Pretty Little Liars Review: "Monsters in the End"

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After weeks of complaining about the lack of real progress, I feel like so much happened on "Monsters in the End." While it may have seemed liked an overwhelming amount of information to deal with, I was incredibly entertained by an episode that felt exciting, revealing and a little chilling.There's lot to cover this week, so I'll just get right down to it.

Spencer, All Alone

Spencer really is bearing the brunt of A's anger. Her family's best efforts to raise her spirits involve forcing her to work with the one person who shouldn't be allowed near her. But she makes the best of a difficult situation, snidely commenting on Ian's familiarity with Hilton Head.

The little dig not only made her feel better, but it also revealed some telling information. Melissa's slip up about the ocean-view rooms suggests that she was never at Hilton Head with Ian. As I have suspected, she's really doing whatever she can to cover for her husband, but I'm still not sure why. Her pregnancy gives a good reason to keep him out of trouble. Or maybe she really is colluding with him on some bigger scam.

Ian seems determined to threaten Spencer into keeping quiet, which really makes him suspicious.

Regardless, Spencer seems likes she's through playing nice, which really angered A (and/or Ian). When she tries to meet Toby by the funhouse, she follows a text that is supposedly from Toby and enters the building to find a message from A ("Shut up or I'll shut you up!") before being locked in one of the small enclosed chambers. Why would any of these girls trust a text from an unknown number? Haven't they learned anything by now?!?

Unsurprisingly, Ian sets her free... but her family is with him, so she's saved from more mischief. Throwing caution to the wind, she embraces Toby in front of her family, thankful to be safe.

Elsewhere, Hanna is really breaking my heart. Everyone understood that she was genuinely hurt by Caleb, but still needed him to find out what Jenna wanted. She did her part and found out about the mysterious key that Ali had actually hidden in a snow globe she gave to Emily, but it was clear that Hanna has really been changed by her romantic escapade with Caleb.

She was suddenly suggesting that Aria create a fake social network page to trap Ezra in a lie. She's a far cry from the sweet, open-hearted girl from just a few episodes ago. Caleb's continued efforts to apologize and say goodbye were also sad to watch. It was terrible to see Mona tear up his note, but not unexpected since Mona suddenly wants to be Hanna's best friend again. She should have at least told Hanna what he really wanted.

I don't think this is the end for Caleb and, hopefully, he'll be back next week.

Despite breaking Hanna's heart, Caleb's information led to a pretty big discovery: The key! The key opened a storage locker and a whole set of new questions: How did Allison get these videos? Who was spying on these teenage girls for so long? Was the voyeur also a killer? The identity of this secret video-taper remains a mystery for now, but the usual suspects still come to mind - Ian, Toby, Jenna? Or it could it be someone we haven't even considered yet.

In other news, I thought Aria showed that she was at least a little more mature than your average high school girl when she chose to confront her suspicious about Ezra directly rather than engaging in social networking subterfuge. She wasn't happy to find out that Ezra was once engaged, but at least they've honesty dealt with his past. And it seems like there might be big trouble for the happy couple after Garrett's visit with Ezra. Their little romance might not be so secret anymore.

I've really reached my limit with the Paige drama and it looks like Emily has, too. Even though she flaked on the meeting and, possibly, her future with Emily, Paige did introduce her secret girlfriend to a whole new set of open and proud lesbian friends, so that was a plus.

Overall, I thought this episode gave us some thrilling moments and definitely heightened my anticipation for next week's finale. It's gonna be epic.


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I think Garrett is the one who was taping the girls....that was the first name that popped up in my head after watching....I don't like Garrett and feel like he is hiding something. Also it doesn't make sense that Ezra would be A....he's risking his entire career being with Aria and I don't think he would risk jail just for some revenge. He had no tie to these girls (that we know of) before meeting Aria. Plus the final scene last night was outside of Ezra's apartment ....making me think it is someone else. I totally buy Mona as A....she got shoved aside when Hanna started hanging with Spencer Emily and Aria again. I could understand her wanting revenge and also can see her getting close to Hanna just to get information to use in the future. Before Hanna came along it has been assumed Mona was low on the totem pole...she probably saw a lot more than the girls realized back then and is always nearby when something happens. On a lighter note.....I LOVE SPENCER AND TOBY!


