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It’s so hard to say goodbye...

After four years, it was finally time to bid farewell to Greek this week, the show that let us live out some of our own college fantasies and left us excited us for each impending semester. It was definitely a bittersweet ending, so let’s reminisce over “Legacy.”

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As reality sunk in all around, the hour was filled with difficult decisions. Sure, there were a few holes in the storylines (i.e. tearing tear down the KT house without some more warning to those who lived there, or Casey just picking up and leaving law school behind). But who really cares, the final semester has ended and it definitely did not fail.

Let me be the first to admit: when the letters were falling and the KT house was coming down, I couldn’t help tearing up with the characters. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one... right?

The finale did so many things right - there was nods back to the first season and also some familiar faces. Wade, Jen K, Lisa Lawson, and even Officer Huck were on hand for the protest. It was awesome. Even more awesome? Catherine’s speech about why KT was important to her.

After the demolition of the Kappa Tau house (a legacy in itself), everything worked out for the best. There were new couples, rekindling of romances, and some relationships that had proven they are solid and meant to be. Let’s discuss.

Looks like Dale has finally met the future Mrs. Kettlewell! Heath and Calvin kept their adorable relationship together, as they prepare for a semester abroad. And Ash made the first move to start up her romance with Rusty. I was pretty skeptical about these two, but the season won me over with the buildup of a friendship into a relationship.

Rebecca and Evan may not have officially gotten back together, but there is a definite future with them. I see them as a perfect fit.

Casey and Cappie, meanwhile... These two have been at the center of the show over the past four seasons and even Evan recognized this is “as it should be.” Here is hoping we have more of Spencer Grammer and Scott Michael Foster on TV future. (Like here, for example.)

Other thoughts:

  • Love that Rebecca and Dale have a friendship after their catty fights earlier in the season and that Rusty is the new KT president.
  • Anyone else flash back to The OC when “Forever Young” was playing in the background?
  • How sweet was the scene between Rusty and Casey?
  • What did you think of Captain John Paul Jones?

This is it, the end at Cyprus Rhodes. What did you think of the series finale? Are you going to miss Greek or was it time to graduate and move on?


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I cried, especially when Forever Young started playing

Leigh r

I cried, especially when Forever Young started playing. I also re-watched the pilot last night. ABC Family had a hit with Greek, it was such a unique show, I hope we get to see all of these actors again.


It made me cry so much! I was so sad! but I thought it was a fantastic ending to a show that managed to keep me hooked throughout my college career and beyond. I will miss it!


I`m gonna miss it!


I am so sad that one of my favorite shows has come to an end. I think it ended perfectly, and i was so happy to see that rusty and ashleigh were finally getting together! And i think it was great that rusty is now the president of KT! So all I have to say now is....spin-off series anyone???


Just so you guys know, ABC Family cut 15 minutes out of the Finale due to time. But I did hear iTunes has the full verison of it. I haven't watch the full verision yet myself. But I thought the finale was amazing. I really don't cry but honestly I cried 3 times last night. Once during Rusty and Cappie's conversation about KT, while the KT house was being torn down, and simply when the episode was over. I felt everything really came full circle. I personally loved the throwback to the pilot with Evan calling Cappie "Crappie" but this time the scene was reversed with Casey being with Cappie. I'm proud of Evan for siding with Cappie and not his career. They had been fighting for 19 episode to long in my opinion. And yes Dale kissing Casey, hillarious. When I first saw it in the promo I freaked out and couldn't stop laughing. If it was adlibbed kudos to Clark Duke because that scene was great. Also yay for Dale finally getting the girl.


I really liked the finale! And ITA with everything you said.
- When they were tearing down the KT house I almost cried.
- I didn't really like Rusty and Ash together at first, but this friendship developping into something more was really realistic, which is rare on tv.
- I can't express how much I love Cappie and how happy I am that he's following the love of his life "whenever she's going". I mean those two are perfect together! And "forever young" totally made me think of the OC! And it was the perfect song. I'm gonna miss GREEK sooo much!


Now what? I so loved Greek, how will I get my Cappy fix. So glad we got to know his real name. too funny. I am just happy he and Casey rode off together. I just wish it wasnt over.I will miss the characters left behind. I cried when they torn down the house, didnt see that coming. I LOVE U CAPPIE ~!!


This is my fourth best series... So sad that its ended.... It deserved a longer run so we can see how rusty would preside over the KTs... We deserved that... I am not suprized there were so many plot holes considering that they only had so few eps in which to do this show... But I'm glad it ended the way it did. I was rooting for ashliegh ever since that prom ep with the flash back and ash took rusty as a pity date. I wondered if they were hinting at that. Plus ash is a bit dorky so they make a cute couple. I am not suprised about captain jones aka cappie and cassie. They were written for each other... Stupid that she hasn't finished law school but maybe she will do it elsewhere... Couldn't care two hoots abt evan. I've always liked rebecca and I'm happy she and cassie buried the hatchet... This fourth season has been great... Can't wait for the dvd...


I had definitely flash back to The OC when “Forever Young� was playing in the background :)

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