Shameless Season Finale Review: Lost Love, Life

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The theme of this week's Shameless is redemption. Can Frank find forgiveness from Eddie, Sheila, and Lip? Can Steve make up for accidentally landing Fiona's brothers in jail? In "Father Frank, Full of Grace," the sh*t hits the fan as we get the answers to all of the drama this season's been leading up to.

I haven't decided if I think Tony is a good guy or a bad guy. I think inherently he is good, realizing he made a mistake and doing anything he can to fix it, even if it means giving up an entire season of Bears tickets.

On the other hand, he let Steve believe that the charges against the boys still hadn't been dropped, leading Steve to hand over the title to his house. I understand Tony hates him, but he took it a bit too far, from last week's beating to driving Steve out of town simply so Fiona will be single again.

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No matter how much I think virgin-clinger Tony had some nutty tendencies, compared to Karen he's a piece of cake. My goodness, why isn't this girl in therapy?

Her daddy issues will be a lot more intense next season when she finds out her father offed himself. When I first saw Eddie at the ice fishing hole with his chainsaw, I thought he was prepping a grave for Frank with a move out of a scene in
Four Brothers. Instead. he went all A.J. Soprano on us with the cinder-block suicide move.

I was absolutely not expecting that twist and am still not sure how I feel about it. It was an extremely morbid way to end a storyline.

I've mentioned before my adoration for Lip and this episode just confirmed what I've been saying for weeks. I adore him and the way he silently made up with Karen, accidentally slipping the "I love you" out during what looked like passionate sex.

I was moved by Karen's tears because it was such a raw moment where you saw just how much this girl was emotionally damaged. Frank trying to justify his attraction to underage girls, by spouting off about the oversexed kids on Hannah Montana and Glee, was both humorous and creepy. I'm sure the Parents Television Council will have a field day with that!

As much as I wanted Fiona to get on the damn train and meet Steve at the airport, I knew deep down that she couldn't do it. Whether it's the way Debbie held Fiona's hand at the hospital, Fiona's reaction to Ian coming out to her, or Ian's comfort of Lip when he is first scorned by Karen, these kids take the family bond to another level. There's no way Fiona could have left the Gallaghers, but I'm still sad she lost out on love.

Oh well, there's always next season!


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I agree, GT (and many of the others below). There's something kind of wooden about Cameron Monaghan's acting. Jeremy Allen White is phenomenal, and Lip is my favorite character. Fiona comes in close second, as Emmy Rossum too is fantastic. Won't get into Macy... definitely not the true star of the show.


I love Lip, too. Jeremy White originally read for Ian but was cast as Lip. That's my only quibble with this show. I don't think Cameron Monaghan is a good enough actor to pull off Ian.


Correction: CINDER block. doh!


Well, I adore all of the characters, except I pretty much abhor Frank and his amoral selfish behavior. But the show wouldn't work without his character & the interactions/dysfunctions are interesting. And kudos to William H. Macy. So, isn't it funny that Lip has such beautiful lips? LOL. I also love Ian and worry about him with Mickey. At least Kash is more safe, seemingly... Mickey seems dangerous. It's sad that Fiona allowed herself to open up to Steve and he's what? Not trustworthy? I ADORE Veronica and Kevin. Oh, and I'm worried about Karen. That ice thing with the cider block FREAKED me out. Man, I'm just not used to getting this caliber of drama.

C f ohara

AJ Soprano...bravo Ms. Raines. Great call. And BRAVO Showtime for the best new show of the year. I am a shameless Fiona-holic.
Fav quotes def were the "Look at me I can't got to jail. I might as well be wearing heels." And "It's not like people popping in to feed the dogs!" Yay for Sheila making it out of the house on a regular basis. She was such a great supporting role. I hope we get more from here next season. Of course Fiona knew Ian was gay. Did we really think anything goes on under her roof that she doesn't know about. She is so focussed on her siblings that sadly she couldn't see the lies Steve was dangling in front of her eyes all along. Very touching moment be it brief, when Ian told her his secret. I could ramble on and on but I won't bore you all. Love the show, love the reviews Leigh. Hope to get some more discussions going next season.


Such a great season...


did anyone else notice that steve said to meet him at Ohare airport and he was clearly at Midway?


Such a good season! And I agree, I loooove Lip!


I too have the deepest adoration for Lip. I might watch this show for him only sometimes. Him and Fiona are the foundation of this show and family.

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Shameless Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Candace: More cookies to sell?
Debbie: Is Jimmy here?
Candace: No he's back at school in Michigan.
Debbie: No, he's living 96 blocks away on the Southside, dating my sister, stealing cars, and going by the name of Steve.

So uh, Kev, just out of curiosity, you happen to know the age of consent in Illinois?