Private Practice Promo: Is Addison Pregnant?!

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Is Addison's life about to change forever, thanks to an unexpected blessing? The promo for next week's episode of Private Practice certainly implies that she gets pregnant.

If this is just misdirection on the part of the producers, that would be sad, especially given her longstanding desire to have a baby and struggles in the fertility department.

What do you think? Is it going to happen, and if so, how will she process it?

The official synopsis for "A Step Too Far" makes no mention of this. It reads:

"At the launch party for Violet's book, Sheldon falls for the smart, beautiful Dr. Marla Phillips, even though she's the critic who panned Violet's tome."

"Meanwhile, Addison's and Pete's patient is caught in a love triangle with her brother-in-law and sister, for whom she is a surrogate, and Cooper and Sam try to convince a family to make their son's health a priority over his successful wrestling career."

For a rundown of last night's events, read our Private Practice review from earlier, then sound off on what you think will happen next by commenting below.

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i want addison to be able t have kids ant to be happy but i dont want her with sam cos she deserve more than isues all d time. addy needs a prince charming dt will luv her cherish her,want what she want and give her perfect missing life of her,a man dt has no issues like sam i luv her case to be like a fairy tale filled with beauttful adventures dt leave happly ever after.sam on d other end should try to work things wit naomi ,d both should lern to fight for dt beautiful thing they had before and try to grow up.marriage should,lead to devorce s nt gud we should encourage marriage and not devorce pls cos i wan them to come back togethet be a famly again and picked everytn back from where u left it including d practice pls and pls make it work. more than ever before its a great place dt need to stay family and not otherwise..


i don´t like addison and sam as a couple,i think he doesn't shows hes love for her...


Actually a few years ago when she was tested Addison only had 1 egg left, which makes her chances of becoming pregnant slim to none, which is why it would be a miracle if she was pregnant....


ok addison is not infertile. she just has some major fertility issues that make it very hard to get pregnant. naomi wouldnt due the fertility treatments because they would have a very small success rate.


i would love for addison to be pregnant, and that would even correlate with the calzona baby storyline on greys. (callie loses her baby as addison is blessed with a miracle type of thing). But i did read that ABC was casting for a mixed race (african american and white) baby for the 2011-2012 season.....this could possibly be for addisam


I seriously doubt that she is pregnant. They are trying too hard in the promo to make it look like she is pregnant so the chances are that she is not. Besides, she is infertile. The promo is a major fakeout.


Shonda did say that Addison would be playing role in a MAYOR story this season...


@baru A pregnancy last 9 months! She doesn't have to do a time jump. She can go slowly with the pregnancy.


uhh sorry for all the typos in the last comment.....


Well if she were pregnant what would the baby look like? Black,white, mexican? The only thingi have worried is how will they get a baby that is mixed race? Or will it just be black and or white? Not to be racist or anything.

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