Gossip Girl Return Promo: Who is Cousin Charlie?

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The return of Gossip Girl is still more than two weeks away, but a new promo for the April 18 episode has us more intrigued than ever about the rest of the season.

Who is cousin Charlie and how will she become enmeshed in Serena's "world"? Where will S' story take her this spring? And what happens when Dair's secret is out?

We reported earlier today that Blair gets engaged by the end of this season. It looked like she was headed down that road last May, too, until everything blew up.

It may have been just one kiss with Dan, but she says it changed her. So much so that the Queen will reexamine what - and who - she really wants in this world?

Watch this promo for "The Kids Stay in the Picture" and comment below:

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The promos usually end up misleading us, and I suspect that's happening here. Rather than referring to her life-changing kiss with Dan, I think Blair is referring to her life-changing kiss the first time she got together with CHUCK. And that ever since then, that relationship has defined her. The question is, would she be saying this to Dan to explain why it won't work between them? Or would her point be that she wants to move on, and now with Dan she has a chance for something different? Well, I wish she would get together with Dan. But I basically expect to be disappointed, given the way things always go with this darn show.


My favourite scene, when Blair walks away from Chuck. *____________________________________________________* In your dinosaur face you sifilitic bassterd!


Chuck used to be complex, now he's a shell of a character who thinks of only himself. Chuck is someone that's been hurt by the people closest to him all his life, and him pushing people away is understandable, but he's taken it-rather the writers-too far. Even if complex, you do not sell/trade/exchange or whatever the love of your life, the person who keeps coming back, the one who cares unconditionally for a HOTEL. That goes beyond cruel and 'hurting before he gets hurt' most people supporting this pairing wouldn't in their right mind accept such actions be done to them, then go mess around with her best friend's ex-love, have an epiphany to return to Chuck when he doesn't repect and treasure her enough to spit in his uncles face about a trade involving her. If anything, his character should be protective and posessive over things and people that mean something to him yet he gave up the one thing that meant the world to him to gain what REALLY meant the world to him -his fathers legacy, the HOTEL. I understand that this character still craves his fathers love, acceptance and respect even beyond the grave, but he can not expect to treat Blair like an expendible object and get her back whenever he needs her. Manipulating the woman you love to do something like that was uncalled for and wrong no matter how much hurt he's gone through or how twisted he was. I don't deny he loves her in his own twisted, creepy way but he will always, ALWAYS love himself above anyone else, hell or high water. It in his nature to protect himself even from the woman who loves him unconditionally and has forgiven his indiscretions time and time again. Even if he gets her back, he'll hurt her again, because he 'hurts people, before they hurt him'. Chuck is about Chuck and occassionally Blair, but above all Chuck is about Chuck. So complex... maybe before. But now his fans have turned him to a 'woe is me, i'm complex, i can probably get away with murder if i put my mind to it' twisted hero. Chuck season 1 was a creeper, but a badass and true to his character, even season 2 a bit. He was meant to be a womanizer for longer while, but they rushed to place him with Blair for shock effect. They worked for a while but self destructed all on their own. Quit villianizing or praising Chuck. He is what he is... Selfish and self preservative let's not sugar coat it with complexity or mud fling it with 'evilness short of the demon seed'.


Does anybody know the name of the actress playing Cousin Charlie. She looks so familiar. I know she's been in another TV show.I just don't remember...Looks lie\ke the next episode will be great

Aint born typical

"I agree with Chill, and I have concluded that Chuck, as a character, is too complex to be understood by some people" There is nothing complex about Chuck. There is a false illusion that the show is trying to force on viewers that Chuck is a complex, multi-layered character, when in reality the writing doesn't reflect that. Over 4 seasons, Chuck's complexity has always bottled down to the same thing: never evolve. The character, in my opinion, is as one dimensional as they come.


I also agree with tati


I agree with Chill


I agree with Chill, and I have concluded that Chuck, as a character, is too complex to be understood by some people, like I said in another article this Sunday I read in tumblr the most amazing analysis about the character and how his background has affected his whole behaviour, it completely blew my mind, the person who wrote it got a real insight that wish more people could read, but I guess that's not going to happen.


I HATE VANESSA... why must that wretch always ruin things... everyone knows that Dair is a phase but they must have some fun, explore the boundaries of their relationships and just be what they are until they break up...


At no time did Chuck NOT want Blair. But, they agreed to their separation to find their own way back together. That doesn't mean those paths don't take detours (as in relationships with other people). How better to find out if you truly belong with someone than to experiment with relationships with other people? Charlie is obviously Serena's supposedly naive cousin, born of Serena's hippie aunt, and not well-versed in the ways of the UES. Serena's intentions are well-meant but we all know what happens when newbies get sucked into the UES--drama, bad hair extensions and, hopefully, a fast exit :)

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