Gossip Girl Review: A Dair Affair

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Now that's what I'm talking about.

This was one heck of an episode of Gossip Girl, with tension slowly built throughout the winter boiling over on all fronts, and leaving us with even more intrigue as we head into a mid-mid-season hiatus. "Empire of the Son" lived up to the hype.

The real reason for Russell's vendetta against Chuck was revealed (in the opening "previously on Gossip Girl" montage, and then later). Lily finally prepared to face the music. Rufus remembered he's on the show. Ben was vindicated.

And, lastly, there was the kiss heard 'round the Upper East Side and Brooklyn.

Dair Moment

You could sense a Dair kiss was coming whether you're a Gossip Girl spoiler junkie or not. From the opening moments, Blair was still stalking Chuck but is in a really good mood.

Blair does not walk around in good moods, people.

Meanwhile, Serena got a call from Vanessa for some reason, but is confused and upset that Ben is blowing her off. Nate? He's being Nate, and exploring his feelings for Raina.

Chuck learns about Nate and Raina from Russell, who also hints (so subtly, with that orange outfit) that he knows Lily's secret. Lily and Chuck try to find out what he knows.

Try as they might to do their thing, which they don't really understand or want to admit, Blair and Dan are handcuffed by sneaking around. It's Dorota who catches her on it.

Soon we learn that Ben has been ignoring Serena because his mom is in town, while Lily thinks Ben revealed the secret (Vanessa hinted this) and that's how Russell knows.

The affidavit is also missing from Serena’s drawer. There's no mention of Eric or Damien, both MIA this week, and their role in outing Lily. It all leads up to Chuck's big party.

After Serena accuses Ben of outing her mom, she learns that it was Ben's mother who rifled through her stuff and gave the affidavit to Thorpe so that he can clear his name.

Russell tells Chuck to hand over Bass Industries or else. Raina was hiding and overhears, devastated that her father, her idol, would resort to such an underhanded tactic.

Lily is ready to turn herself in. But there's more to it than that.

A Lily and Serena Photo

The major secret revealed last night was a bit odd, as it was a reference to a blink-and-you-miss-it Season 2 scandal, but it did help explain Russell's hatred of Chuck a little.

Russell Thorpe reveals that his wife died because of Bart and that’s why he’s seeking revenge. This would have been more shocking had it not been given away earlier, but still.

Serena's father, William, returns and tells Rufus they're going to form a united front. Rufus is just excited to form any sort of dialogue at this point. Stay tuned on this front.

Rufus' other contribution last night, along with Dorota, was to convince Dan and Blair to stop fighting it. Why the plausible deniability? Why not embrace their true feelings?

Embrace them they did, as Dan made the first move - refusing to back away - and insisting that they kiss, just once, to ensure their relationship wasn't more than platonic.

We have a feeling it's a lot more than platonic.

"For crying out loud, Humphrey!" Blair said, before kissing Dan as the screen froze and the credits rolled. She surely spoke for many fans across the country ... but what next?

The Dair cliffhanger was vintage Gossip Girl, leaving us wondering whether Chuck and Serena will bust them, where Louis the Prince fits into this love rectangle, and more.

Here's our first look at where things pick up April 18 ...

Terrific stuff last night, and plenty to keep us guessing as we suffer through another long break. A handful of final thoughts before we turn it over to your comments ...

  • Apologies to those who like him with Serena, but does anybody else think Ben and Vanessa would make an awesome, irrelevant couple? Anyone?
  • This was not a good night to be Chuck. Not only did Russell throw him for a loop, TWO exes are in the arms of friends. Well, one friend and Dan.
  • Nate's streak of being involved with every girl is legendary.
  • Who do you think will find out about Dan and Blair first?

What did you think of last night's Gossip Girl? Discuss!


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I hope Dair is happening, I just don't want that cute couple fall for wrong persons again. No more hurt, no more betrayal and pain. At least for once, I really want GG to show a normal couple in this show.


I said it before, and I'll say it again: Dan and Blair make for very watchable and captivating television. They make the show interesting and revitalize new life into GG that had fallen to complacency and stagnated to barely watchable. Dan and Blair? Four seasons into the making! Four years of intrigue, and fighting, and chemistry that has that classic GG-payoff: cliffhanger. This is what makes for dynamic interaction, and no one, together, is perhaps more entertainingly dynamic than that of the witty repertoire of Dan-Blair vernacular. Yes, yes, those that vehemently stronghold the sacred unions of Dan/Serena and Chuck/Blair are equally vehement in their opposition of a Dan and Blair union, and perhaps in the long run, their favored unions are destined and meant to be. However, time and again has shown us that such unions are catastrophic and simply cannot co-exist.. at least for now. All four require time apart to firmly place their footing in the world and within one another to find themselves belonging right back to what separated them in the first place. They're not ready for each other right now. However, Dan and Blair are. Four years of being apart and finding themselves and their identities without getting lost in the whirlwinds of Serena and Chuck perspectively gives gravitas to their union. Where Dan and Blair are concerened: they know who they are, especially with each other; it is a rare epiphany given their experiences with their former loves. But even if Dan and Blair are a detour to the highway of destined couples, at least it'll offer all four valued perspective. And hell, it'll keep me tuned every week... even if I have to wait 'till April.


