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I am still for AddiSam, but I don't think Addison should get mad at Sam, granted he did kiss another woman, but it was his ex-wife, there are still bound to be feelings roaming around. If Audra was not leaving, I'd be for Naomi and Sam getting back together. :D

As for Amelia, it was great to see the camera focus on her and her private life, a life other than her father. I will agree she related it back to her father, but I liked that it was her friend, and I was for her lying to her, I would have done that exact same thing if I were in her position.

As for Cooper and Charlotte, I can't wait for their wedding and the day Charlotte falls pregnant! I know it'll be a while, but I still look forward to seeing it. Like the reviewer said, Cooper would make an excellent father. :)

The episode didn't really show much of Pete and Violet, but I am glad actually. I feel as though the show is on them too much recently. However, I do wanna hear more about Violet's book, as well as the return of Krazy Katie. XD

My final note is Sheldon. I really adore Sheldon. He's actually so witty and eccentric and funny. I really hope he gets a woman of his own. I really do want to see more Sheldon. :D

Overall, I actually really enjoyed this episode, I do enjoy the others of course, but I think it was the long wait I was experiencing. However, this episode left me with one question: Was this the final episode of Audra McDonald as Naomi Bennett?


Loved this ep! As for Naomi..... i've said it before: she has double standards (dating Sam's friend, stuff around cheating etc), and I don't really like her character.


I loved this episode! however im still really angry at sam and Addison didnt even react i wanted her to blow up and finially get mad at Naomi beacuse Naomi always slams addi for everything Loved that Amelia got a storyline/shes always there for addison Cooper and Charlotte so cute! and Sheldon was funny

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