Gossip Girl Spoilers: Blair to Get Engaged!

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Gossip Girl is on hiatus until April 18, but here's another little spoiler to keep you guessing until then. Actually, it's a pretty big spoiler, just using relatively few words.

Blair will get engaged by the end of the season.

TV Line's Michael Ausiello reports it matter-of-factly, although he won't say who the lucky guy is. We're guessing you have your theories and reasons why ...

Miss Waldorf

It's unclear if Blair actually gets married, or whether the engagement takes place in the season finale or before, but by season's end, someone pops the question.

As we know from the way the last episode ended, it could be a number of individuals. Without further delay, let's debate it in the comments and the survey below.

Who do you think gets engaged to Blair?

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Chuck and Blair are kind of over right now - Chuck needs to grow up before Blair will want to commit to him. And that could take - like she said - years. So if Chuck and Blair ever are getting engaged it will be a long time coming and for "real." So Blair will most likely get engaged with the prince (there are pics confirming this floating around the web) because she wants to live her "fairytale." It totally won't last, because they knew each other for like two weeks in Paris and there is like zero chemistry. Also everyone cares way more about Dair and Chair. Blair and Dan's (according to spoilers)relationship will continue in the next season and from the promos it seems like Dan will be a serious candidate in the "competition" for Blair's heart. But Dan and Blair have way to many issues to work out before anyone will start throwing rings around. However there is the fact that we have the "there will be something big going down" spoilers we heard about Dair. Anyone else really curious about what Chuck would never intentionally cause Blair physical harm. is all about? Is it the physical or intentional part that's important?


she'd choose Loius! you can even google it! hahahaha. But i've read somewhere that chuck would be involved in a criminal case, where Blair is the only witness that he's not involved (because they were together). Chuck won't use that to defend himself to avoid ruining Blair's rep. I forgot if Blair saved him. :) I think she would. It's like she has a compulsion to save him in every way a man can be saved


It's Louis :( There so many photos on the net D;


What about Nate? Now we're talking...


i need me some chair!!!!
dan is boring. people know he is, soo i dont get the big deal about dan honestly


I read today that apparently Taylor Momsen told TV Guide that Jenny won't be comming back soon to GG, and I know this already provides an argument to many people who can use it to say that Jenny's opinion doesn't matter since she is not going to be in the show anytime soon, but if Dair are a couple for a long run, how is it gonna be a confortable relationship when she banished his little sister from NYC? I mean, Blair banished Jenny and told her not to come back to the city and of course is a stupid banishment in realistic terms since Blair doesn't own any city or country, and even if we only consider this in terms that the only thing Blair was gonna be able to do for real is to make Jenny's life miserable and now not even that will probably happen anyways because of their conversation at the end of 4x10 (Gaslit), the point is Blair banished or at least tried to banish Jenny while Jenny's brother Dan saw her as the victim in the whole thing. To his eyes the banishment was an injustice, and that's why he tried to sabotage Blair's birthday in 4x7, blaming Chuck and Blair for Jenny's abscense. And now he has a thing for the woman that banished his sister? And even if we consider that GG universe seems to have decided that at least the 5 young main characters that have remained there (S, D, N, C and B) are all "forgive and forget" things rather quickly, how that's gonna result for family reunions and family life, in general? Jenny ended up involved in a very painful event in Blair's life, even if Blair can forgive her is not going to be easy for her to see Jenny. Jenny probably also feels unconfortable when she sees Blair like it seemed in 4x6. Dan and Jenny used to be close in the 2 first seasons. So for Dair to work as either a long relationship or endagme are Dan and Jenny gonna be forced to be like Lily and Carol, with the latter appearing in NY after 4 seasons? You see this is one of the many reasons why some of us don't support Dair, and I for one I'm rather neutral towards Jenny or the actress who plays her, Jenny may piss me off sometimes but I don't spend my time hating her or worshiping her, and as for Taylor I'm only begging she knows what she's doing, and if she is ok then I'm ok. If you hate Jenny you are not gonna care what she thinks or how she feels about this, but if you love Jenny I think the logical thing would be to be at least concerned about this, of course only Jenny fans can tell how they feel, not trying to talk in their name. I'm not trying to disrespect fandoms or to start a war, jus saying I have several reasons for how I feel and this is one of them.


Dan and Blair = EPIC, cute, unique
Chuck and Blair = Boring, Weird, repeated boring and weird story!
Louis and blair = not good enough!! But it's better than chuck and blair... As a viewer I want something different of the plot! That means either it's dan and blair or louis and blair...... Well I hope it won't be an endless boring story like blair and chuck!!! It has been 3 years I watch the same plot of blair and chuck...and after all these years it's just been going around in the same circle, that's just very ridiculous+weird if the end game is chair!!! No way! I promise myself that I will never watch the next season!!! F NO!!


I hope that would be dan.... It will be different, and truly romantic. Actually I have been bored of the plot CHAIR.. They have been playing around with uncertain endgame, it's just ridiculous if blair will finally get engaged with chuck. Well, with dan and blair in the same picture I've found it very interesting, refreshing, marvelous, fasctinating and all it feels like breathing a fresh air. And about dan's feeling for serena? Come on they're sibling and that will be weird if they're together, because it stated the universal taboo of sibling getting together...As of dan and vanessa? Big NO she's a trash bag! The one that should be dumped at the first place after all she has done to serena! Vanessa doesn't make the cut! So I Voted like 20 times for dan and blair.. It will be a beginning of a new story after all those boring story with chuck! So please let dan be with blair, and keep me posted!


Dan's voice is so sexy


does anybody else think it's completely ridiculous louis was in blair's life for less than two whole episodes and there is a good chance he will propose and she will accept? there was hardly any chemistry anyways!

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