dan and Blair kissing. He's gonna be so pissed!


Hurry Up and bring it back on.


The writers need to rethink the whole Vanessa angel. i understand drama angle, but really what is she doing back, come to ruin Dan's life and dub it 'for greater good'. Her relevance (if she had anything other than self righteous destruction) is over move on already writers! As for Charlie, if she not 'Mary-Sue, come to save Dan from evil Blair' then i'm good because they've already added her anyway can't change it, but we can hope for the best.


Cousin Charlie is so pretty!


pty i think thats a shocking generalisation to have made, how do you know that people who've been emotionally traumatised identify with the characters chuck and blair, did you ever think that maybe those people would prefer to associate themselves with dan and blair for their light-hearted natures instead? i think we're all getting waaay to deep about this, its a tv show, these people arent real! the only thing that we can be certain about is: vanessa sucks.


oh no Venessa's here AGIAN????


I don't know if Chuck is easier or complex character but I love him! Maybe it's because Ed Westwick playing Chuck, but for me, from all the boys on GG, Chuck Bass is the most amazing character. And you can say is bad, he did terrible things, he manipulates people... whatever, this is a tv show & tv show can be allowed to do whatever, in or out reality, that's why is tv show.
So, I'm all on Chuck! Dan, Erick so boring... Even Nate is more interesting than Dan, if Blair has to be with someone instead of Chuck, this should be Nate :) And from GG girls, Blair is the better, she's interesting, funny, lovely to watch and for me, she belongs to Chuck as he belongs to her.
They have (Ed and Leighton) and amazing chemistry on scene, that nobody else on GG does. So, I don't care about past, if Blair kissed Dan or Chuck had a little crush with Raina, I don't care anything, as the fantasy on television, I want Chuck and Blair back, I want Chair again. So, Chuck, it won't be an easy road, but GO! come on and fight for Blair! Never is to late to ammend the way :)


WELL.. i think that the way blair says 'that one kiss.. changed me' is pretty matter-of-factly (it sounds far from romantic) so i feel like she is pretty much goin to freak out bout the kiss and basically do stupid things to forget it!! and try to move up the social scene by getting engaged to dumb louis.. she's never said this to chuck.. after any kiss,, not in any season.. so yeah.. m pretty much sure thats whts going to happen.. BUT,, i wish they make something beautiful out of DAIR eventualy.. maybe around the season finale.. they're awesome together!!!

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