One Tree Hill Review: Double Baby Alert!

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One Tree Hill was filled with plenty of predictable storylines this week, but also delivered one with a surprising twist that had me itching for future episodes.

Has there been a more obvious ending to a weekly plot than Millie's live, on-screen tirade being a ratings hit? As they played it harder and harder that her social commentary was undoubtedly going to get her fired, it was easier and easier to see that the fans were going to love her. The predictability didn't stop me from enjoying the ride, though. 

For the first time in a while, Mouth came out smelling like roses. His rant, which Millie eventually stole, was both entertaining to watch and completely justified. Why would they spend so much money on those street signs?

Ready to Pop

"The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get" also gave us predictable storyline number-two: Kid is bad at sports. Adult tries to help him. Adult figures out that kid needs glasses in order to perform well. 

While I normally would rag on a show for pulling this played-out stunt, I will never tire of Chase and Chuck hanging out. Chuck went from bratty little jerk to sensitive loaner with such ease that it was hard for Chase and the audience not to love him.

Because it became clear that Brooke was going to be adopting a child from a pregnant woman, many have been assuming that Haley and Brooke would have their babies at the same time. That seems to be the case, as both Hales and Chloe went into labor simultaneously. Kudos to those who called it weeks ahead of time.

Of the two mamas-to-be, Haley's plot was far more entertaining. Don't get me wrong, deciding what color to paint the baby's room can be very exciting, but Haley tricking her friends into thinking she was going into labor over and over again was flat out classic. When fooled by Haley, Quinn and Brooke went the normal crazy route, but that wasn't as funny as Julian just passing out as soon as he heard. 

Naturally, Nathan and Clay would try to act all cool because they knew she was joking, but once she turned up the dial and claimed she actually was going into labor, they panicked like the rest. Score one for Haley James Scott.

Finally, the Nathan/Clay/Ian/August story was both the most interesting and the one that kept me guessing right up to the final seconds. It was fun watching Nathan and Clay use their beer pong skills to get Ian to sign the contract to become a client of Fortitude, but as soon as they started talking about a morals clause, I knew something was up. I assumed it was going to lead to Ian passing out drunk, or getting caught with a prostitute - you know, something out of the Charlie Sheen playbook - but I wasn't expecting the car crash on the bridge to be brought into play.

So Ian Kellerman was the driver of the car that slammed into Jamie and the gang, shoving them off the bridge and into the river. This dude is obviously a jerk, and once Nathan figures it out, he will no doubt want to void that contract. But is this why August Kellerman didn't want Nathan to represent his son? Did he know what Ian did that night, and to whom, and determined Nathan might be able to put the puzzle pieces together and send his son to jail for a long time? 

If that's what show-runner Mark Schwahn, who also wrote the episode, was trying to demonstrate, good job. Placing that dialogue between August and Nathan that early in the episode definitely made you forget it until the very end when Nathan found the smashed car with the empty liquor bottles.

Did you foresee where these storylines were going to end up? And are you excited to see what will happen between Ian Kellerman and the now-enlightened Nathan Scott? How excited are you for double babies?


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It was August Kellerman unfortunately August Kellerman was lying to Nathan, i am 100 percent sure it's August Kellerman Nathan Clay and Julian what were you thinking poor Ian but Ian didn't to it his father did will  Nathan and Clay still have Ian as their client Please tell me what happened to Ian Kellerman So there might be a Oth Season 9 but why is James Lafftery only doing part time on Oth Season 9


It was August Kellerman unfortunately August Kellerman was lying to Nathan, i am 100 percent sure it's August Kellerman Nathan Clay and Julian what were you thinking poor Ian but Ian didn't to it his father did will  Nathan and Clay still have Ian as their client Please tell me what happened to Ian Kellerman So there might be a Oth Season 9 but why is James Lafftery only doing part time on Oth Season 9


Did anyone not see the preview for the next episode on April 19th? It mentions a memorable birth and then Jamiee asking Haley if she is okay and her looking horrible and then Brooke crying. My prediction is that something goes wrong with Haley's baby's birth possibly even the baby dying and maybe even Brooke finds out that her new baby is the baby of Ian who just about killed her.


saw the car thing coming since when they showed it in the 'previously on' but still loved the ep.
Haley was HILARIOUS.


Honestly, I was pissed off at Millie's rant on TV. How could Mouth smile at her 'achievement' and not get angry about it? Plagiarism in the name of 'supporting your significant other'?? Please!! She is clearly CLUELESS about her job, Mouth keeps helping her out, she gets all the credit, and then she goes on live TV berating the government using her boyfriend's words!!!
The only reason I'm still watching OTH is because of Nathan and Haley, and even so, their presence is not enough. Their solidity on the show is liquifying because all the other minor AND horrible characters/actors/actresses get to have more screen time with their petty drama. They have become so diluted that it's not fun watching the show anymore.


personally, i think one tree hill should have been canceled a long time ago. i used to vouch for it out of loyalty but now i watch it with so much anger. the acting has gone downhill (quinn is the worst actress on tv), the writing is actually non-existent because nothing happens on this show. their dialogue is LAUGHABLE, the characters all became one dimensional and all the most memorable one tree hill characters somehow disappeared off the face of the planet, (and im talking deb, dan, karen, whitey, remember them?). theyve basically transformed into an entirely different show without any relationship to how great it once was. it should have been canceled two, three seasons ago but it was left on air because the CW is too scared to find new shows and build a proper tv schedule. i would take life unexpected over this anyday, and ive been watching oth since the first episode aired.


I think Ian is the baby dad for Chloe's kid.


@Emily You are correct. But they also mentioned something about how Julian had told everyone what the car looked like.


I figured it out quite a while ago that Ian was the one who was in the car that hit Jamie and Brooke. It will be very interesting to see how they proceed with that, too bad we have to wait till mid-April to see how it all plays out. The only thing that annoyed me with the episode was the whole Toaster Strudel stuff. Wonder how much of a kick back they got from them for that...


OK so I might just be being stupid but did Nathan ever see the car that pushed Lauren's off the bridge? I thought it was a hit-and-run thing, where the car drove off and Julian was there but not Nathan and Haley .... (Correct me if I'm wrong, by all means)