Ian Harding to Pretty Little Liars Fans: Prepare to Hate Ezra!

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Cliffhangers and perverse secrets are coming to Pretty Little Liars on tonight's season finale.

But will any involve Ezra and Aria? The relationship between these two characters took a pair of hits last week, as a police officer saw Aria leave Ezra's apartment and someone took the key Aria uses to get into Ezra's place.

"I think it's going to make for a good surprise because the cops are there, but for what reason is still a mystery," Ian Harding teased to TV Guide. "Whoever lifted up that mat is also going to be surprising."

In Aria's Room

The actor also says that Jackie, Ezra's ex, could be "sticking around for awhile." What else can he reveal about the season finale?

"People are going to be angry at Ezra because there's going to be some words that were not spoken to Aria that she's going to be pretty [angry] about. There's a picture online right now of me from the season finale (ABOVE) and if you look closely I'm in Aria's bedroom, which I've obviously never been in before. I'll leave that for the viewers to salivate over. There's also a very awesome moment in a bell tower."

How intriguing. Return to TV Fanatic soon after this episode ends for a details recap and review.


what? hate Ezra? i can't. but i think he implies that he's going to hide sth from Aria. a moment with Jackie? no, no!!!!!!! i can't even imagine that! u belong with Aria, Ezra. so don't do anything stupid to destroy that! can't wait to see what will happen next.


I could neverrr hate ezra!! but he should have told her about jackie! buttttt, she should have calmed down and had a conversation about the situation and not tripped about it so bad. eaither way they were both a little in the wrong and need to calm down kiss and make up!!!!! and jackie can go to hell!!!!!!!


I could never hate Ezra! I love him and aria together so much! If they break up I WILL stop watching the show even though it's one of my favorite shows.




idk bout u guys but im REALLY looking forward to the scene the picture belongs to XD i wonder if aria's parents are home in this scene...probably not. CNT WAIT TIL FINALE tonight!!!!


@shaquana woodruff
we r actually still in season one cz there was a really long break between the first half of season 1 and the second half. season 2 starts up, i believe sometime in the summer. most likely around the same date the first season started. im not sure. i dnt thnk a date has been confirmed yet.


any 1 no when season 3 is?


i already kind of hate ezra so this will be nice


OMG! I do not want to hate Ezra but if it is something worth hating him for then so be it. Aria and Ezra will still be endgame.


i dont know if it is me but i think the awesome at the bell tower, will be when noel kahn comes back

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