Grey's Anatomy Musical Event: New Preview & Details

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The Grey's Anatomy musical event is coming March 31.

It's the episode everyone is talking about (even though there's a new one the week before), and something that's "never been done before," according to Shonda Rhimes.

Basically, it will be an hour-long tribute to the music of Grey's Anatomy, with Sara Ramirez as the lead and the rest of the cast backing her up. It should be ... interesting.

Here's a nice new featurette promoting the episode ...

With a Tony Award winner in the cast, it's no surprise that she (Ramirez) receives the bulk of the solos on the drama's first musical episode, The Hollywood Reporter notes.

She sings lead on Kate Havnevik's "Grace" and Brandi Carlile's "The Story" and shares lead duties with her on-screen lover, Jessica Capshaw, on KT Tunstall's "Universe & U."

The show will feature nine songs closely associated with the show.

Follow the jump for more details courtesy of THR ...

Chandra Wilson, who starred in Caroline, or
Change on Broadway, sings on Get Set Go's "Wait." Only one of the songs, Gomez's "How We Operate," will feature a male lead.

That would be the awesome Kevin McKidd, who portrays Dr. Owen Hunt (who, interestingly, hadn't been introduced on the show at the time of that particular song's airplay).

Then, the talented ensemble of Ramirez, McKidd, Daniel Sunjata (Eli), Scott Foley (Henry), Justin Chambers, Chandra Bailey, Kim Raver and Capshaw gets two numbers:

  • The Fray's "How to Save a Life"
  • Jesus Jackson's "Running On Sunshine"

A video of Ramirez, who won her acting Tony for the musical Spamalot, McKidd and Bailey singing Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars" is featured in a promo for the drama.

Creator Shonda Rhimes and director Tony Phelan had the songs selected and written into a script in November when Chris Horvath was brought in as music director.

He spent two months on arrangements and rehearsing; the vocals were recorded over four days - the episode took 2-3 times longer to cut than usual, McKidd says.

"When we started I knew we had four people who had serious vocal talent, some had a of experience and some had barely sung in the shower," Horvath said.

"There was some pushback, but I was impressed by how everybody responded."

Capshaw, for example, worked with a vocal coach and came up "with some really cool qualities" in her voice, Horvath said. He was also impressed with Chyler Leigh.

Horvath, a composer, producer and arranger, is putting the finishing touches on the soundtrack, which will be digitally available on March 31 when the episode airs.

Are you excited for it or what?

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I am unable to download the itunes player to my PC. Will the Grey's Anatomy Music Event be offered on CD Soundtrack?


I have a question for EVERYONE, if they have the songs and they are recording them and all.... will be available via Itunes or a Soundtrack cd?
Help? Please :)


Ok I'm just putting this out there & apologies if someone has posted it already. But Lucy is in the Trauma Room - why would she be there if the patient wasn't pregnant? Doesn't mean it's Callie but it more than likely is because as someone said why the hell else would she be singing ;) Also does it look to anyone like there are two beds set up in the Trauma Room or is that just me? Guessing Arizona is on the 2nd one? Anyway all speculation but can't wait to see it :)


Calli is in coma.... why else she would be singin? Only because she can???


I think I know who the victim is... on Wikipedia I read that in the 18th episode of the season (which is the musical episode) Izzie returns... and I think I heard Bailey say Izzie, when you see that hand... it would be great to see Izzie back, wouldn't it?!


AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, i cannnnnot wait ! counting down the days !


AAAAAAAAAaaaaahhhhHHHhHhhHHHH!!!! I cannot wait! I'm so stinking excited!!!!


Can anyone tell me the link what alice was talkin about


@Alice what was the link u tolf us to check out????


@ vou Totally agree; I've been waiting for Torres' anatomy to go away & get back to Grey's Anatomy, but alas, it seems it is not to be. I can't believe that most of the people singing were not even part of the cast for most of these iconic songs...the songs that went with the SL's that made Grey's so great..way back when it WAS great! When it was centered aroung the interns & their lives. Oh well, who knows, maybe Mer, Alex, Cris, Der will get their 30 seconds if we're lucky.

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