How Will Criminal Minds Write Out Prentiss?

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To say that CBS' casting moves involving Criminal Minds stars A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster drew considerable criticism from the show's fan base is an understatement.

With Brewster's presumed swan song set for next week - an episode in which the previously written-off Cook returns - speculation is rampant over what will transpire.

Her storyline was unfolded ominously for weeks, with Ian Doyle tracking her down and looking for revenge. but will Criminal Minds go so far as to kill off Prentiss?

Or will her exit be more open-ended, as we saw with J.J.'s farewell?

Morgan and Prentiss

Prentiss (Brewster) and Morgan (Shemar Moore) in the March 2 episode.

CBS' official stance has been that should Paget Brewster be so inclined, she is welcome to return to the cast next fall. But whether she accepts their terms is unclear.

What do you think will send Emily packing? Matthew Gray Gubler, who plays Reid and directed the episode, tells TV Guide that Prentiss' dirty laundry will be aired.

"[Prentiss] finds herself in a tricky situation. She may have done some things in her past that wouldn't be looked upon favorably," Brewster's co-star says.

Comments and theories are welcomed below.

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They got rid of AJ Cook for financial reasons? Then why did they hire a look-alike when they could have kept the real thing? If Paget Brewster leaves because she wants to, I wish her well and hope she will come back if she wants to, but I still don't understand AJ Cook being let go.


I am really upset that the show's producers and CBS have so completely ignored the fans of this show. It appears, from what I read on a site for Paget Brewster, that might be on another show. I hope that isn't true. Crimal Minds is a terrific show. It is because of all the actors that are currently playing very interesting characters. To yhe


Keep Emily - ditch Shamar - can't stand the arrogant character he plays.


Af , acho desnecessário a saída da Paget . Só espero que a Ashley não de em cima do meu Reid fofinhos sedução :)


Why can't they can't theyleavethis show alone?It is the only show on TV I won't missSeavers is a rediculos substitute for JJTake away Prentiss and I am afraid the show is doneHeyare you listening to the fans???????Aren't we the ones you are trying to please?!


What makes the show a hit is the chemistry between all the characters....unless she wants to leave for some personal reasons, it would be disappointing ever hear the adaage..."don't fix it if it aint broke"


PLEASE leave this show alone, I'm so tired of TPTB making stupid changes when there is no need to. I'm so sick of it.


The producers said they are getting rid of jj and emily for creative reasons. Seriously??? We had enough creative last season with hotch and his family. Let the show go back to its normal roots. The viewers arent complaining, the rating arent down. JUST LEAVE THE SHOW THE WAY IT IS. WITH ALL THE CHARACTERS!


They need to keep jj and emily. Dont make CM an all boys club again! I love jj, she is like the normal one lol. She has a family and i like that she is not a profiler, it gives us viewer another insight into the case. I also like her friendship with garcia and reid its really cute also with the other team members they all go to talk to her cause to me she is the heart of the time. As for prentiss, she is the strong female character, we need that especially since the team is full with men. I like how she can sense something is wrong like when she knew that hotch was missing and how she was the 1st one to confront reid when he was on drugs.emily is my favorite because she is so mysterious. Anyway just keep both of these wonderful characters. Dont break up the family!


I think that Prentiss will kill Doyle and then get put on some sort of leave of absence. Either injury or stress or FBI review/investigation into her actions and past. That way it is easier for the writers to write out Prentiss if Paget does not return and it is easier to reinsert her into the team if Paget signs back on next season.
I will be disappointed if us CM fans loose another great actor. The show just won't be the same without a strong female character in the field with the boys. Not just a tech analyst.

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