Olivia Wilde Previews Return of Thirteen to House

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House returns on April 11 with a milestone and a mystery.

The show will celebrate its 150th episode by asking a pressing question: where the heck has Thirteen been?

Release of Thirteen

This preview for "The Dig" spoils the fact that the character has been in prison, so the better inquiry might be: Why? It's what House will try to get out of his underling for a majority of the hour.

“In order to sort of melt her steely resolve, he has to show a little bit of his own vulnerability, and I think that’s what makes their interaction really kind of unusual and really interesting,” Olivia Wilde tells EW of her return and interaction with House. “He’s reaching out to her and showing her his rawness... She eventually has to give it up.”

So... what was the basis for her incarceration? We can't say.

But Hugh Laurie can offer this intriguing tease: “I’d bet money no one will figure out why she’s in jail before we tell them because until I read it I had no idea. I think our fans will be left salivating.”


My question is,is thirteen back for good I hope so because I can't stand the little kid bitch,hate her guts get the hell off the show. Go find your pants.


Thirteen is awesome I missed her. Get rid of the kid


Sweet leather jacket she's sporting for just getting out of jail after a year.


Olivia Wilde has been busy making motion pictures (in real life).


Glad Thirteen's back :D I can't wait for the episode :)


I cant wait to see what goning to happen I wonder if she did something because she upset about her huntingtons and let her anger out in an iilegle way.

Gaby ee

“I’d bet money no one will figure out why she’s in jail before we tell them because until I read it I had no idea. I think our fans will be left salivating.� Wow I can't possibly think of a reason why Thirteen was in jail.


i always loved their interaction, can't wait for this. also it's gonna be good to take some space from huddy and who knows. maybe we'll even get some real insight into house's mind


Just when I thought they had done everything to make the show interesting... They add this... Love Olivia and Hugh... I'm sure they would make this ep... I wonder tho if he is actually showing vulnerability or is he just playing her to get what he wants cuz she has always been a closed book unlike the others... Remember the time he cried at his fathers funeral, it seemed so sincere but all he wanted was the hair sample so he could prove he wasn't related to who his mother made him believe his father to be...

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