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the episode was ok but the ending was just so predictable.
i was sitting there and just waiting for the accident to happen.
it's the same szene on every damn show.
two people fighting in a car, one probably pregnant, and the moment they make up they hit a car or another car crashes into them or a deer appears in front of them...
so annoying :(


ugh so unfair, I was really looking forward to Teddy/Henry relationship..:/


@ Dr GerrenoMD

Wyh in Gods name do we have to jump of a cliff you Calzona lovers! have nothing to complain about you get it all in fucking two seasons and we MD fans are still waiting that MD will have a place of their one a wedding and a baby! and since when are Calzona de lead of Grey's did I miss something here last time I checked Ellen was still the lead.


LOVE Alex and Lucy, and Jackson and Lexie. I'm pretty much giving up of Mark and Lexie :/


That quote that racradline i guess made my day.. Now i definely know that made me believe that the baby will be okay i already know that but to hear other people to say it.... If mark never texting callie would have took off her seat belt and had a arguement and if arizona never proposed then they would not have had a hour long stare and get in a car accident in the first place.. I cant say callie cause she was going on the trip for a fun with her girlfriend... Hope no one die!!!!!!!!!"...??????


OH.MY.GOOOOOSH !!!! I sooo knew it! this sooo much like GA !!! Drama, drama, drama ! the end, I loved the way Arizona said "Marry me" it was, and then BAM ! Can't wait to see the next episode, I know someone who's really gonna freak out !Mark, big LOL. hope he's gonna kick some arse ! loool. "I'm the man", that one was just TERRIFIC ! Eli, you rock hahaha. The Chief and Adele, gosh it was hard to watch...heartbreaking... and Teddy/Henry, disappointed. At first I thought he was gonna die, I swore I wouldn't keep watching GA. But then he survived and, well, ... I, too, want Mark and Lexie together, and the face he made when she told hime she was seeing someone, just LOL . Cristina was really funny at the end.


@ Jennie um maybe u need to read all the post for greys anatomy first before u say something like that. Shonda said the baby will be fine! Kevin McKidd said that the finale will be quiet compared to last season. The baby will not die. He or she will be fine!
All the calzona and mark haters go jump off a cliff! For the first five seasons everything was about mer and der... To keep things fresh shonda gave the lead to other characters. If every single ep was a mer der ep, things would be dull. This was a good ep as it carried every character and allowed some great drama!


The ending was so stupidly predictable. :S


@Nicole, the blond OB has already been cast in Charlie's Angels series. So, I hear that the musical episode is her last one on Grey's.


Oh come on, Calzona's Addicts, relax! :-) Callie and Arizona will survive, the baby will be take in charge by Addisson and will be saved (of course, if not, why to call her?! ) in 7x18 And then, thanks to spoilers, we already know too that in 7x20, the couple will get "married" through a commitent ceremony which will take place in a church (for Callie's parents, especially her mother) ... even though Derek & Meredith will officialize their post'it wedding at the City Hall.

My only questions are : WHEN and HOW the baby will be killed of? Because yes, my friends, it can't be otherwise now!
And though, until recently, I really thought/doubted and scared that Shonda will keep going with the baby storyline (and the total mess it already created!)the next season, but now, I'm pretty assured (and reassured!) that the baby will die at the end of season, surely in the finale ... when probably Meredith from her part, will will find out that she is pregnant? :-)

Don't forget the main Shonda's rule : nobody can have everything in the life. After the musical episode - and knowing that the baby & Callie will be ok -, she will be in the position of someone who would have the whole: baby, spouse, BFF/father of her baby. The perfect dream/life is impossible in ShondaLand and this since the beginning of this show, so yes, Callie has to loose something very important for her and what the most important in parents life than a baby... . Plus, the loss of this baby would allow to clear the sky for the both couples, well at the beginning for only one, Callie/Arizona and...well, no of course, as seeing as Mark will be too busy to to get Lexie back in his arms at the beginning of the next season!

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