Psych Season Premiere to Be Titled...

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While an exact return date for Psych has not yet been announced, the USA hit has revealed its hilarious season six premiere title: "This Episode Sucks."

Here is what else we can report about the summer return of this fun series:

  • Lassiter will fall for a woman he meets in a bar... who may turn out to be a "vampire that drains her victim's of blood," according to sources.
  • The show is casting for an actor to play "Thorn," an individual with "platinum hair, earrings and a British accent."

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The perfect person to play the part of thorn is James masters from Buffy/angel. Although he is naturally a brunette, he can bleach his hair again (even though he has said it was very painful) for the part... I miss seeing him as a regular on television... Bring in James!!!

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You caught me listening to my own music. How utterly Rob Thomas of me.

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