Grey's Anatomy Review: It's All About Protocol

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"This Is How We Do It" started out slowly but ended in true Grey's Anatomy fashion.

Jackson and Lexie became more serious, and Lexie told Mark that she is seeing someone else. He figured out it is Jackson at the end of the episode. Do you think that there will be some drama between Mark and Jackson in the next episode?

Can Lexie and Jackson ever have anything more than a physical relationship?

Alex moved into a trailer in the parking lot to gain an advantage in the race for chief resident. The residents are all competing to get on the Chief’s new trial, but the Chief decided that Owen will choose the chief resident.

When Cristina found out, she realized that he could not pick her. Clearly, these events will cause some tension in Owen and Cristina’s marriage. Do you think they can weather the storm? And why would the Chief put Owen in charge? Finally, who do you think will actually win the position?

Bailey, Teddy and AZ

Adele tested positive for early onset Alzheimer’s disease but was in denial. The Chief was desperate to get her into Derek’s trial. Derek would not pull Adele off the waitlist and compromise his whole trial. Derek and Meredith had a new trial patient who dropped out so that her son could be with his boyfriend, thus sacrificing her chance at a medical miracle.

When the patient dropped out, Adele was given the trial test but passed by one point. The Chief explained to her that she has Alzheimer’s but just has not progressed enough yet. 

Adele got extremely upset and broke down in front of Derek and Meredith. Do you think Derek will find a way to include Adele in the trial despite the fact that she passed the test? Do you think that the Chief will be able to handle his wife’s decline after everything he has been through? 

Callie was extremely excited for her baby shower. (We still don’t know if the baby is a boy or girl. Any guesses?) Mark and Arizona fought over what activities to have at the shower, and Arizona became annoyed when Mark seemed to know Callie better than she did.

Do you think that Arizona will ever stop being jealous of Mark and Callie’s close relationship? Do you think Mark will ever give Arizona and Callie a chance to strengthen their relationship without his interference?

Nurse Eli and Bailey got into a fight about their roles in the hospital while treating a patient. Later, they made up outside when Eli said that he gets to be the man in the relationship when they are not in the hospital. Do you think Bailey was right to get annoyed with Eli? Will they last when they have yet to conquer their power struggle?

The Chief performed an experimental surgery for his new diabetes trial before receiving permission from the FDA. The surgery was successful, and then the FDA granted the waiver. Do you think that the Chief did the right thing? Who do you think he will select to work with him on the new clinical trial? 

April was still dating Stark but ended up cancelling their date when everyone teased her and said she was bound to lose her virginity to him. Stark admited that he never wanted to just be friends and seemed sad when April told him that was all she wanted. At the end of the episode, April watched the movie that she and Stark were supposed to view together alone on her couch. Do you think she actually has feelings for Stark? Do you like him more now that he seems to be a real human being?

Lucy asked Meredith about Alex, and Meredith explained what he had gone through in the past couple of years. Upon hearing how complex Alex is, Lucy ended up sharing a beer with him on his trailer stoop. She then kissed him. Can Alex and Lucy be a successful couple on the show?

You Will Be Okay

Henry was brought into the hospital with chest pain. Teddy seemed concerned and stayed on the case. When on medication, Henry admitted that he wanted to be with Teddy. The Chief heard the whole admission.   Teddy told the Chief she did not have feelings for Henry, but the Chief still had Cristina perform the operation on the mass near Henry’s heart.

Henry began to crash in the OR, and Cristina told Teddy to stop acting like a scared wife. After the surgery, Henry again admitted to Teddy that he had feelings for her.

She told him it would just be a good story if they worked out but that she did not feel the same way about him. Do you think that Teddy made the right decision or should she give Henry a chance?  He seems to genuinely care about her.  

Callie decided to take Arizona to a bed and breakfast for the weekend. When Mark texted Callie during the drive, Arizona got angry and told Callie not to contact him because it was their weekend alone together. The episode ended with Arizona proposing to Callie before they got into a serious car accident.

First of all, do you think that Callie will accept the proposal? Do you think the baby will be okay? Also, how do you feel about such a tragic event leading into the musical episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Leave your comments and discuss below.

Some of the best Grey's Anatomy quotes from this week ...

