Pretty Little Liars Sneak Preview: SLAP!

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Have you recovered from the steamy scenes between Caleb and Hanna on last night's Pretty Little Liars yet?

While you take a cold shower or two, prepare yourself for heat of a different kind: on next Tuesday's "Someone to Watch Over Me," Hanna will confront Jenna over her money-based interactions with Caleb and... well, see for yourself what will go down between these two:

Also, look for the girls to make an interesting discovery on this episode: they aren't the only ones in town with a secret.

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Thas sad she needed to be slap...but i felt bad when she started crying


i am so shocked seeing that Hanna slapped Jenna. I also agree with the theory that Jenna is not blind. Explanation:Remember that scene when Aria was in the bathroom and didnt say a word when Jenna knew that it was her. You cant even see.
***Explain that***


I think they are shocked because of Hanna slapping her becasue maybe they didnt think hanna would do that idk.... oh tho i can say for sure jenna needed to be slaped ..... lol :)

I am xoxo

i am agree that jenna is not blind.


It is obvious that they are shocked because they saw Jenna's eyes. But probably because it looks real bad after the explosion or that she can see. If not with two eyes then with one.

Viviana b waldorf bass

i've ALWAYS thought jenna could see! I'm glad the b*tch is getting b*tch slapped. she deserves it. she gets on my nerves!


does anyone else think it was weird how she knew it was aria in the bathroom without aria even talking? I totally think she can see!


I also think that Jenna can see and I also hope to see more of Spencer and Toby together.


I don't think Jenna can see, I think their faces were more out of shock that Hanna would slap a blind girl in the face.


Yeah I don't think Jenna is actually blind either. I hope Spencer and Toby kiss again next week! I love them!!!!!

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