Off the Map Review: Otis & Zee Jump In!

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An emotionally charged Off The Map had our jungle doctors deciding whether or not to take their shot. "Everything's As It Should Be" brought several relationships full circle, only some of them weren't where they hoped to be.

Off the Map Shot

First things first, Otis and Zee got back together. Woohoo! Zee finally realized that second chances won't wait forever. She took the jump with Otis, deciding he was worth the risk. I have to say, the supply room sex looked pretty hot. I was thrilled to see my favorite fiery couple together once again. I couldn't imagine another pair that could have pulled off the scene where Otis demonstrated safe sexual positions to the elderly couple. Something that could have been cringe worthy was made sweet and funny by these two extremely likable characters.

Keaton's old buddy Jonas Simpson wandered back to the clinic looking for a favor. He wanted to reconnect with Ben and get a black market organ transplant done on the side. Unfortunately the clinic docs caught on too late. Simpson pocketed ten grand, the patient died, the organ donor never got paid, and the entire debacle put the clinic in jeopardy. 

Although that whole story line was good drama, what I liked best was that it brought into focus what I've never liked about Keaton. He's playing all sides and getting away with it. He's the martyr with the brain dead spouse but he's also the guy keeping her alive to milk her trust fund to keep the clinic open. Yes, he justifies it by saying that the clinic was Abby's dream but that doesn't make it right. When Jonas accused him of using Abby as his personal ATM, it stung because it was too close to the truth. 

My other issue was that when his buddy kept bringing Abby up in front of Ryan, Ben let him do it, over and over again.  Even though he knew how much it hurt Ryan. If he feels that guilty about having a girlfriend while his wife has been in a five year coma, then let Ryan go. And if not, then man up and stop letting some jerk make her feel like dirt.

When Ben told Ryan that he knew what he was doing wasn't right but that he couldn't let Abby go, it wasn't entirely clear what that meant. 

Does he want to keep things the way they are or is he dumping Ryan in the hopes of easing his guilty conscience? Can he simply not handle the thought of taking his beloved wife off of life support or is it the clinic he can't risk losing?  Ben's life is an emotional disaster zone and he's going to have to make some tough choices to change it.

On a slightly lighter note, Tommy's jealousy over Mina's new suitor was incredibly sweet. I understood Mina's fear. They live together. They work together.  He's her best friend. There's a lot to lose if their relationship goes wrong. Unfortunately jumping into bed, or the shower, with another guy probably won't make things any better.

Lastly, Lily went back to Mateo. Ugh. I genuinely like Lily but this relationship does nothing for me. It feels like the writers are searching for something to do with her now that Ben is back with Ryan.

Were you happy about where the relationship merry go round stopped this time? With only two more episodes left, where do you want our jungle docs to end up?


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I really hope this gets renewed! Its a really great show. I love Mina and Tommy. They have such great chemistry!


I REALLY hope that they don't end the series! I think it is a very good show!


This was the best episode yet. Zee and Otis have been the reason I tune in for a while. So happy she finally gave him a second chance and now I hope he lives up to it. As another commenter said, Ben's moral ambiguity is interesting but it makes it difficult for me to like him because he keeps hurting Ryan. She deserves better. Lily and Mateo are boring. There is no chemistry there but I love Mina and Tommy. Poor Tommy got his heart broken but Mina is just scared. The hippy/missionary guy is an idiot. I hope she dumps him soon.


I don't agree with the review about Ben - though he is doing some things wrong, he is not a bad person. Like another comment said: the moral ambiguity makes him an interesting gray character. I liked the new developments last night, the complications are intriguing. His comatose wife funding the clinic, the once trusted now a criminal-friend (though that actor was supah fine!) AND Ryan being on the hook with him! I feel so bad for her. I really like them together, so I hope he chooses her. It would suck for her to lose her hottie boyfriend AND her heart. I don't think Otis is good enough for Zee - he always comes off as juvenile and jerk-like to me. But I guess I don't mind them being together. I don't care about Lily and Mateo either, because she is a rather bland character so far. Now, Tommy and Mina are very interesting! I hated that she hurt him by hooking up with that idiot hippie, but I think it was chicken lady awkwardness manifesting again - she does like Tommy but is just afraid to jump in. The writing is certainly improving with each new episode. I started watching because I already knew and liked Martin, but now I like the other actors too. I hope it doesn't get canceled... but I know it is not looking good.


Another great episode, happy to see Zee and Otis back together, think they have really good chemistry but my favourites are Tommy and Mina... really looking forward to see that relationship develop... Although Ben's situation is indeed complicated, Ryan is a fantastic woman, in need of all his support right now.


Don't care about Zee and Otis but I love the (non)relationship between Tommy and Mina. Mateo and Lily make an interesting couple and I would like to see more of them. As for Ben - I think the moral ambiguity about his wife adds to him being an interesting "gray" character among maybe too many "white" ones.


i like a lot the interactions between lily and mateo and i am glad the writers put them back together. it will surely bring interesting storylines in the future. as for zee and otis...well, those to just don't do anything for me. they are better off separate where they have sexual tension and funny arguments.

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