Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Spoilers: Who is Going to Therapy?

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So... that was it?!? Such was our critic's reaction to the first season finale of Pretty Little Liars.

Before reading any further and gaining insight into season two, check out the TV Fanatic review and see if you agree with this writer's assessment. Okay? Ready?

A Quartet of Liars

Pretty Little Liars returns in June and executive producer Oliver Goldstick says at least one significant shift will involve Ezra and his job status.

“We’re putting Ezra in a new place,” Goldstick tells TV Line. “Mr. Fitz [is] leaving Rosewood High... It will definitely put ‘Ezria’s’ relationship in a new context... We’re going to play it very much as a relationship that has many obstacles - the teacher/student element may be lifted, and other [problems] present themselves next season.”

All of the girls will be "in trouble" when the series returns, Goldstick previews, adding the following tidbits:

More Maya: Bianca Lawson is on her way back to the show. “Maya went off because we had to shake it up a little bit,” Goldstick says. “We all thought it was interesting to see what would happen if when Maya went away, Emily was put in the position where she was the one who became the teacher in the relationship. The Emily/Maya relationship had played itself out at that point and we wanted to give new drama and a new path for Emily. But there are plans for her to return. We adore her.”

More Spencer/Toby: Look for this relationship to grow “very much in Season 2," teases Goldstick, adding that it "is more complicated because of what happens in the finale."

Professional help on the way: “As a result of what happens in the finale, the girls’ status in Rosewood becomes very precarious, very shaky,” Goldstick says. “If they weren’t thought of as liars before, they will certainly be thought of as that when we start the second season. They’ll be sent to a therapist who has some strong ideas about when these girls should interact again, if at all."

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Hi all, I'm -A and I'm not at all who any of you think I am Good luck finding out who I am bitches I know u won't -A


Hi all,
I'm -A and I'm not at all who any of you think I am
Good luck finding out who I am bitches I know u won't


I really don't care for Maya. She caused the rift between Emily and her mom and I hated that a lot back in season 1. I want Emily and her mom to stay on good terms and for Emily to make some sacrifices for her mom and say she'll be bi instead of gay. for me, that would be awesome and I'd have some new respect for Emily. I hate all the stupid drama between Aria and Ezra. She is so childish, it's annoying. maybe that's what Ezra likes about her. that she's so googoogaga crazy over him. I just want to see these two happy together, even if it does seem boring. because all this unnecessary forced drama is a total headache.
- with their luck, the therapist they'll get probably works for A
- Spencer and Toby better not break up for some stupid reason or I am gonna be seriously pissed. don't write him off like you did Alex! and don't make him die or get in a coma or something like that.


Dnt Read This If U Don't Want To Know Who "A" Is.Well,A Is Mona At First And Then When Spencer Pushed Mona Off A Cliff Alison became "A"Had A Younger Sister
Named Courtney And Later On Alison Killed Her Sister Courtney Because Courtney Took Over Her Life And Dumped Her Old Friends.Then At The End Alison Tried To Kill Aria,Hanna,Spencer.And Emily By Locking Them In A Closet and Lighting The House On Fire But the Girls Escaped And Then Alison DIED!!


ah i wanna know thho a is, don't we all. my ideas.. There has been so many ideas of who it could be i reckon its someone we're least expecting.
Also i don't think ian died because it shows the rope around his neck but the rope around his stomach is supporting him underneath so the rope around his neck isn't tight enough to strangle him, plus if a is one person they could never lift his body and drag him away so quickly and i dont see how he could have died from just falling on a bit of rope. Mona is on my list for being A, i duno i just think she has a really fake personality and she's not an obvious suspect. i think Ian knows who a is though and he's been giving them the videos i think A has a rather split personality and i think a pushed Ian off the thing because he wasn't meant to kill Spencer.


By far i like Emily she is very gorgeous... she should stick with her character but not with Paige. Emily/Paige dont look good together. Maya is ok i still want her back for the next season. I think that maybe "A" is Jenna ......who knows?.... Mr Fitz n Aria look good together. I just started watching PLL and it got me hooked damn.. I cant wait until the next season.


i think they need sex toby and spencer fuck aria and ezra do anal and gagging and everything i love fucking its so good my puusssyyy ffeells so good like ooooooooooo and aaaaaaaa so hop of dick bitch i can eat pussy all day not breath or suck dick all day not breathing uhhhhh uhhhh yeah baby


i love toby and spencer they make a cute couple and uggh who is A like really or is a like a group of people and aria and ezra r cute but she need to tell her mom and emily if your gay you shouldnt have been shy skrew what other people say i guess your legit famous if they got time on there hands to talk bout you its wat u like so wat and hannah you should of stayed with thaat boy and mona isnt a true friend


I absolutley love aria and ezra . They don't bore me one bit . I think you should throw them around again . Don't make it into a boring relationship . But I love them to death . Aria is my favorite on there !


Don't read this if you don't want to know who A is. A IS .... Mona Just try to keep an eye on her you'll see her acting suspicious and remember how mean Allison was to her when they were younger don't forget that.

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