Shonda Rhimes on Grey's Anatomy Season Finale: No Carnage, Just Growth

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There have been some epic Grey's Anatomy finales in years past, but don't expect any crazed gunmen or rogue buses this time around, says the boss lady herself.

Shonda Rhimes tells TV Guide that she deliberately tried to make the end of the seventh season a less hectic and more character-driven experience for fans.

"I'm not looking to make some giant, huge, electric finale," she says. "You can't have a gunman in the hospital every season. It would just lose all its power."

"I wanted to do something that felt a little more quiet."

One Handsome Doc

That's not to say that the finale won't be emotional. This is still Grey's Anatomy.

In the aftermath of last May's stunning finale, Rhimes said the doctors of Seattle Grace would be challenged repeatedly again, but with more grown-up issues this year.

That has been an understatement. Just think about it.

Struggling to get pregnant. Getting pregnant by accident. Battling PTSD. Marriages. Breakups. Hookups. Just to name a few ... and that was before the car accident.

Callie flying through Arizona's windshield is the catalyst for next week's big music event (see sneak previews) that Rhimes says the finale won't try to top.

"Part of what we wanted to do at the end of the season is to really focus on characters and to split them off in new ways as we head to the end of the season."

But at the same time, "not have it be an outside force that hasn't already happened ... it's really about their growth as characters and who they are as people."

Still, that doesn't mean Rhimes doesn't have some life-changing moments up her sleeve. Any thoughts on what that might entail for our beloved surgeons?

Share your comments and season finale predictions below.

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i loved the misical show- glad its not every week but wow i was surprised at the beautiful voices!!! i love the arizona and callie lines, and that mark is so involved! i love that derek and meredith are adopting a needy/sick child, and that things are working out for christina and that her husband is such a strong character- hes great! and i love that alex got left- he deserves it for many many reasons, maybe he should find someone with kids already. teddy needs to be with her husband, and mark needs to be with lexi she needs to grow up- but we'd have no show if there was no angst. ive watched this show from the beginning, absolutely LOVE this show. its got everything, sometimes it makes me laugh, sometimes cry, and often i hate a character!!!!!! good job Shonda!!!


Well Lucy Fields is going to take that job in Africa and leave the show-b/c she's on teh new show on NBC this fall (Charlie's Angels)...poor Alex he just catch a break in the love category, but hey that's what he deserves for being so mean to people (it's called karma)! I would like to see more of Meredith and Derek and hopefully Lexie can get over the baby thing with mark, dump Jackson and get back together with Mark-they are amazing together! I for one liked the musical episode-it was different and new for them adn also showcased the hidden singing talent of some of the cast, that otherwise you would have not had known they posessed. What about Teddy & henry, maybe she'll finally see whata catch he is adn lose that Andrew guy once and for all!!Maybe soon they can bring back Izzy!! Maybe an abortion this time for Cristina, but Owen would absolutely die if that happened-can't wait to see what happens.


I can not believe that anyone actually liked that glee look a like episode. I actually cringed and considered never watching the show again. I barely got through the episode. As for Arizona I can't stand her and hate that these two have the focus of a show that used to be my favorite.


i miss the grey of grey's anatomy. i would like to see more of meredith and less of callie,arizona and mark (unless its mark and lexie). it doesn't make sense to me that she would be so shallow about mark. i like alex with the new ob dr. give us more of that and also i like teddy with her "husband'. get them together for real.


Put Mark with Lexie as they have always belonged together. Put callie and arizona on a slow boat with a hole in the bottom and give it a good shove into the wild blue yonder. This isn't Grey'a Anatomy - it's the callie and arizona show and I'm sick of looking at them. Shonda and the staff like to think that the public in general is behind this story line and that everyone loved the "musical" episode but every poll I've seen on any site I've looked shows by a vote of 2 to 1 (approximately 62% to 38%) the public is sick of calzona and hated that musical disaster. Put Mark with Lexie and somehow turn the rest of this crap into a bad dream.


I want izzy and alex to stay together and for izzy's character to come back. Yes?


Its improbable that an aurthopedic trauma doctor will not be wearing a safty belt WHILE being 8 month pregnent.
The singing was so stupid.


Have we forgotten that acting is an art??? I LOVED this episode, very creative and daring! It was a five tissue episode for me!! I think some viewers have been watching too much "reality" TV, you know, the junk where you do not have to be talented but just noise and shock value. (and no, I do not watch that crap but I do watch The Soup that makes fun of all the ridiculous shows out there!) Keep us entertained Grey's! I appreciated this episode for what it was, an expression of creativity. Just wonderful. Come on people, it's not like this will be done every week!


Wow...this show is turning into a gigantic soap opera. Could not stand the singing in this week's episode so I fast-forwarded through all of it, leaving little else to watch. The show has become very predictable and just plain boring, a far cry from how it started a few years ago. Will look for something else to do on Thursdays.


I hated the music, particularly when the surgeons were operating. I turned the volumen down and hoped that they would stop. I did like it when Callie was singing, it kept her spirit present and alive, and she snugs beautifully.

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