I love GG. I did not see the Dan and Blair thing really happening. I figured when he suggested a kiss that Blair would knock him upside the head. As far as the length of the kiss, they did a freeze frame because it leaves options. Either that awkward kiss turns into something romantic or they both pull away like it was gross. I personally think that the one kiss will turn into many more. Serena isn't going to walk in on them. She has her constant drama gong on. I swear the girl creates drama. Honestly, the Serena character annoys me. It has actually cause me to not like Blake Lively. Chuck is the one looking for Blair so he is going to walk in on Dan and Blair kissing. He is going to throw a fit and Blair is going to let him have it because she knows he isn't good for her. They were a fun couple to watch and I am sure that they would rule the world later on in their lives but after Winter break when Serena was all in her Dan drama, Blair told her that she shouldn't pass up a good guy because they are few and far between. Blair is faking the obsession with Chuck. He has treated her like property that he owns, which is why he will punch Dan when he walks in on Dan and Blair kissing. Blair realized that after Raina and Chuck. Chuck used Blair to get to Rayna and then to help him keep her. He then lied to Blair and said it was a set up for the company. When Blair saw what Chuck was really feeling for Rayna, that was it for her. She obsesses over Chuck for plausible deniability for her and Dan. Dan and Blair have a lot in common. They do well either way. Serena isn't going to care who Dan is with because Ben will stay with he now that his record is exsponged. He can be the man that Serena wants him to be or whatever. If that doesn't work out there will be another guy come on the show and she'll sleep with him. The one that is going to wig out the most is Chuck. Whether that kiss means anything or not, Chuck will see this as losing Blair and the competition will begin.... XOXO


Ugh. Vanessa. The mere mention of her name brings up such disgust. It seems Vanessa enjoys her time as the outsider and continues cry out victim yet surreptitiously scheme to further her own agenda. Really Vanessa? You're the victim? You're the sad little outsider who never gets accepted? Perhaps if she put in the effort of actually "being" in the group than feeling like "an outsider pushing her way in" all while cavorting with frenemy a-like, perhaps then she could earn her place. But by selling people out to cover her own hide, especially the sister of the man she so desperately covets, perhaps logical processes somehow fail in this complicated mess she so willingly puts herself in. Vanessa: she wasn't missed the four or five consecutive episode her face did not grace the screen. So either she makes herself actually redeemable or return to obscurity.


Serena: the eternal flip-flopper. At least Chuck has cause to rightfully pursue Blair once the news of the "ever life-shattering kiss" hits the online waves of Gossip Girl, but for Serena to pursue Dan after all this time? Seriously S? Seriously? I think Serena above all people would have the understanding that Dan needs to see other people, perhaps a Waldorf to gain perspective. Dan has always been a viable candidate, and so some reason, Serena finds herself "testing" Dan over and over and over and over again like some rag doll, or better aptly put, a doormat. Given this confession by S herself, the Dan/Serena relationship is equated to two words that so captures the essence of Daniel Humphrey in his relationship with Serena: emotionally battered. Because like emotionally battered individuals, they keep coming back for more. Glutton for punishment? I think so, so hopefully, Serena, is for once not indulged into her own world, and lets Dan find sanctuary, at least for a little while before the carousel ride that is Dan and Serena begins anew.


I think that Chuck will see first and then tell Serena into which they both will be hurt to see their love of their life falling for eachother.


I have to say the best lines for last night goes out too Dorota for her comedic lines. I am glad Ben is gone because I did not really enjoy Serena and him. It was so similar to Nate and his cousin. Serena dates Ben cousin and then him.


I can't wait for the show to come back. I want more DAIR please!!! Awesome show! DAIR is for sure what keeps me watching this show. They are amazing together!!!


Nate's a slimball. Where is his loyalty? He didn't even look a tad bit remorseful when Chuck found out. He takes in the cold comfort that Raina wanted nothing to do with Chuck; what happened to principle? What happened to honor? Is Nathaniel Archibald completely devoid of all such things? I'm glad that Chuck focused on the plan in motion despite the metaphoric blade in his shoulder. Yes, perhaps Chuck did not so deeply feel the sting of young Archer's blade pressed upon back, but that does not make Nate any better. Even when Raina gave him cause to pursue their relationship on better terms, Nate has a sorry ass demeanor when his feigned revelation is forced by Chuck's hand. Really Nate? Really? Slimball.


Episode was great, but Dair......just awesome!!! I just hope it last. I was all for Blair and Chuck, but i love Blair with Dan even more :)

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