Grey's Anatomy Photo Gallery: It's Baby Shower Time!

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Grey's Anatomy returns Thursday, March 24.

In "This Is How We Do It," Richard grows desperate for Derek and Meredith to accept Adele into their Alzheimer's trial, but it's Adele herself who may stand in their way.

Speaking of trials, competitiveness amongst the residents for the Chief Resident position is amplified when Richard receives the green light for his diabetes clinical trial.

Meanwhile, Teddy is alarmed when Henry has another health issue that "leaves them both a little exposed." What do you think that cryptic tease means? Any theories?

Finally, Mark and Arizona have conflicting ideas of what Callie's baby shower should entail. Much of the photo gallery below previews that event. Click to enlarge ...

Bailey, Teddy and AZ
Trouble For Henry?
Lex, Mer and Cris
Alex and Mer at the Shower
You Will Be Okay
Mer and Cris
Oh Nooooooo
OMG What Did She Get?Moms to BeBallooningBig BellyYang ContemplatesTed A. PicConferring With the TeamDocs at WorkBaby Shower MomentHenry, TeddyLex, Mer and CrisAlex and LucyAlex and April PicBaby Shower MadnessLucy and Alex

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I don't know what to say, except I wouldn't have minded for this baby to be part of Calls life, however 'coz of Mark's heavy involvement I wish it'd die... that's it. Also wtf with this Henry?.. make him disappear already, can't Teddy have a normal healthy guy just for once? I think she well deserves it. Never understood these stupid baby showers anyway, if you wanna give a gift then just give it, you don't need the whole party hoopla to follow... esp. with a cranky mother to be but it just me, Idk. As long as Calls & Az are together it's fine by me, I'd love their SLs to improve a bit, at least a teeny tiny bit.


Whatever happens I hope Henry doesn't die. It's too much like Denny/Izzie...been there, done that. I hope Henry lives and continues to fight for life and Teddy but she continues to maintain their deal. If they end up together, I hope it's after a really long chase and Henry does most of it because it would be pathetic for Teddy to instantly fall for this guy. Again, too much like Denny/Izzie.


ho sempre saputo che ci sono ,per ogni serie o films,i costumisti che curano il look o le mise dei protagonisti, forse quando è stato girato l'episodio in cui Callie indossa, voluminosamente incinta, una specie di tovaglia da tavola dovevano essere in sciopero.Inguardabile!


Callie's maternity dress! The residents at the tables remind me of an old fashioned birthday party. Teddy is about to get too emmotionally involved with Henry. It's gonna end in tears


The problem with Mark is as long as he will be alone, he won't live Calzona alone, baby or not (though I really hope that we won't talk about the baby anymore after at least the 7x19!). He needs to really fight for the woman he loves and above all, he needs to learn to be loyal to her, and not to sleep with every women he could meet!
We know that Lexie will return with him at the end but I hope she will take advantage of this pause to spend the more time she can with Jackson in order to learn what she really expect of a couple life with Mark or someone else...


Lexie is going back to Mark eventually. But it will be fun watching how she gets back there after Jackson.


if lexie really end up with that jason in season 7. that it! i will switch to other series. greatly disappoint! stupid mark.. you should have stand up and fight for lexie. callie , dont understand why deserve this happiness and ruine others.


all I wan from this episode is more than two minutes of Derek Shepherd and Patrick Dempsey THATS IT At this moment I want Derek much more than MerDer thats how badly I am missing him Well if he comes with the blessing of MerDer then nothing like it but if not then I just want him to be there Miss you Paddy


@uklass: I am agreeing with you. I can't wait to see them together and I hope that everything works out between them.


@Tisha LOL. So true.

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