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"Save My Love" picked up right where "Blaze of Glory" left off, with Raylan attempting to keep Winona out of trouble for stealing money out of the evidence locker. And what made it so interesting, other than the constant suspense of whether Winona would end up getting caught, was how much Raylan was struggling with the entire situation.

What draws most people in to Justified is the confidence and skill Timothy Olyphant displays as Raylan. It is the fact that we are so used to seeing Raylan succeed at what he does, and with such ease, that made watching him stumble throughout this episode so enjoyable.

Stephen Root on Justified

Every step of the way, whether it was Gutterson getting to the bills before him, the secret service showing up at the Marshals, or the bomb threat being called in to the building, Raylan seemed about ready to have a nervous breakdown.

While seeing this side of Raylan was intriguing, it raises the question of why? I realize he could somehow be linked to helping Winona in the situation, and therefore get in trouble himself, but I think it is more of a point to show how much he truly cares for his ex-wife. Take the final couple of scenes, for example.  

As he stands there watching as she puts the previously stolen money back into an empty locker, and then rides with her silently up the elevator, there are so many emotions pouring out of him in those moments. Raylan obviously cares for Winona deeply, but is also so disappointed in her actions.

Like he told her, Raylan thinks about taking money from those that don't deserve it. But, unlike Winona, he's never actually taken the money.  Will this disappointment change their relationship in any way? Will he be less likely to trust her as they move forward? Or will the experience bring them closer together? It will be interesting to see what happens between them in the near future.

As palpable as the tension between Raylan and Winona was, the suspense of whether or not Winona would get caught with the money was even greater.

On numerous occasions I thought she was out of the woods, only to quickly realize something else had gone wrong. First it was when the Secret Service came and left; then it was when they checked out the evidence room only to find an empty locker; and then finally it was the bomb squad that came seconds away from manually checking Winona's bag o' cash.  

Each time I thought everyone was safe and sound, and then there I was again up on the edge of my seat.  Even now, after Art came in on Raylan and Winona in the evidence room, I'm not sure we have heard the last of this little story.

Amidst all of the Winona drama were some fantastic Boyd Crowder moments. The scene with Boyd, Raylan, and Carolyn Johnson in the court room was fantastic. Carolyn was right when she said that Boyd and Raylan's relationship sounded like a love story. These guys have had so many problems with each other, but then you get scenes such as this and moments such as Raylan saying: "He has had my back on two occasions. Once was the last day I was in the mine, and the other not so long ago."

Sure, it was great to see Boyd all spiffied up in a suit, but it was too obvious that Carolyn had bigger plans for the guy. It is just great that it has something to do with the Bennetts, who were painfully absent from yet another episode this week. Apparently, this Carolyn has a beef with Mags and her boys, and it will be up to Boyd to take care of them. Boyd versus the Bennetts? I can't wait!


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I think Season 3 starts January 17?


Who is the actress playing Carolyn Johnson? I can't place her and it's also making me nuts!


I love Justified, but can't Find out when season 3 starts. Please post it, so I don't miss a single episode. Dolores Davis


i like ava much more than wynonia. Hope to see more ava than wynonia. Ava is a much better female lead. You route for her more


I like Ava, but she is better suited for Boyd. As for Winona, her taking the money seems extremely out of character for her and will have dire consequences for her relationship with Raylan. Which is probably why the writers chose to go in this direction with her character to break that bond between them and allow Raylan to explore other female options. Eventually these two will wind up together.


Who played Carolyn Johnson? She has played in some other shows and i cant think of it and its killing me. Please help.


So,so tired of Winona, and I don't like the fact that Raylan got caught up in all of this. She's not good for him. She's annoying and self righteous. She accuses her husband of being a horse but she steals money?
I so prefer Ava.


For some reason I have felt a bit uncomfortable watching Raylan help his ex wife, who stole the evidence money. This was really a bad turn for her character - the single $100 bill might have been ok, but the whole bag? how stoopid can you get? Would rather see Rayland punching out her new husband or chasing down the Bennetts. The scenes with Boyd were the best as usual. The initial scene of him, dressed in the Penny's suit, sitting in the courtroom was hysterical. The coal company VP is foxy and very hot. Hope to see more of her after Boyd. Now let's get back to the main thread of chasing the evil Bennetts..


Yes, more Ava. She is a much more interesting character.


I have found Winona tedious and now I think she's stupid. Raylan should have moved on to Ava.

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Justified Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Raylan: You think he was telling the truth?
Art: Well he's a bank robber Raylan, why would he lie to me?

Winona: I'm really sorry.
Raylan: I know that. It's the only reason I'm not beating you over the head with a phone book.