Pretty Little Liars Clips: What Does Jenna Want?

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Why did Jenna pay off Caleb?

Who might be living a triple life?

Is someone spying on the girls?

All these questions are at the center of next Monday's "Monsters in the End," as teased/previewed in the following five clips. Yes, FIVE clips! Sit back and get an early look at the penultimate episode of season one below...

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@chynnablue (sorry if i spelt your username wrong), you are right, who knows it might be someone inside the statue or something or it could be just playing with spencer's imagination ... have to wait till mon...


they better not put aria and caleb together!!!!!!!!!


@Stephsister, I kept waiting for the camera to cut back to the statues and show that there we suddenly only 2 instead of 3 or have one turn its head to watch the girls leave.


I love the scene where Ella was mouthing to Aria if Caleb is the boy and that he is hot! Haha! Moms always tend to get clueless sometimes on who their daughters date.


does anyone else think that the models of the founders look like jagsaw of the saw movies?


I honestly hope Hanna and Caleb get back together and that Spencer continue seeing Toby despite her mother orders. It was kinda funny when Spencer said that those models was watching them. I hope Ezra do not have another secret life because I will be mad and now Aria will have to pretend that Caleb is her boyfriend in front of her mother.


I hope Ezra does have a triple life, it will finally put some spice into their relationship.


Ezra and Aria are the main reason I watch the show too. I doubt he's seeing someone else, if anything it was a past relationship. Maybe she'll find out he was once engaged. Why he'd forget to mention that to her though is beyond me.


Oh, I saw hope Ezra doesn't turn out having a triple life. That would just suck. Aria and Ezra are like the main couple of the show, and it would suck if they went the books way. I'm hoping that it's just some pictures from an old relationship or something. :/


i really hope the whole Ezra having a triple life is a misunderstanding,i know that in the books he had a fiance in NY, but they changed things around for Ezria so i am hoping they stay together, honestly i watch this show mostly because of Ian (Ezra) and i really hope he won't turn out to be a bad guy, that would just suck on soooo many levels.
i am worried! i am a die hard Ezria fan, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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