Penn Badgley on Dair Connection: Fun Stuff!

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Many fans resisted the notion of a Dan-Blair romance on Gossip Girl. Others were all for it long before the show even began setting it up in the mid-season finale.

You can count Penn Badgley among those in the latter category.

At Cosmopolitan magazine’s 2011 Fun Fearless Males party, Penn was all about his character’s flight of fancy, the actor who plays Lonely Boy told MTV this ...

Dearest Daniel

Penn Badgley is all for the Dair story line.

“It was something new for my character, and I was having fun with the rapport, and I think my dialogue benefited from it. It was actually a lot of fun to work with Leighton."

"I hadn’t much. We were like the only two who had never really interacted.”

For more of what Badgely had to say, including how certain women in his life (cough, Vanessa, cough, Serena) will react to the new lovebirds, check out the video here.

Then tell us how you feel about Dair, romance-wise ...

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@ n/a It's obvious they have no reasoning skills and just like to use every excuse in the book to criticize Dair--even when they don't make sense!


again i'm just curious why do so many people think that the dan and blair storyline is the one that's dragging down ratings when they only occupy around 10 minutes of the show, while the chuck BI and serena and ben storyline takes up the other 30 minutes???


@ canb LOL at your trying to justify the hotel thing--I want to live in your world of delusion. Chuck is manipulative bastard and poor excuse for a human being and the fact that you can't see that is really pathetic.


I never liked Amandas. Lol. Silly child. Get your facts together.


Umm, I hate to say this people, but Chuck isn't the only one who's sometimes a bad person, Blair has been really mean and manipulative to the ones she loves too (Chuck, Serena, her mother, Nate, Jenny, pretty much everyone!!!) She might not go the extent that Chuck does, but B can be pretty selfish (what she did to Eva was horrible, even though I hated the whole thing) Serena and Dan are more alike in the fact they're all around nicer people. B has passion, don't get me wrong, but she tends to put herself first and so does Chuck. At the same time, they bring out the best in each other. Blair has been her absolute sweetest when she's with Chuck. I don't see that happening with Dan, too polar of opposites. Who cares if they like the same extra-curricular stuff, that gets old. And who knows...maybe the whole Chuck selling Blair for a hotel thing was actually a huge made up lie in order to protect Blair in some way, WHO KNOWS. These UES don't live normal lives, their world is different, they can forgive that kind of stuff. Blair forgave, so time to move on.


Considering that Gossip Girl contract expires after the sixth season (unless it's changed), season five may not be the last. I doubt that show will ever be cancelled no matter how low the ratings get since it's the network's most high profile show/actresses. Not even their most high rated show (The Vampire Diaries) and their cast gets the mount of attention that GG and it's cast (mainly Blake Lively and Leighton Meester) does.


@ Amanda Thanks for proving my point--the only thing you use to back your point up (quite poorly may I add) are the ratings. How many times must I tell you, SEASON 5 IS THE FINAL SEASON. Dawn Ostroff said it would be could for Smallville to get at least 2 mill an episode. The CW is a third-rate network, GG's current ratings are fine for renewal which is all the execs care about. Please learn some basic comprehension skills before speaking thanks!


Olivia and Amanda, Speaking of people who CAN'T read. it said CANCELLATION INDEX, The reason I kept bringing up CW ratings is because its the lowest of the networks yet GG is SAFE for next season.
But hey, comeback and debate me again if you want to get pimp slapped again Chuck Bass style. LOL


SJ, there is nothing to talk about chair. They are not having scenes together or SLs. But thank god after the hiatus we are gonna get a lot of chair, maybe it will help the ratings because gg really needs a help right now. now goodbye.


I don't think she is running away, it just seems like we are wasting our time trying to explain to you something you don't want to. The ratings are awful, there is no black and white. Even the link you posted (that was supposed to be good for gg) shows how it's the show in the CW doing worse. And the Ausiello article you posted distorts everything. But if you wanna believe it, whatever. Meh, I have to go too. Have fun

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