Pretty Little Liars Finale Questions: Answered, Teased

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Is Ian dead? Is Emily moving And what's the deal with Logan?!?

While Pretty Little Liars fans are already buzzing about season two (premiering June 14!), let's go back and revisit this week's first season finale.

TV Line spoke to executive producer Oliver Goldstick soon after Monday's episode aired and peppered him for information about a few key plot points. For example...

Ian on PLL

So... is Ian dead?!?
Yes, he looked very dead to those girls, but there is that remote possibility that he wasn’t and he got away. And much of the second season is predicated on Ian possibly being very much alive.

Did Ian kill Alison? Does that make him A?
Ian looks guilty and pretty damn good for killing Alison. Is “A” still out there? You bet. Are “A” and the killer the same person? Possibly.

Are Ian, Jenna and Garrett working together?
There’s definitely more to that story. You’ll find out there’s a history to these people and they go back a long way. They’re not new to Rosewood and their history with Alison is checkered, so because of that they all might know each other.

Where does the relationship stand between Melissa and Spencer?
Melissa and Spencer’s relationship reaches a whole new level of 'Who can you trust?' Do you trust family? Or do you trust who has become your family, who you’ve married? The alliances are very fraught by the events of the finale, and the Hastings family is really torn asunder by this whole situation.

Is Emily really moving to Texas?
It’s very big in the second season. Her mother’s need to want to be with her father on the base in Ft. Hood becomes a real conflict for Emily... and she’s desperate to find a way to stay in Rosewood. She goes to some extremes. Paige will also still in school and still very much around. Later on in the second season she has quite a nice arc. Right now, there is some Samara action happening.

Will we see Logan again?
You will be seeing more of Logan. And when he is spotted by one of our Pretty Little Liars, he won’t want to be spotted.

Goldstick also emphasize how the first season really only encompassed a few weeks of time on the show. It sounds like we'll pick up on season two rather soon after the events we just witnessed, as well.


I love hannah she is awsome!


i love aria and ezria,they a cute couple ,who can stop love,they fell kinda inlove before they both knew one was the teacher and the other the student!pll just wont be the same without them! and i love spencer!


i love the spencer and toby thing and i just cant stop watching it i am addicted can somebody tell me if ali is dead and who the heck a is i want to know!!!!!!!!!!


Heather, I really like your prediction.
I think it is highly possible that that could be the case.
I really cant wait till season two and are looking forward to every second of it.
The TV show people arent sticking to the books so i dont think that ali has a twin sister and i dont think Mona is A.
I am so excited :3


Alex: thats what happened in the books but i dont think it'll be the same in the series, half the people who watch the show have read the books so i think they wouldn't do something so predictible.


- Emily will probably not move to Texas. It would be stupid because she is one of the main characters. - My least favorite couple is Aria and Ezra. What they are doing is wrong. Also, he thinks he knows her when he doesn't - My favorite couple is Spencer and Toby. They are happy together, and so far, they have never fought. They have been through the same issues (being a suspect) and that makes them even stronger - In my opinion, "A" is a girl. Thanks!


I think That Allsions Sister Cortany is really dead because Cortany was suposte to go to the mental hospital. But didnt wasnt to so she framed allison and went back with all of allsions friends. So cortany is the one dead not allison. She is in the mental hospital. And "A" is MONA!!! She is throwing away love letters! alot happens When she is around!!!! And She is a liar! Oh And I looked this up Im not the only one who thinks that!!!


I think Allison's death was an accident but those involved decided to cover it up. I think Ian, Garrett, and Jason all have a part in it. I think Jenna wasn't part of Allison's death and is being used by Garrett. My guess is that Ian didn't kill Allison but was having sex with her, Jason saw and attacked Ian. Garrett tried to break up the fight and somehow during this whole thing one of them accidently killed Allison and are now trying to cover it all up. Also since they would get high all the time together, they might not remember everything that happened that night. But I also think Spencer is still not saying everything that she knows about that night. Spencer and Allison get in a fight, Spencer follows Allison, we don't know what happens after that, but then at some point Allison gets jacket from Toby, hops into the car with Ian to go to the kissing rock, they either have sex or he kills her... Spencer comes in the barn when the girls wake up and says she can't find Allison but heard her scream. So far that is all the evidence we have from that night.


There are so many holes in the storytelling for PLL, but I just can't stop watching.


@bexxxxxxx9 - thank you so much!!! :)

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