Grey's Anatomy Sneak Song: Callie Sings "Chasing Cars"

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It's not even the next new episode of Grey's Anatomy, but "Song Beneath the Song" is getting ridiculous hype. The vocal cords of Sara Ramirez can be credited for that.

The show returns with new episodes with March 24's "This is How We Do It," but that's being treated like an afterthought compared to the following week's musical event.

Starring the Tony Award-winning Ramirez, and featuring many other members of the cast, the episode will pay tribute to the music of Grey's Anatomy like never before.

Here's a new promo, featuring Sara singing a song the show made famous:

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It's Callie. They said a while back that the episode revolves around a crisis involving the pregnancy, that's why Addison will be on it too. The music is all an out of body experience for her.


Damn that Human Being promo!
It is not supposed to be there.I saw the true musical promo once and it disappeared.Why do such things happen to us?


Heyy guys, this was the original video of the sneak peek. Hopefully they will fix it soon!


Hey, @bazuka74 , what was the link she gave you?, cuz i cant find it anywhere!


all i saw was a promo for some syfy show, PLEASE fix!!!


I don't know if its Callie...well it could be but the hand that was all bloody didn't look like hers haha...I think it may be Arizona because she was not in that preview. GAH! Its going to be good and sad either way though...


Ummm, this was a sneak peek for Being Human... can someone fix this please?


are they trying to an episode where mer drowns herself and goes into a near-death/dream experience cause this episode won't be as good as that. that epsiode back in season 3 got like 28 million viewers. this musical episode likely to get to 13 million. ratings says it all.


...I'm confused - this is a 'Being Human' sneak peek...


I think it's callie. Why else would Lucy Fields be stood at the er enterance if it wasn't her patient!? I think I'm gonna love this epi...but also hate it. Because of how much I'm going to cry :/

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