How Will Criminal Minds Write Out Prentiss?

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To say that CBS' casting moves involving Criminal Minds stars A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster drew considerable criticism from the show's fan base is an understatement.

With Brewster's presumed swan song set for next week - an episode in which the previously written-off Cook returns - speculation is rampant over what will transpire.

Her storyline was unfolded ominously for weeks, with Ian Doyle tracking her down and looking for revenge. but will Criminal Minds go so far as to kill off Prentiss?

Or will her exit be more open-ended, as we saw with J.J.'s farewell?

Morgan and Prentiss

Prentiss (Brewster) and Morgan (Shemar Moore) in the March 2 episode.

CBS' official stance has been that should Paget Brewster be so inclined, she is welcome to return to the cast next fall. But whether she accepts their terms is unclear.

What do you think will send Emily packing? Matthew Gray Gubler, who plays Reid and directed the episode, tells TV Guide that Prentiss' dirty laundry will be aired.

"[Prentiss] finds herself in a tricky situation. She may have done some things in her past that wouldn't be looked upon favorably," Brewster's co-star says.

Comments and theories are welcomed below.

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The replacement for Printess must go! She is doesn't blend well with the other characters in my opinion.


This is my very favorite show and Paget Brewster and JJ are excellent. KEEP THEM IF YOU CAN!!!!


It's now season 7
Seaver is gone yay
JJ is back yay
Emily is leaving :( :( I


Emily Prentiss and JJ made the show.. now it's almost not worth watching. Why ruin a wonderful show that was going so well? Now they have that new blonde and she's just doesn't belong there. Just don't know what's wrong with the producers. They need to bring those 2 back.


Im hoping that Prentiss went off to reunite with Doyle's son. She will return next season if JJ returns.


they always cut out the best ones! first JJ now her!! seriously! stop it!


McDreamyLover18 that was JJ the new girl does not work for the pentgon


they pretended to kill her off. they had a funeral and all to make sure that ian doyle new she was dead but sje really isntt shes in france cas that new blond agent gave her everything she needed and stuff.


The executives and CBS and all other so-called "creative" people have made huge mistakes and they are making a bigger one today. The substitute for J.J. is a pale imitation with no charisma. If they get rid of Prentiss, except for Garcia, it will be a boy's club. CBS, it's not too late but it will be soon because you are driving viewers away big time.


I do know that Paget is doing the voice of Dan's wife on a cable network cartoon, but I don't know about anything else. From what I understand, her decision to leave was directly related to two things, 1. The AJ Cook debacle, and 2. The network cutting back Paget Brewster's number of episodes on CM.
I like her and her character well enough, but if they are going to kill her off, I hope she goes out with style.

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