NCIS Spoilers: Season Finale Serial Killer Details!

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NCIS' eighth season will conclude with a dramatic serial killer plot that spans several episodes, beginning April 5. TV Line unearthed some interesting details today.

A psychopath dubbed the Port-to-Port Killer is at the center of the story arc, and this is one formidable adversary. Possibly even more so than the Reynosa Cartel.

We say that because Gibbs will expand the team to combat him.


At least two new special agents will soon be introduced to assist with the case.

One of the two new recurring characters is described as “a well-traveled, experienced federal agent who is happy to be reunited with his team in their new DC home.”

Presumably, this is in addition to Sarah Jane Morris' character, E.J. Barrett.

Morris' newly-introduced character just arrived from overseas in this week's NCIS episode, leaving quite an impression on Tony and causing a stir among many fans.

Michael Weatherly (Tony) previously said that Morris’ Special Agent will “arc out toward the end of [the] season and be a part of that epic season-finale situation.”

The cast is under contract for next season, but do you think the serial killer will claim the life of one of our team members? Or E.J.? Sound off in the comments!

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Cried when they killed off Mike. Get rid of EJ. I watch the shows over and over again and on the Marathons, yesterday I watched 14 I had recorded. I am addicted to NCIS.


I hate they killed off Mike Franks. He was a great asset to the show. I hope you are right that he might continue as a ghost or is not really dead. I agree McGee is too thin. I am okay with Zeva leaving along with EJ and Director Vance. I LOVE THE SHOW!!


I am really upset that they killed off Mike Franks! I agree EJ has to go!
I love all the reruns and watch them often, as do many of my friends.
Since Tony had the love affair in 2006 season ( maybe not that year?) I have wanted Jeanne to come back with a young child and have it be Tony's child. Wouldn't that be great, they had very good chemistry together.


Everybody worrying about the team, stop it! Gibbs' team'll be fine, otherwise they wouldn't all have signed contracts for the next few years. If one of them did die off in the show, there would be a huge legal hassle because of the signed contracts. They need to kill EJ--and that may happen. Where was EJ in the preview for the final episode of the season, huh?


I am actually hoping the port-to-port killer kills E.J. She annoys the hell out of me. And Gibbs deserved the promotion not some rookie.


Love NCIS. Cried when Mike Franks died. I think he was ill with all the smoking and coughing. I will miss him.. Hope he is a constant flash back or ghost for Gibbs. I don't care for EJ. If anyone has to go, I hope it is her. She is too cockey. Please keep the NCIS TEAM intack. Looking forward to Season 9 and 10. Is their a book of all the episodes. I have all the cd's but it would be nice to get in a chair and read the stories.


Please don't kill off anymore members of Team Gibbs. I have a suggestion for a story focusing on Abby. I think Pink would be
good as a cousin of Abby. Abby and Pink share similar features and have the same wonderful husky voice. Abby rocks! Lee


I am in shock and so sad that Mike Franks was murdered. I loved
the relationship between Gibbs and Mike. He was Gibbs past and
future. As I watched the episode I could see the direction the
story was going. I kept saying no, no, no. Please have it be
a terrible dream. I cried at the end of the show. What is going
to happen to Mike's daughter in law? What about Gibb's goddaughter? I feel I have lost a treasured friend. I hope the writers are not planning to mess with the Team Gibbs. I can't take it! Lee


I am so grieving Franks' death. What purpose could you have? What did he know about LEON? Why didn't you kill him off. Such a sneaky, deceitful self serving snake Why do you keep piling layer upon layer of grief on Gibbs?


I was sad to see Mike Franks go, but I think when Ducky does his autopsy he is going to find, like Jennie that he was dying anyway. He looked horrible. I think EJ will get killed, I don't think they would ever give Tony a sweetheart for very long. What would they do with the sexual tension they created between him and Ziva then?

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