NCIS Spoilers: Season Finale Serial Killer Details!

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NCIS' eighth season will conclude with a dramatic serial killer plot that spans several episodes, beginning April 5. TV Line unearthed some interesting details today.

A psychopath dubbed the Port-to-Port Killer is at the center of the story arc, and this is one formidable adversary. Possibly even more so than the Reynosa Cartel.

We say that because Gibbs will expand the team to combat him.


At least two new special agents will soon be introduced to assist with the case.

One of the two new recurring characters is described as “a well-traveled, experienced federal agent who is happy to be reunited with his team in their new DC home.”

Presumably, this is in addition to Sarah Jane Morris' character, E.J. Barrett.

Morris' newly-introduced character just arrived from overseas in this week's NCIS episode, leaving quite an impression on Tony and causing a stir among many fans.

Michael Weatherly (Tony) previously said that Morris’ Special Agent will “arc out toward the end of [the] season and be a part of that epic season-finale situation.”

The cast is under contract for next season, but do you think the serial killer will claim the life of one of our team members? Or E.J.? Sound off in the comments!

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we are also very upset that Mike Franks was killed off. We agree with the the suggestion that Mike make special appearances as Gibbs' ghostly mentor


I hope if enough fans contact the right people that Mike Franks will come back. He was a tremendous asset to the show. I have contacted his studio. Anyone wanna join me?


Who is Tony going to have to go after? I am thinking it will be McGee...Shaun Murry has looked as he may be sick. So I am thinking we will see an end to Tim McGee. As for who will take his place? Maybe the big guy(I do not recall his name)


why mike? vance would have been a better choice no body will miss him, and bring back the assassin in ziva, again why mike? he may not be a regular but everytime he does appear it give a lot of color and insight to gibbs's pass


I agree that they shouldn't have killed Mike Franks. It was always great seeing him & Jethro together. I hope he is not "gone forever" have him come back as a ghost if anything. Cried when Mike was shot. Also, EJ can go. Like the TEAM the way they are. It is okey putting in some new people for a few episodes, but not as regulars. Send EJ & team back to Roda. Love the show & watch all reruns.
Hope Muse in not really ill. Love that guy.


This was the worst story arc ever! Characters' actions were "out of character." Dialog was lame. The plot needed CPR from day 1. I've been really disappointed with it. Has NCIS jumped the shark? I hope not.


i hope Ziva doesn't get killed off in S8 Finale cause she is one of the funniest characters on there and the chemistry between her and Tony is hilarious at times
At first i hated her but after a season or two i grew to like her as much as Kate (i miss her:[!!!) the thing i like most about her is the way she gets her words muddled haha.