Personally i think A- is mona:) think about it, and im sure you'l be on the same page as me(: also i have this conclusion that Alison is still alive and that it wasn't her that got killed. But Mona definately strikes me as 'A'


wow, Great observation Abby. i had fun reading ur theory. I loved the episode, I can't wait to see next weeks show.


i think the person who must have been spying on them must be garett! think about it, he knew them when they were younger and now he is up for revenge


Okay, ive just had a thought. Here's my theory. A is definitely more than one person and heres who i think the group is. 1) lucas. he's technologically with it (hence the video footage of alision and everyone) and he hated alison enough to wreck her memorial and also that whole "same computer" deal. he also mentioned that he never liked her and her possy either, referring to the girls. 2) Noel. Mostly because when they thought it was him he was acting super suspicious like he knew something, looking at hanna while she was forced to eat those cupcakes and writing "i see you" on the back of Ezra's car, why would he have done that? Why wouldnt he have left it and confronted Aria later? HE WAS WEARING GLOVES!! Why would he have been wearing gloves (the same kind of glove's A is usually shown wearing) in the woods where the girls were, when it was a chicks-only party? This was also around the time when Lucas was mad at hanna and that never really got resovled so i assume thats were all of this anger is coming from. Also at hannahs suprise party he defended lucas from getting beaten up by sean without and real expination. And why would hannah have gotten hit by that car just because she saw Noel? A texted saying that "She knew too much." However that never exactly specified if by "too much" A meant seeing aria and ezra together or seeing noel write the message on the back of the car- in a very cryptic "A-like" fashion. 3) Jenna. So SOOO much evidence pointing to jenna. Right from paying caleb to look for a key to having the same bag ian gave her, left on the bed in the motel for spencer and toby to find. Plus she doesn't want toby hanging around the girls, she wanted information off hannah's phone (the owl USB) and she also has a clear insentive, she hated alison and the girls for causing her to go blind and also copped a lot of crap from them before hand anyway. How can it not be obvious that jenna is involved. Even when she made that sly comment "big brother's always watching" to Aria. She's definitely in on it, plus just her general creepiness is evidence enough. 4) Ian and Melissa. Ian keeps messing with my theories. I can never tell if i really think he's in it or not. One minute he'll give me some really solid reason for me to think he's guilty and then do or say something that appears to be rather genuine to make me think otherwise. Regardless, those two are always really suss. They're stories never really add up and this whole thing with Hilton Head situation never has a straight story. Last episode really made me think that theres something not right there by the way Melissa slipped up about the view from the Hilton Head suites. The way Ian's face looked after he found spencer wasnt exactly a look of concern but more like that look when a plan doesnt work out the way it was planned. And also, out of all the places she could of been, why did they go in to the scary clown room and why was it ian to find her in an such an obscure place? Another reason to make me think he's got something to do with everything is that he was alone when he found her, and yet he opened up a weird tubey-thing that no one would ever look inside of to find her. Remember that conversation that spencer overheard as well between ian and melissa at night in the kitchen? i cant remember what was said but it gave a lot of reason to believe that they know something. And who could leave out the obvious factor that Ian just came back into the Hastings household out of the blue, sweeping melissa off her feet, marrying her and then getting her pregnate all in the space of what? two episodes? This allowed him to get closer to spencer and the girls without any speculation. PLUS everyone saw that video of him and alison! As if that doesnt amount to anything. And finally, i feel like Alison herself is somewhat behind all of this shenanigans. She gave emily a snowglobe, telling emily to look after it because it's more valuble than it looks (obviously meaning that the key is inside it and you need it so i can mess with your head) the key was hidden inside it and that lead to a storage room that lead to a lunch box that lead to a USB that lead the girls to video's. Unless alison knew that she was going to die or SOMETHING would happen to her, why the shit did she leave a clue for the girls. And what is supposed to come out of this clue anyway? Ezra's not in the group because he as personally gone out on a limb to be with Aria and has jeopardised far too much to be included. Plus he has been subject too many of A's douche-baggery. And if he is in the group then it wrecks my entire theory. sorry for this huge rant but i felt that i just needed to get all of my thoughts down in one place and post it so someone could tell me that im wrong or even add on to this stuff. to be honest im not even a crazy fan, i just hate suspence and surpise!


Another great episode of PLL - the season finale next week will be great.
I do hope that Paige comes to her senses and realises how lucky she is to have someone as patient as Emily. But I guess it depends in Maya makes an appearance.
Otherwise LOVED everything about this ep.


I loved this ep. and I love spencer she is the best and the best actress. I cant wait till next week




Great episode this week, but the acting keeps getting worse. Really, thanks God Hanna is the best of them. The others have like, two or three facial expressions? I think the season finale will be mindblowing, but they really need to make something progress next season.


OMG! This episode was AWESOME and I cant wait till next week! I cant believe that the season is OVER! :(

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