NCIS: Los Angeles Review: Deeks, Kensi Finish "The Job"

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Kensi went undercover last night on NCIS: Los Angeles, and in addition to making possibly the hottest cat burglar ever, she played a key role in an intriguing heist caper.

While cementing her status as a bad ass special agent, "The Job" also marked another step in Kensi's continuously evolving, entertaining partnership with Deeks.

They may not have a catchy couple name like Tiva, but they're headed down a similar road to possible couple-dom. Even if it never happens, I love the dynamic.

Kensi Undercover

As with NCIS, the cases are always well-written and exciting, but it's the characters and their relationships really make it work. Last night, both shows epitomized this formula.

Sam and Callen carried much of the load in NCIS: LA's first season, but lately, Deeks and Kensi are giving them a run for their money. Especially after last night's installment.

With Kensi undercover and working with a thief who happened to be both very dangerous and good-looking, Deeks was uneasy for several reasons. Sam and G. took notice.

Just how much of Deeks' concern for her was driven by romantic feelings, we may not know for some time. But I love the partnership is progressing beyond the witty banter.

Deeks' assurance that he'd only be one step behind her, and his face/body language when he saw the explosion, told the story. He's connected to her, more deeply than ever.

These agents are more than standard law enforcement officials. With their covert, high-stakes ops, their lives are perpetually in harm's way, which helps forge a unique bond.

Should they get together? Should they not? It's a question I can't answer right now, and perhaps the characters can't either. But I love watching them on screen every week.

Like Sam and Callen, there's an "opposite worlds" element to their interactions, leading to many laughs. But I actually can envision Deeks and Kensi as a compatible couple.

It remains to be seen whether we'll be strung along for 5-6 years or if NCIS: LA will actually go there, but regardless, they're making this second season a lot of fun to watch.

Even if he needs his beer opened for him, he's boyfriend material, don't you think?

Deeks, Sam and G.

Her reason for going undercover was to stop Stanley King, a renowned thief, from ... something. They didn't know what for some time, but let him lead them to the crime.

His prize turned out to be stealth technology hidden in a vase by a recently deported Chinese diplomat, which King wanted so that he could sell it to the Chinese for profit.

One of my colleagues recently mused that you rarely, if ever, see an NCIS episode involving a crime other than murder. It looked like we might get it last night, but no.

King is infamous for killing off his team after pulling a heist, and did so twice in shocking fashion. Fortunately, Kensi escaped, narrowly, thanks to her skills - and Deeks.

He was one step behind her, just as he promised. When Kensi gets King into a storage unit where the technology is hidden, the agents stopped him in the nick of time.

Of course, Hetty already had the vases switched so that fabricated technology would end up in the wrong hands. The puppet master is always one step ahead ... or 12.

Interesting case this week, even if the resolution felt a bit rushed. You don't see a lot of art heists tied into national security matters, but it was quite well done overall.

A few additional thoughts and observations on this solid episode ...

  • No offense to any clowns reading this right now ... but I'm with Sam.
  • Eric and Nell totally don't get any respect. But we appreciate you guys!
  • Deeks definitely did not recognize that voice. But maybe someday ...
  • Was that Deeks' second shout-out to Twitter fans in as many weeks?

What did you think of last night's NCIS: Los Angeles? Discuss!


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Somebody knows the last soundtrack?? It sounds at kensy's home


Ed I agree with Dominiq. On the flip side of things there have been 1 or 2 cases that LAPD handed over to NCIS for whatever reason. Deeks being the liason officer knew all about the cases and the rest of the team was lost! Like recently when he had to go undercover as Max to help his friend you think NCIS knew Max was an old alias of his? Well other than Hetty...probably not.


I loved this episode!


I think Kensi and Deeks should be together, they both look super cute together. over the years they work together, so i say yes. I mean Deeks is so cute, and charming. He reminds me of 1 of my friends, and Kensi she is smart, and pretty. she also acts likie me. Me and my friend look like them and we were like a cute couple, and kensi and Deeks, totally cute together


@ Ed; Deeks is an LAPD officer, the team is NCIS. What do you expect? Why do you think Hetty's making sure he gets the proper training, she plans on making him a fullfledged NCIS agent, but it takes training and experience.
You think Callen, Hanna or Kensi were this good when they started out? If anything, I think Deek's presence has done the show a lot of good.


I just can't stand Deeks, almost every time Callen, Sam and Kensi have to do something complicated its like Deeks has no clue whats going on and its clear he is not even close to being in their league. They should have killed Deeks off when he got shot a few episodes ago and just had the show take on a darker tone.


Another fantastic episode from one of my favorite shows! A few great twists and turns (wasn't expecting that swimming pool/explosion scene)! The team definitely had Kensi's back, Hetty was (as always!) a few steps ahead, and the ending scene was great, right down to the offscreen beer burp. :)


Love this show! Can't wait for it each week. I think this was one of the best this season!
I also love the dynamics between Deeks and Kensi. I wish they could get together romantically, also, but only if it doesn't mess up their working relationship. Deeks is just so cute when he acts dumb and totally hasn't a clue about what the rest of the team is talking about!
Sam and Cullen's partnership is great, also. Love their little digs they take at each other.
Eric is totally awesome in his role as computer geek! I like Nell, but like was said above, she needs to stop finishing sentences. It gets old. She is cute, though, and a nice addition to the show. Maybe have her work separately from Eric.
What more can be said about Hetty? She is an adorable, awesome woman! Love her!
Keep up the good work with the show and I'll keep watching.


Well...I love NCIS:LA and I love the Deeks and Kensi dynamic and think that they would make a great couple. As for Eric and Nell, I like them both separately but I feel like they get on each others way alot. I know the producers are trying to make it work but it's annoying when Callen is asking Eric a question and Nell ends up answering it. I like Nell's character alot but she needs to be given her own gig to work with rather than working with Eric and finishing his sentences, sort of speak.


Once again an awesome episode, I love how this show manages to create great stories and still develop their characters a little bit. I feel like the orginal NCIS is lacking of that the past two seasons. And what's not catchy about the name Densi? I think it's way cuter than Tiva, but that's just me I guess.
I always love the Densy partnership/friendship. These two are always there for each other. Deeks always has her back and doens't let nayone get away with hurting her. That's good partnership and the foundation for a good relationship. Just please, PLEASE I'm begging here; don't go down the same path with Densi like Tiva are now, meaning being on a team together for 6 years, nowing all too well they just wanna be together, but it never happens and then once a two years, a bone is thrown our way. That's not good romantic writing anymore.

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