Rebecca Sinclair Steps Down as 90210 Showrunner

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90210 has lost another showrunner.

Rebecca Sinclair, who took over The CW hit after a shaky first season, will not return in the fall, a rep for CBS Television Studios tells TV Line, stating:

“Rebecca’s contract was up so it was no surprise to us at all. We have a very strong staff and we have been exploring various people and are confident we’ll find the right replacement.”

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Sinclair was the individual who decided to focus more on the new cast, pushing Jennie Garth and other former stars to the side. She also talked at length last summer about why she decided to turn Teddy gay.

Despite this shake-up, fans can rest easy. 90210 will definitely return for a fourth season.


i'm happy. she didn't follow what was planned out originally. put ade back on drugs, make silver bipolar again, give annie her relatable likeableness, bring back ethan etc.


I met Rebecca Sinclair over a year ago on a Q&A. Michael Steger, Matt Lanter, and Zac Sherman was there as well. She was HORRIBLE. She has no idea what she's talking about. She said she never even watch the original 90210. How did she even got this job? She destroyed everything. Season 1 at least was still watchable n now I watch 90210 just to laugh at the ridiculosity. Is that even a word? Lol.


I really only liked her descisions in season 3 cause in season 2 she dragged Annie's hit and run FOREVER! Then she made the show ALL about relationships which was kinda annoying. Season 3 was definetly my favorite so far then it's season 1 and season 2 was really boring so that's last on my list. (I still bought it though because I liked season 1 and 3 so I wanted the collection) and I agree with what the other pol said, why get rid of Ethan? I mean I didn't really care about him but still, why get rid of him?Would have made some major silver/Dixon/Ethan drama. So props to her for giving me only a really good 3rd season!


i think seasons 2 & 3 have been better than season 1 but do miss Garndma Tabitha Wilson and Ethan- i'm not a Teddy fan-. I am glad she didn't want to use bh90210 alum anymore, this a new show, new cast, new generation that can and should stand on its own.


Rebecca Sinclair ruined Adrianna. I hope that the new showrunner will be able to undo the damage that Rebecca's done.


honestly i never liked her ever since i found out that she got rid of ethan just cuz she wasnt feeling him so thank goodness shes she had sum terrible ideas for the show so hopefully next season will be better




To be honest, I never really liked her, I will grant that she had some decent storylines given towards the show, but some were completely ridiculous. For example; getting rid of Ethan was not really a good move, I didn't like that, I am over it now, but she has made some horrible choices, as well as good. However, I will miss her as she did bring a few decent storylines. I am glad 90210 will be back for a fourth season, I cannot wait to see it. :D


That's probably the best Decision Rebecca Sinclair made concerning the show. She was responsible for almost everything that went wrong with season two and three... Like having relationships start and end in one episode to name but one incident.
I will give her props for revealing Teddy and his gay story line. It was to get a big gay viewership...
I just hope that they bring back Jenny Garth and Shannen... They were great on the show... Also Dylan.



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