Grey's Anatomy Musical Event: Song List & Sneak Peek!

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On March 31, prepare for the mother of all tributes to the music of Grey's Anatomy.

Featuring songs made famous by the ABC medical drama and performed by the cast members themselves (with Tony winner Sara Ramirez leading the charge), the much-anticipated musical episode should be quite the spectacle.

Check out a first look of Ramirez and the rest of the cast in the recording studio:

Are you excited for, indifferent about or dreading this event? We're sort of surprised they're doing it, but we'll try not to pass judgment before even seeing it.

Follow the jump for the rumored track list (eight of the 10 songs, anyway), along with who will be doing the honors. It's definitely a Grey's Greatest Hits ...

  1. Lexie, portrayed by Chyler Leigh, will be singing "Breathe (2 AM)," originally sung by Anna Nalick from episode 2x17 "... (As We Know It)."
  2. "Chasing Cars," originally by Snow Patrol from the Season 2 finale "Losing My Religion," will be sung by Kevin McKidd, Sara Ramirez, and Chandra Wilson.
  3. "Grace," originally by Kate Havnevik and also from the second season finale, will be sung by Sara Ramirez and the rest of the female cast.
  4. "How to Save a Life," originally by The Fray and used not only in a season two episode, but the show's ads, will also be in the episode.
  5. "Running on Sunshine," originally used in Season 3's "I Am a Tree," will be performed by most of the cast members.
  6. "How We Operate" by Gomez, from Season 2, will be sung by Kevin McKidd.
  7. Director Tony Phelan confirms that Brandi Carlile's "The Story" will be used.
  8. "Cosy in the Rocket," the original theme song, will be used in some capacity.

Any other tracks you'd like to see included? Comment below!

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The musical was perfect for this episode and especially for Callie. Since the moment Callie met George, music was part of her essence. When Chief Webber found her living in the hospital, she was listening to music so I thought it appropriate that when Callie was in a life/death situation, music would guide her to a place of serenity in order for her to get the healing she so needed. The out of body experience was perfect because she saw her life from a different angle and this lead to her not giving up in the end. Perfect episode, perfect songs, just perfect.


This episode was awesome! Super Fantastic! I had no idea they all had such beautiful voices especially Kevin McKidd (Dr. Hunt).I really loved the trio with Shandra Wilson, Kevin McKidd, and Sara Ramirez.


Just heard Grace.. AMAZING.. better than the real singer, no offense... How to Save a Life, not so much...




Really wish they'd have some Tegan and Sara, Ingrid Michaelson, Brandi Carlisle and Emmy Reynolds Otherwise, I can't wait for this episode :) Oh and the 'I hate everyone' song. Because it's awesome


Would love to hear and see Callie sing the (THE SONG) to Arizona it would just sum up there love and journey together

Cristina comi



Keep Breathing, The Quest, Love Save the Empty, if they don't have something by Ingrid Michaelson I might die...


"How We Operate" by Gomez, from Season 2, will be sung by Kevin McKidd." yay!!!!


I'd love them to see them do The quest by Bryn Cristopher from the season 4 finale and The Way it ends by landon pigg from the season 6 finale. thiers also the song from from right at the end of sweet surrender, the episode in season 5 when death row guy was executed, i can't remember the name of the song but it was aweasome!! can't wait for the ep!

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