Pretty Little Liars Season Two Scoop: The Hunt for A

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Have the Pretty Little Liars discovered the identity of A?

On the first season finale, a hooded figured pushed Ian off the church railing (to his death?) and series creator Marlene King tells The New York Post "the girls will come to the conclusion that was A" when this series returns in June.

That doesn't mean they're correct, of course.

PLL Finale Scene

Elsewhere in the interview, King touches on Jenna, her sight and her newly-discovered relationships. Excerpts are below.

What's the deal with Jenna and Officer Garrett?
There’s so much more to Jenna and Garrett... They’re really fun together and we’ll find out they definitely have a past and it’s definitely going to be an integral part of the mystery in season two.

Jenna is blind... right?
I’m not going to tell you that! But I will tell you is that Toby definitely believes that Jenna is blind.

Will we see more of Lucas?
Lucas is going to be very prominently featured in the first couple episodes of season two. He's going to form this really fun bromance with Caleb that I think the audience is going to love.

How would you summarize what's ahead?
Season one felt really like the hunt for Allison’s killer. Season two is very much more about the hunt for A. The PLLs decide to push back. There's also a fun storyline involving a therapist. The police wind up thinking the girls are lying about Ian and their parents get together and insist they go to see someone to deal with these seemingly obsessive thoughts about pinning Allison’s murder on Ian. The therapist is going to play a very important part of season two and in the girls hunt for A.

We have a few months until this hunting can begin. Visit our Pretty Little Liars forum often to discuss the show with fans!

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i think Jenna might actually be blind since its a small town and the doctors that treated her would've heard that she's walking around pretending to be blind. and, if shes faking, shes doing an amazing job because she reacts the right way and hasnt "messed" up yet.




guys think about it, if jenna wasnt blind, she would have wiped away the tears to where they were but they just left it there


Personally, I think Jenna IS blind. I think King went to a lot of effort to try and make it seem like Jenna isn't blind to throw off the viewers, while also making it seem like the actual situation is unknown to the creators themselves. I'm really excited for the Lucas and Caleb "bromance". Throw Hannah in the mix and we've got ourselves an interesting storyline! :)


Cannot wait to see what Jenna and Garrett got going on and I will love the bromance between Lucas and Caleb.


I honestly don't know if Jenna is blind or not. I think maybe she got some sight damage or something, but that she isn't completely blind. But also, wouldn't her doctors know? And then, wouldn't Toby know?


im thinking that they havnt decided wheather or not Jenna will be blind. Hintz the no comment answer. if they say she is or isnt it gives you a final answer and they have to go in that direction and the mystery is dropped. by not saying she is or isnt they leave everyone guessing and adding the thing about toby leaves enough for people to decide for themselves and for the writers to gauge the reaction and give the people what they want. her not confirming was just marketing. however, even though it is totaly ad completely unrealistic that jenna isnt blind i have a gut feeling that she isnt eaither. how she would pull off faking that and why her parents would go along with that dosnt make since! they would have to know, a doctor wouldnt lie about that. and she would havvvveeee to go to a doctor to get into that blind school she went to. so it dosnt make since butttt, i cant shake the feeling that she isnt. whitch would be soo badass.


I completely had this notion that Jenna was not blind when Hanna slapped her glasses off her face. There was this gut feeling that what if she wasnt blind and by the comment, they are only turing that gut feeling into a "she could possbily not be blind" statement in my head.


Jenna is so not blind. By not saying anything they are practically confirming it lol

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