Gossip Girl Round Table: "Empire of the Son"

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Welcome back to the weekly TVF Gossip Girl Round Table, where our panel breaks down the previous night's episode (see our review from earlier this morning).

Below, lead Gossip Girl writer Mister Meester joins his esteemed editor-in-chief DANdy and TV Fanatic President Gossip Guy to discuss "Empire of the Son" ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from last night?

Gossip Guy: Since I'd like to try and tie all my answers to the Dair kiss, I'll go with Blair's "Oh for crying out loud, Humphrey" before she grabbed and kissed Dan.

Mister Meester: Vintage Dair ... Dan: "Serena, Eric, Lily, they're gonna need us now more than ever." Blair: "Not us. Dan and Blair. Individual entities. Two nouns separated by a conjunction." Dan: "Or a comma, if mentioned in a list." Blair: "Which is rare."

DANdy: Anything by Dorota last night was pure gold. Side note: Is it just me or is Gossip Girl off her game this year? She's totally phoning it in.

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2. Best episode of 2011 so far?

Gossip Guy: Let's see. Bringing the boring Bass Industries storyline to a close, taking Lily down, the return of William, Nate having something (or someone) to do, and a Dair friggin kiss!? Only thing that could've made this perfection: less Vanessa. And more Serena cleavage.

Mister Meester: Big time. One of those classic episodes that brings things together, plants the seeds for more stories and makes you care about the characters. Bravo.

DANdy: I'm not as high on last night as my colleagues, but I liked it, especially the end. It could have been better, but the show is getting back on track after this.

3. Was that kiss just the beginning of Dan and Blair as a couple?

Gossip Guy: OMG I hope so. But they better keep up the witty sarcastic banter if the two if them do end up together. I refuse to watch a lovely dovey Dair unless I have Dorota around to clean up my vomit.

Mister Meester: I hope so, but this photo suggests otherwise. Dan and Blair have carried the show in the second half of the season. I hope it doesn't fizzle out from here.

DANdy: No idea, but since the episode ended with a frame of Dan and Blair, I have no choice but to recognize the couple nickname, Dair, that I denounced last week.

Big Night For Dan

PLAUSIBLE DENIABILIY: Dan finally convinced Blair to do away with it.

4. Most random twist - Ben's mom showing up out of nowhere to bail him out, or a Season 2 throwaway Bart scandal resurfacing in the Thorpe takeover storyline?

Gossip Guy: Definitely Ben's mom showing up and somehow being the one to get her hands on the affidavit and hooking up with Thorpe. I mean duh, I saw the Bart scandal coming in a mile away during the "previously on Gossip Girl." On a side note, did you guys see that Dair kiss!?

Mister Meester: Both came out of left field, but Thorpe and Bart at least had past ties (though I'm skeptical how long ago the writers decided to create said ties). Ben's mother's involvement felt abrupt and out of place. Vanessa-esque, except she had an actual impact.

DANdy: The involvement of Ben's mom. That story line went down faster than Nate's pants when he sees Raina. Or Serena, or Blair, or Vanessa, or Jenny, or ...

5: With William back (again), will Lily and Rufus last?

Gossip Guy: Well, unfortunately since Rufus has been relegated to being Lily's purse I'm pretty sure the dude's going out of fashion. Sorry. Way too cheesy. I'll leave the witty lines to Dair. After they're done totally with their epic kiss.

Mister Meester: Last? Don't call it a comeback - Rufus has been here for years. He may be more of an accessory lately, but when the chips are down, he's Lily's rock. He'll be Eric's, too, and a much healther rock than the ones he gets from Damien.

DANdy: I predict his return will cause tension between Rufus and Lily, but Billy will ultimately fall out of favor and leave town. At least that's what happened last year.

6: Rate last night from 1-10 on the Vanessa Uselessness Scale!

Gossip Guy: Her great revelation about Ben changed no one's minds or actions so she easily should earn her standard 10. But I'm in a good mood after that Dair kiss. 9.

Mister Meester: Agree with Gossip Guy. 9. Gotta love V inserting herself into the Ben-Serena scandal but having little or no impact. Sums up the character so well.

