House Creator on Huddy Split, Vicodin Relapse and More

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SPOILER WARNING: stop reading now if you have not yet watched last night's episode of House.

Aptly titled "Bombshells," the unique hour spoofed various genres and also delivered a pair of whopping developments: Cuddy dumped House, and the latter relapsed into Vicodin use.

What prompted creator David Shore to go through with the split?

Cuddy Fantasy Scene

"We knew it wasn’t going to last forever," he tells TV Line in a new interview. "It’s like anything else we do on the show. We go, “Let’s explore that. And once we’ve exhausted the exploration, let’s move on.” Now we move on to what it’s like for the two of them to be broken up, which is different than [anything] we’ve seen...

"I believe these characters are in love with each other. And I believe in a certain way they always will be. But I also believe House is not a good boyfriend. House is not a good spouse. He’s got deep issues, and the reasons Cuddy breaks up with him are very valid. Taking House down an ultimately happy road just seems unrealistic."

Shore adds that the break-up might not last forever, but "we don’t want to jerk the audience around."

As for the other shocker? Yes, House is "certainly back on Vicodin," Shore says, adding:

"Probably fair to say he’s back to square one... Staying clean is an ongoing challenge. And it doesn’t happen without slips. Sometimes extended and serious slips."

Where will House go next? Check out the official promo for "Out of the Chute."


Fock you tv fanatic
There is a warning in the text, but the title said it already! Losers

Neon glo

I agree with Loving the IB. They hardly got their feet wet with the "Happy House" scenario before they decided to knock it down like a sand castle. The writers seem unable to write about relationships over time, only in sound bites. Their failing is poisoning the show.


They need to end the show in in another season or 2. The writers are obviously running out of ideas, which is funny because the show has basically had the same format for the past 6 seasons.(Random sick person comes to hospital, house and team try to solve case, solution 1 doesn't work, solution 2 doesn't work, patient gets closer to dying and while House is sitting around talking to Wilson or whomever else he figures it out and for majority of the series saves the patient. Rinse and repeat for 6 seasons. He was hooked on vicodin and miserable for the first 5 and the show finally decided to try and evolve his character by having him go to rehab and actually getting clean. Also by making him less miserable by putting him and Cuddy together after the whole will they or won't they that went on for a majority of the series. Instead of trying to go down new roads and new situations, they decide to go back down roads that have been traveled multiple times. An addict relapsing is something likely to happen, but the writers could of gone other ways than what is more likely to happen in the next few episodes.


Agree. I don't think I can take this anymore. Seven years, and they're "back to square one"? Not something to brag about. I started watching again because House struggling to deal with responsibility and adult life was interesting. I liked watching him grow and change. Oh, well. Back to square one. I feel like I've wasted a lot of time on this show.


You don't want to jerk your fans around? What have you been doing for the last 6 years with the Huddy dance? Christ, you give us half a season? House isn't the real asshole here.

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