Bailey: Stalking a man while he's in the restroom.
Avery: I'd clean the restroom if he'd let me on his trial.
Cristina: I'd live in it. | permalink
Henry: You're my wife—my hot wife. | permalink
Henry: I've been thinking lately, and I think I've figured it out...why all of your dates go so bad, so, so bad, laughably bad, and it's not your fault—it's mine because I'm not the guy on them with you. | permalink
Meredith: I can't get over the fact that you know what onesie-decorating is.
Mark: I've been boning up. That's what you do for the people you love.
Arizona: Oh, bite me, Mark. | permalink
Meredith: Renegades, rule-breakers, gangsters with scalpels. This is the way we like to think of ourselves. It makes us feel badass, sexy. Problem is it's not exactly true. At heart, we're rule followers, sheep. We don't break protocol. We follow it to a "T." Because if we don't follow protocol, our patients die, and then we're no longer badass. We're just bad. | permalink
Alex: You're gonna screw your way to the top. I'm impressed. | permalink
April: I am not taking my pants off for Stark. | permalink
Cristina: Oh, screw beautiful. I'm brilliant. If you want to appease me, compliment my brain. | permalink
Lucy: So this Karev guy. You're actually friends with him? That's real? | permalink
Meredith (about Alex) : You're missing a lot. He had a girl go crazy on him. His wife almost died and then she walked out on him. And then he was shot and almost bled to death in an elevator. He's been through a lot. So the Neanderthal thing is just—it is an act. Well-executed one. | permalink
Arizona: You're not the Callie whisperer. And I'm not a monster for finding baby showers annoying. Everyone woman who's ever had a pregnant friend hates them. It's like a wedding—the bridesmaids always want to strangle the bride. It's practically a rule. The only one who's not normal here is you for acting like you're enjoying this. | permalink
Stark: But that's the thing, you know. I never wanted to be just your friend. | permalink
Adele: Don't look at me like I'm damaged good. I'm still me. I'm still here. | permalink
Eli: Inside the hospital you're the man. That's the protocol, but outside I'm the man. I am the man. Me. Now you can call me cro magnon or old fashion, but that's not going to stop me from taking you home to my bed tonight and showing you what kind of man I am. Now how's that? Does that protocol suit you? | permalink
Arizona: I mean he gets most of you. The straight you, the Catholic you, the girl who loves baby showers. I just get, you know, the gay you, which is really only about twenty minutes a night... | permalink
Meredith: It's every doctor's dilemma. Do you play it safe and follow protocol? Or take a risk and invent a new one? There can be reward in risk. There can also be fallout. Still you need to book the system every once in a while. Bet big. And when you get the results you want, there's no better feeling in the world, but when you don't... | permalink


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the episode was ok but the ending was just so predictable.
i was sitting there and just waiting for the accident to happen.
it's the same szene on every damn show.
two people fighting in a car, one probably pregnant, and the moment they make up they hit a car or another car crashes into them or a deer appears in front of them...
so annoying :(


ugh so unfair, I was really looking forward to Teddy/Henry relationship..:/


@ Dr GerrenoMD Wyh in Gods name do we have to jump of a cliff you Calzona lovers! have nothing to complain about you get it all in fucking two seasons and we MD fans are still waiting that MD will have a place of their one a wedding and a baby! and since when are Calzona de lead of Grey's did I miss something here last time I checked Ellen was still the lead.


LOVE Alex and Lucy, and Jackson and Lexie. I'm pretty much giving up of Mark and Lexie :/


That quote that racradline i guess made my day.. Now i definely know that made me believe that the baby will be okay i already know that but to hear other people to say it.... If mark never texting callie would have took off her seat belt and had a arguement and if arizona never proposed then they would not have had a hour long stare and get in a car accident in the first place.. I cant say callie cause she was going on the trip for a fun with her girlfriend... Hope no one die!!!!!!!!!"...??????


OH.MY.GOOOOOSH !!!! I sooo knew it! this sooo much like GA !!! Drama, drama, drama ! the end, I loved the way Arizona said "Marry me" it was, and then BAM ! Can't wait to see the next episode, I know someone who's really gonna freak out !Mark, big LOL. hope he's gonna kick some arse ! loool. "I'm the man", that one was just TERRIFIC ! Eli, you rock hahaha. The Chief and Adele, gosh it was hard to watch...heartbreaking... and Teddy/Henry, disappointed. At first I thought he was gonna die, I swore I wouldn't keep watching GA. But then he survived and, well, ... I, too, want Mark and Lexie together, and the face he made when she told hime she was seeing someone, just LOL . Cristina was really funny at the end.


@ Jennie um maybe u need to read all the post for greys anatomy first before u say something like that. Shonda said the baby will be fine! Kevin McKidd said that the finale will be quiet compared to last season. The baby will not die. He or she will be fine!
All the calzona and mark haters go jump off a cliff! For the first five seasons everything was about mer and der... To keep things fresh shonda gave the lead to other characters. If every single ep was a mer der ep, things would be dull. This was a good ep as it carried every character and allowed some great drama!


The ending was so stupidly predictable. :S


@Nicole, the blond OB has already been cast in Charlie's Angels series. So, I hear that the musical episode is her last one on Grey's.


Oh come on, Calzona's Addicts, relax! :-) Callie and Arizona will survive, the baby will be take in charge by Addisson and will be saved (of course, if not, why to call her?! ) in 7x18 And then, thanks to spoilers, we already know too that in 7x20, the couple will get "married" through a commitent ceremony which will take place in a church (for Callie's parents, especially her mother) ... even though Derek & Meredith will officialize their post'it wedding at the City Hall. My only questions are : WHEN and HOW the baby will be killed of? Because yes, my friends, it can't be otherwise now!
And though, until recently, I really thought/doubted and scared that Shonda will keep going with the baby storyline (and the total mess it already created!)the next season, but now, I'm pretty assured (and reassured!) that the baby will die at the end of season, surely in the finale ... when probably Meredith from her part, will will find out that she is pregnant? :-) Don't forget the main Shonda's rule : nobody can have everything in the life. After the musical episode - and knowing that the baby & Callie will be ok -, she will be in the position of someone who would have the whole: baby, spouse, BFF/father of her baby. The perfect dream/life is impossible in ShondaLand and this since the beginning of this show, so yes, Callie has to loose something very important for her and what the most important in parents life than a baby... . Plus, the loss of this baby would allow to clear the sky for the both couples, well at the beginning for only one, Callie/Arizona and...well, no of course, as seeing as Mark will be too busy to to get Lexie back in his arms at the beginning of the next season!

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Oh, screw beautiful. I'm brilliant. If you want to appease me, compliment my brain.


I mean he gets most of you. The straight you, the Catholic you, the girl who loves baby showers. I just get, you know, the gay you, which is really only about twenty minutes a night...


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