Louis Hunter Cast on The Secret Circle

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The Secret Circle continues to expand.

Louis Hunter, an unknown in the United States whose most prominent work has been on the Australian soap opera Out of the Blue, has landed a key role on this upcoming CW drama. He'll portray the witch Nick Armstrong, a drug dealer who lives next door to Britt Robertson's Cassie.

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Hunter's casting follows the announcement that Natasha Henstridge has also signed on to the series, coming on board as Vice Principal Dawn Chamberlain.

The Secret Circle will premiere this fall with a pilot penned by Vampire Diaries producer Kevin Williamson and Andrew Miller.


I love Nick! Why would they kill him!


he is hooot

Rhianna speranzo

Nick is NOT a drug dealer. If hes going to be a drug dealer they might as well make Thomas Dekker Nick and this guy Adam. I think that would look better. and while they're at it make britt Diana and the other girl Cassie! So wrong


Ah man the casting for secret circle is all wrong, really can't see how they will pull this off, such good books as well!


This guy looks like he is not even 14 years... Nick is 17... Seriously???


WTH? This is absolutely crap!!! CW has officially lost the plot to allow such dumb people to run shows!!! I like TVD and the great job that has been done there, but wTH are they doing with secret circle???? Nick is not a drug dealer!!! He is a car mechanic!!! He is in to cars!!!!!!!!!!!! I predict this series wont even last the season... Basically all they have done is taken the name of the book, the character names (they are probably not using all the characters) and then the main plot point that cassie comes to new england to learn about her bieng part of a coven... I doubt I will even watch this bilge!!!

Derenachairstelena   they all rule cant wait for s4 gg 3

DRUG DEALER??!!! Never thought they'd make Nick that! :O


Whew! Great choice after having Thomas Dekker to play as Adam! Nick-Cassie all the way!

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