DANdy: I think I saw her in the promo, briefly, so maybe she's got some actual role to play when the show comes back. But 9 last night, easily. Make that 9.25. 

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I really loved this. I used to think a Dan-Blair relationship would be weird but after seeing some episodes I think it brings out interesting personalities. Blair brings out Dan's passionate, and a little less intense, side. And Dan brings out Blair's sweet less paranoid side. Yes she paranoid that she has feelings for him and that people will find out but she doesn't obsess about how everything has to be perfect she just likes being with him. I used to be a fan of Chuck-Blair but recently Chuck has become really boring to me he's like a business man. Everything was too intense and it wasn't love anymore, it was too screwed up to be love anymore. And I think serena is really kinda too screwed up to be with anyone right now. Overall, I really like Dan and Blair as a couple and I hope they give them more time to explore their feelings before bringing in a bunch of scandals that could potentially break them up. LOVED the episode! :)
p.s. I really don't want Vanessa back in the show.


Stupid Vanessa. EVERYBODY FOOLS POOR LITTLE STUPID VANESSA! Juliet, Georgina, Chuck, etc. I mean, WHAT A WASTE OF AIR TIME! She'll probably be back (as seen on the promo) just to get a picture of the Dair kiss (for there will be other, I pressume) and show it to Chuck, because she's like SOOO IN LOVE WITH DAN AND BLAIR IS SOOO NOT GOOD FOR HIM. In any case, I'm totally sure it was her voice that said in the promo something like: "You can confornt them or deny it, but it's true" and someone gives someone a DVD. Probably Stupid Vanessa recorded it, since she's so into documentaries.


Dair forever!
Chair forever! uhhh, I'm a little confused at the moment. But i have got to ask, WHY can't GG have more eps like this? Every ep. should be as awesome.


I think it's funny that Chuck thought his mother was dead but actually left, and how Raina thinks her mother left when she is actually dead. Really? What's up with that?
And now that Dan has been with every girl even his step sister LOL who will he hook up with next season? (Hopefully we see another seasoon)
Chair fan 100 %


Kind of agree with @Caitie, and I hope that was the last we've seen of Thorpe father...but Raina can stik around, just be good to Nate, ok R?? (LOL)


DAIR forever!


dair is soo boring, i just dont know how anyone finds them attractive in any way.....


I’m really confused as to why everyone loved this episode so much. I’ll admit that there were some moments that, in the future, could make for a good episode. But I thought the writers were really, frankly, phoning it in. My 2 sisters, a friend and I have a weekly viewing party and we all agreed that this was one of the WORST episodes we had ever seen, for a number of reasons. 1) Ben’s Mom – Bring her in for one episode just to destroy Lily. Introduce a character to do ONE thing that countless others who had a vendetta against Lily could have done. Pointless. 2) The Bart Insurance Fire – SOMEHOW someone else died in that fire but, of course, nobody else seems to know about it. No police report, of course. Yet another time the police barely investigated a crime on Gossip Girl. The NYPD should be insulted 3) Ok. I know Serena is supposed to be dumb, but REALLY? She decides the Affidavit would be safer in her DRESSER DRAWER than in the SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX? And then talks about moving it with Ben in casual conversation? Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaat writing. 4) Vanessa. 5) Dair. The whole lead-up has just been boring and unbelievable. I actually enjoy the bickering and would find a hook-up plausible but the way it’s been written is just so OOC for both Dan and Blair. The competition between them at W had the potential to be used to build up some ACTUAL sexual tension but instead they took this other route that does nothing for me. My entire viewing party was groaning in distaste through the entire thing. 6) Laaaaaaaaaaaaaame touchy-feely bonding moment with Russell and Raina. Do not care about the relationship btw these two and not what I watch Gossip Girl for. Overall. Just unimpressive.


Couldn't agree more, what's up Gossip Girl?


The whole Thorpe thing seemed to just be a bridge to jump off of, for the coming plotlines about Blair/Dan/Chuck and Lily's past/secrets/whatever...

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