I agree McGee has not looked healthy this season at all, way too skinny all of a sudden but not just skinny but sickly pale and gaunt and sorta emaciated, I hope the actor who plays him is okay. I miss Kate as well, I just got to see the episode where her sister did psych evaluations on the time, that was great especially all the flashbacks and memories. that character was wonderful and the team hasn't been the same or nearly as united since. I keep waiting for them to let ziva settle in, the show and overall story needs it, some of the other fan comments i've read online seem to indicate they want that, and the character herself keeps indicating such as well by continually wanting to be accepted as a part of the team and put her past behind her finally. ever since ziva came they haven't let that storyline become part of the show overall, they keep it way too seperate alot of the time, she needs to settle in now as an agent, and the team needs to finally start to heal from kate's death alittle better and start to come together again. Kate's death, Patchi's Death, an NCIS legend being a traitor trying to kill Vance, Mike Franks death, the intrigue with Ari several times and then with Eli time after time, Jenny's death and cover up, the first director leaving suddenly after being the show's silent rock, someone who Gibbs clearly respected looked up to and held in a place of honor, then Jenny a former lover being the new director, then Vance who it seemed no one really liked when he was the assistant to Jenny and he seemed like a Villian in waiting for quite some time and I'm still not totally convinced yet that he isn't, this E.J. person and her team, the sec nav stories and intrigue that got in the way of the main story, the sec nav that they say will get even more screen time taking more away from the main cast, the whole story with the girl from legal that gibbs had to shoot, the coming and going of jardin and m. allison hart, and col. mann all of whom came and went from thin air to thin air practically with no real reason to be there and never any explanation... just on and on and on the team is way too fractured, and all the deaths are breaking them all down and pulling them apart, if they don't come back together and move on and get united again and strong again soon they will just fall apart completely it seems. it needs to be about Gibbs, Tony, Mcgee, Abby, Ducky, & Ziva again. Surprisingly Palmer as well as he has transitioned from a character i didnt want to be shown at all into one that's almost a additional main character now, over time he's slowly developed a purpose and became part of the team. the family members showing up from time to time is a nice touch also. Kourt gave them a recurring enemy for a time but i think it may be his time to go or be shown less now. Fornell is a good touch sometimes still as well. Gibbs is too alone, especially now franks is gone, can't believe they killed him off, it was bad enough he lost the finger, but they've been leading up to it for a long time, his cough has gotten continually worse over time you could just barely see him gradually fading in health as seasons went by. the core characters need more time and more interaction. and the cases need to be focused on and featured a bit more again like they were in the earlier seasons, they've gotten into too much of a pattern, there's even been subtle remarks by the characters themselves alluding to the patterns like when they start making remarks about dead bodies and having to gear up and blah blah and you can tell the characters or actors or both are sometimes having a hard time remaining serious and not bursting out with some remark or joke about how they got another dead body. there's humor and sarcasm there sometimes now coming through because of the repetitiveness of it. there used to be other crimes besides just another dead body, or just another psycho-killer or assassin hunting the team down. the individual episode plots and crimes need a bit more creatiivity and thought, they need to seem a bit more like a real investigative team again like they did for the first several seasons. I know the characters have become the main focus of the show and the crimes are a minor sub-plot these days, but it has gotten just a bit too far out of balance. without some variation and realism to the crimes and investigative parts of the show, the shows main premise falls apart and nothing has any credibility or premise of reality anymore, there suddenly becomes no reason for the characters to be together, no purpose, nothing to bind them. the one show where the power was out and gibbs had to teach the team how to investigate crimes the old fashioned-way was a nice change of pace, throwing a few shows in here and there that scale back the drama just a tad bit and play up the investigative side alittle would totally rejuvenate and reinvigorate the show. because right now its begining to fall into the trap where someone new has to show up, some one has to leave, the team has to break up, they have to come back or at least some of them come back, someone in or close to the team has to die, too repetitive, its falling into a pattern where every episode or featured clip or phoof has to be more explosive and dramatic then the last, by a factor of magnitude if they can manage it, all that is doing is burning the show out, they are running out of things they can blow up, people they can kill, how many times Eli can sucker Ziva in only to once more betray her, how many times they can break up the team or change the administration, how many times tony or ziva or both fall for the other only to have something or some case or some one or gibbs rule #12 get in the way when they so obviously adore each other dearly(and why did rule #12 stop tony and ziva but not tony and the annoying characther e.j.? so aggravating), etcetera, its just becoming too burned out, too patterny and way to repetitive to keep going this way, they will burn out the entire show and lose the audience b4 too many more seasons pass if it takes that long at the rate they are burning through ideas so quickly. they need to play up the mystery and intrique for awhile along with the investigations and let some of the other plots cool off for alittle while so they can come back with them alittle later and have them not seem quite so repetitious or over done. just find that balance point and then just trade off between the investigations and mysteries part of the show and the drama explosions betrayals assasinations etc part of the show. the show is very good at making little things like one single shredded piece of paper when Vance became director(which we still don't know what that was, ugh), or the micro chip that got removed b4 Ducky could perform the autopsy on the agent, making things like that into very interesting intriguing long ranging plots, it needs to do alittle bit more of that now and then. Also, just because Ziva is now a citizen and an agent, doesn't mean she still can't kick ass, use a million weapons, use her linguistic skills, use her undercover and spy talents like when she tricked tony at the pool into following the wrong girl, etc. It almost seems like she's lost those talents now, but just because she's portrayed as more of a good character now, team player and such, doesn't mean she isnt still talented, and doesn't still have a mind like a steel trap and isn't still great at helping the team come up with ideas and epiphanies which they otherwise would not have. They tease us in the episodes when she isnt even a probie yet her status was still unclear by showing her just walking by and mentioning something that breaks a case for tony and mcgee, but now that she's an agent it seems like she's lost all her talent or something because she is almost just there at times and doesn't shine with her skills or be as helpful as she once was. part of this is because of all the israel storylines that pulled her away from the team alittle bit, but part of this is just it seems like the writers forgot that she could be good and still talented and a contributing and highly productive and effective team member. &the playfulness and light hearthearted joking and bantering between all the 4 team members is what made first couple seasons so great and worth watching, and ziva has proven to be more then capable of continuing that and fitting in with the guys and bantering as well, her chippendales comment still gets show on nearly all the ncis marathon promos on usa, so its not just a kate thing, it was better with kate and funnier, but ziva is quite capable of bantering as well just in a slightly different way but still effective. more of that banter and camaraderie needs to return again, which of course brings us back to the core team needing to be closer again. if it takes the politics the producer mentions will be coming along with the new sec nav to bring that about, then i'll have to bear with the politics as long as they serve the purpose of getting the team close again and functioning well again.


You lost a charter viewer by getting rid of Mike Franks.
Bad idea unless he was really sick.
What a shame.


when did mike franks first appear on NCIS?

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