No Ordinary Family Review: The Beast Within

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What a weird episode. "No Ordinary Animal" was full of action and a good deal of suspense, but it was peppered with so  many irksome moments, it was almost hard to enjoy.


I'll start off first with a gripe that really could be directed at the majority of shows on any network these days. Why they feel it necessary to set up a cliffhanger and then make the reveal in the preview which immediately follows I will never know. It's beyond irksome; it's flat out annoying and I wish they'd just stop it.

Although, since the next episode is airing on Saturday, maybe it wasn't such a bad idea in this instance. It's not like many folks will tune in on the weekend to find out what happens.

Is it just me, or are the Powells getting mighty reckless with their secret? Fortunately, though, they appear to live in a town where people are completely oblivious to anything going around them... even at a crime scene. Stephanie darted into the house right in front of an entire crowd of people and no one saw her abruptly leave and then return? Unbelievable.

Something else that bothered me was how Stephanie could let her guard down and approach a vicious killer - one who just sprouted fangs and the sharpest set of brass knuckles I've ever seen, mind you - just because he appeared to have made a sudden change of heart. She is a compassionate doctor, sure, but that was just ridiculously naive and felt a bit too out of character for her. Have some common sense for goodness' sake.

I did, though, enjoy the number of Stephanie's slow-mo sequences. In fact, an entire episode of her just running, hair flowing in the background, would be completely fine by me.

Speaking of common sense, what a dumb move by Daphne to go off with a perfect stranger like that. If someone you've never met comes to tell you your mother has been attacked and you don't even have time to walk fifty feet to let your boyfriend know, wouldn't that seem like a good time to, I don't know, read his mind to see if he's legit? That didn't exactly sit well with me, either, because Daphne has read minds for a lot less than that.

Of course, no one can really rescue themselves on this show, so it was up to Jim to save Daphne yet again. The fight sequence between him and Lucas was rather impressive, except for one point: when they collided mid-air and fell to the ground with Jim atop Lucas. Lucas didn't even wince. So he's got feral abilities, does that mean he's unbreakable, too? That's just pushing the already far-fetched boundaries a little too far out of my comfort zone.

My favorite scene of the episode was Katie trying to describe Lucas to Jim and using Wolverine, Hulk and Tony Stark in her descriptions, all while George was jealously smack-talking her from behind. If I haven't made it clear before, I heart Katie Andrews. I especially loved her reaction to having "powers," but I assume by the revelation she's pregnant with Joshua's child that it was actually the child's abilities being manifest through her? I'm not exactly sure how that is supposed to work, but it did make for some amusing moments.

I'm uncertain if I can really boast about this, because I suppose it was a bit predictable, but I called it in my last review that the equations King was having J.J. work out via Mr. Litchfield are to make permanent the abilities fostered by King's serum. Not really patting myself on the back for that one; perhaps just a mild tapping.

All in all, it was a fun episode, despite my groaning. But enough about what I thought. Who do you think is faster: The Flash, Superman or Stephanie Powell? Discuss now!


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Mumbles cit

george and kate as couple, i have hard time imagine that


Thanks Dave J! You're welcome here ANYTIME. :)


I'm glad other people noticed the GLARING lapses in judgement/writing from this otherwise fun episode. Daphne and her mother's inability to save themselves was WEAK sauce, Daphne literally sat their screaming and crying until her father saved her, come on she's the Jean Grey of this universe, she needs to develope confidence! It's a shame the writers have doomed this show that was filled with amazing potential. PS: season 2 wish would have been George and Katie working together to raise the baby, Joshua comes back saves Katie/Georeg, Joshua dies and Katie and George live happily ever after. Fun review thanks for the info-tainment.


@Fantasia Exactly my point. @Aaron It was sort of my attempt at a joke. Last week DCComics Forums had to be shut down because of a very heated dispute between fans over who was faster, Flash or Superman.


Stephanie did trip, in one of the early episodes.


What kind of question is that? Of course the flash is the fastest. The flash is so fast he, or rather they need there own reaper in order to catch them in the afterlife.


** This comment contains spoilers. SPOILER ALERT! ** You can clearly see that there isnt going to be another season. No one is checking what the writers are writing. Come on, a time warp? This could have been a great series, it's got great actors, the concept is good. But the writing is getting worse... (dialogs not too much, they are not great, but they are passable. story has become ridiculous) I pity the actors... :*(


Good point on Stephanie. I forget she moves so fast it's like she never moved. Still feels a little shaky using them in such a public forum. What if she trips ot something? :)


About the thing with Steph: She moved faster than anyone could comprehend, so it really didn't matter. Also loved the fight, but yeah i agree that jim should have been able to easily whoop his ass, i mean jim's only ability is that he's super strong, and he always seems to be getting his ass thrown around (Flashbacks of smallville come to mind)

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