Penn Badgley on Dair Connection: Fun Stuff!

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Many fans resisted the notion of a Dan-Blair romance on Gossip Girl. Others were all for it long before the show even began setting it up in the mid-season finale.

You can count Penn Badgley among those in the latter category.

At Cosmopolitan magazine’s 2011 Fun Fearless Males party, Penn was all about his character’s flight of fancy, the actor who plays Lonely Boy told MTV this ...

Dearest Daniel

Penn Badgley is all for the Dair story line.

“It was something new for my character, and I was having fun with the rapport, and I think my dialogue benefited from it. It was actually a lot of fun to work with Leighton."

"I hadn’t much. We were like the only two who had never really interacted.”

For more of what Badgely had to say, including how certain women in his life (cough, Vanessa, cough, Serena) will react to the new lovebirds, check out the video here.

Then tell us how you feel about Dair, romance-wise ...

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@ Olivia I thought you have studying to do? Funny that the only ammunition you have for Chair is ratings. Nothing about the couple. Ratings don't matter when the show is entering it's final season. Season 5 is its last and it's going to be the only higher-rated shows once Smallville is done. Keep crying though, you are so easy get riled up.


And like a Chair fan she is dismissive of everyone else and runs away. Case and point.


Oh BK, posting that link you just proved to me you are not understand anything and is just pointless keep this going. The ratings for 4x16 weren't good. Ausiello was just making a fool of himself. It was 1.5 in W 18-34, the only episodes that did worse were 4x15 (the episode before) and 4x17 (the episode after). With that I am really gone now. I would do the same Amanda. She is just seeing what she wants. It's not worthy taking your time.


Olivia and Amanda.
You never answered my question. How is CW doing across the board compared to the other networks?


BK, Ausiello was celebrating gg second lowest ratings in history. The only episode that had done worse was the previous one (4x15) so that's why the increase. But the next episode the ratings dropped again, so.... GG had no motive to celebrate the ratings, it was the second lowest. LOL (now is the third lowest because oh well, 4x17 was worse) LOL


Oh, and LOL, you forgot to read something in the link you posted: "1) The Higher the Index Rating the more likely a show is to get cancelled, lower numbers = safety. So, accorging to them, gg is the show in most dangerous in the, even 90210 is doing better.


You can find all the ratings in this site.


When it comes to ratings, I showed you where I got my info, you show me yours.


So they watch the show every now and then or consistently? Cause I've been watching since season one. skipped season 3. Saw the DVD though.
Point is Casual fans, are ones that watch off and on, hardcore fans watch it on the regular, despite using twitter, boards ect...


Casual viewers are not hardcore fans. They dont post on boards, fansites etc. It's the biggest part of the audience.

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