Smallville Sneak Peek: A Lesson in Luthordom...

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I'd risk my own life, but I'd kill to protect my son.  - Lionel to Lois

On this Friday's "Scion," Lionel has an important lesson to teach. It involves Lois and Conner and what it means to be a Luthor. Check the following sneak peek at the episode to see what we mean and let's all hope this installment of Smallville jumps over the low bar set by "Fortune."

Seriously, that installment sucked.

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Finally! A Smallville episode worth watching. The previous four have been total crapfests. Erica Durance rocks as Lois Lane.


I hope they kill off the clone lex..
because if they make clone lex THE lex luthor..
and have michael rosenbaum return with hair..
now that would suck.. lex never died.. and that's the way it is supposed to end..


seriously? you're a downer. it was fun, you didn't like it, move on!

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