House Return Promo: Where Has Thirteen Been?

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Most House viewers agree: the show has grown stale, recycling storylines that involve the main character's Vicodin addiction and unusual antics. The latest episode didn't do much to alter this opinion.

But there's gorgeous hope on the way: Olivia Wilde reprises her role as Thirteen on the show's April 11 installment.

Where has this character been? What has she gone through? The official Fox promo for the series' next new episode sheds intriguing lights on the character. Watch it now:

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House@Thirteen is best stories eve this past Monday April 11,2011


I disagree with the opening statement, nothing slowed down the pace and the excitement of House like the Huddy arc. Out of the Chute and Fall from Grace brought back the old edge and story progression, The only fans whining about return to old House are the Huddy fans, one small faction of the fandom


It's a shame, Olivia Wilde may be nice to look at but her character left a great deal to be desired. An attractive, bi-sexual woman with a "doomed fate" and exotic name oh and how can we forget her brand new criminal past. While Wilde's character continues to be the cliche I'm going to miss Amber Tamblyn's contribution to the show.


Yes!! I love Thirteen, so glad she's back


About time Thirteen back on the show...

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