Kevin Zegers, Ryan Eggold, Lauren Cohan to Star in Pilots

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A troika of familiar CW faces - Kevin Zegers, Ryan Eggold and Lauren Cohan - have all been cast in pilots. The latter two will remain on the very same network.

Supernatural and Vampire Diaries star Cohan has landed the female lead in the CW’s pilot Heavenly, for which Eggold (90210) has also secured a major role.

Heavenly will center on Lily (Cohan), a dedicated young female attorney, and a former angel, Dashiel Coffee (Ben Aldridge), who only recently turned human.

Wilting Rose
Bad News Damien

Short version: They tackle cases at the attorney’s legal aid clinic, saving souls and winning legal battles. Eggold will play a pastor Dashiel seeks counsel from.

Meanwhile, Gossip Girl's Zegers will appear alongside Jimmy Wolk in Georgetown

In the upcoming ABC series, Andrew Pierce (Wolk) is an effortlessly charming and brilliant Yale graduate and the youngest Presidential speechwriter on record.

Zegers, familiar to Gossip Girl fans as Damien, will portray Monty, a handsome, wealthy stockbroker from a well-connected family and an old rival of Andrew’s.

Looking forward to seeing these talented actors in their new roles!

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No offense, but Heavenly's "angel" Dashiel Coffee sounds like a badly written rip-off of Supernatural's Castiel.....really CW? You couldn't come up with something new? It's insulting!




Looking forward to both series!!! The guys look hot! And I like Lauren!


Nooooo, we want more Damien!!!!


damien shall visit the upper east side, though-he is awesome:)


As long as Damien comes back once in a while to Gossip Girl then I'm happy.

Gaby ee

@blair bass-humphrey I agree. Haha Damien is awesome and I wish they bring him back to Gossip Girl later on :)

Viviana b waldorf bass

Does this mean no more Damien for season 5?!?! OH NO!!

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It only takes one video to topple an entire career. If you don't believe me just YouTube Connie Chung piano.