Season Finale Shocker on Tap For Private Practice

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Private Practice has produced stunning season finales in each of the past two seasons, with beloved cast members dying, having babies cut out of their bodies, etc.

How do you top that this May?

You don't, creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes says, promising a "relatively quiet" finale. Nevertheless, look out for a shocker in the last two minutes.

The Smile Returns

So, does this shocker have anything to do with Audra McDonald's exit?

"It does not," Rhimes insists, reminding us that the actress may be back to guest star as Naomi in the future. "She's been through a lot of hard times already."

"I wanted a happy ending for her character so she's going to get it."

Well, that's good at least, and makes sense. Maybe something to do with Benjamin Bratt's arrival then? Share your comments and theories with us below.

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I like addie and sam and really wanted them to have a baby


It was awesome if him was Charlotte ex-husband, but don't make sense being a regular


@cokeacola60: MerDer is irrelevant to this show.


Um why would anyone want the new guy for Addison? We don't know anything about him. He could be horrible.


what i want is Addison to leave Sam for good... C'mon, Addy is a great person who needs someone who loves her and her only without any doubts or restraints... Sam is kinda boring o be honest and he is always takin a step back or showing restraint whther its startin a family wth addy or being there for her when she's going through tough times... i hope the new entry wd be for Addy! Naomi is SO goin with Fife! and PLease Let Char and Coop have their wedding for once!


Seems like I'm not the only one who has this theory about the shocker being Charlotte's ex husband showing up. As for Addie getting preggers, I just don't dare to hope. I've wanted her to get her baby ever since the back-door pilot, so even though I'm no AddiSam fan, I would love to see her have a baby on her own, even with him as the father, but with the whole "two eggs left" several years ago, it would be next to impossible. If she is, I will be happy, but right now I can't get myself to hope...


I hate how shonda is making everyone get pregnat except MerDer :(


I hope Benjamin Bratt's first scene on the show will be the big shocker. And I hope Addison is not pregnant. I love her but it's not realistic and a cheap ploy. I would rather see her face the reality of not being able to have a biological child and try to adopt.


I don't think the cliffhanger has anything to doc with Addisam. I think that Benjamin Bratt could be Charlottes ex husband... They never said what he would be playing... Its something that can have some far reaching consequences. I hate the Addisam haters... the writers wrote them together because they have a history, they know each other and they make a great couple. Addison better stay pregnant shonda!
Naomi should just do more than guest star, she should have some arcs and then go away and come back... Naomi will obviously be going to work for the foundation in malawi where she meets Arizona who tells her that her girlfriend is having a baby with Addison's ex lover who also got Addison pregnant at one point. And Naomi will say: "glad I got the h#ll outta there, now pass me the chocolate donut." LOL


I'm looking forward to a good season finale with No Drama, Private Practice and Addison need HAPPY so yeah Pregnant Addison works for me also. I want to see Sam's face. hahahahahaha hormonal addison driving Sam crazy works even better.

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