Supernatural Review: "...And Then There Were None"

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So, the Mother of All has a name: Eve.

With a name like that, someone named Adam has to be not far behind. Right?

I admit it would be nice to hear a new plan from the bad guy. I know the typical goal seems to be death, destruction, and domination, but at least Crowley wanted to try and control Purgatory. Plus, how powerful is Eve? Is she on God's level, Lucifer's level, or a plane all on her own?

"...And Then There Were None" returned to that major storyline and focused on Eve's newest creation: a yet to be named parasite that crawled into the ear and took control of the human body. Sounds like the worst case of earworm ever.

Dean and Rufus

After some investigation, and Bobby wearing a suit, the trail led Sam and Dean to reunite with Rufus, Samuel, and Gwen. Someone should probably have told them that a gathering of more than a couple hunters usually doesn't end well.

In this case, it led to the deaths of three hunters. Yes, three.

First, there was Gwen Campbell, who came as a surprise simply because Dean pulled the trigger. It was unfortunate she hadn't been around longer for her death to have a dramatic impact. She was never a bad person. Misguided? Yes, but never evil. It's too bad she had to die.

Sam's headshot to Samuel was an even further surprise. I hadn't expected his story to end so abruptly. Plus, Sam wasn't possessed when he fired. What made him shoot? That was certainly a mouth hung open moment.

It would be disappointing if that were the last time Samuel was alive. He had a lot more story to tell about his background and his vast knowledge of the supernatural. He may have been a shady guy, but he served as an interesting opponent for the boys.

Hopefully, he comes back to life for some final revelations. If not, at least Dean was able to deliver the line, "Welcome to next time," to him.

The final shocking death involved Rufus. Although, after Gwen and Samuel, I had a strong feeling it was coming. It's sad that it was his friend Bobby who ended up killing him. He was a great character who has appeared multiple times with fantastic results.

If anything, the episode illuminated a bit of Rufus and Bobby's past. The two were clearly similar to Sam and Dean when they were younger. Even the story about Rufus mentoring Bobby added some great character development. I wouldn't mind seeing an episode focus on a younger Bobby and Rufus in action either.

The episode concluded nicely with a speech about forgiveness and a clean slate, but frankly, I was expecting more. Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of great moments, but I was left feeling as if something was missing.

A long six weeks until Supernatural returns, hopefully the final stretch pays off.

What did you think of the episode? Sound off below.


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I won't stop watching just because it insults. That was just my opinion. I am just saying that somethings they can bend the truth but the fact of the matter is that eve is the wife of adam not god and she is the mother of all humans, but it seems the writer is making her to be the mother of monsters...
Again you ppl must realise its just my opinion.


#Dr.CerrenoMD If you think Supernatural is a insult to your religious then don't watch :) Sorry but that is television. There are not picking on a religious but they try to write an amazing story and sometimes that's includes a religion. Honestly I think that is what the is making so good. Honestly I thought the first half of season 6 sucked big time. But ever since they came back after the winter break I really, really love it!! If they keep this up then I'm all in for a season 7! Sorry for the bad Englisch (I'm from The Nethetlands)


I hope they bring back Gwen Campbell. Other than their Grandad Samuel Cambell she was the only good one left in the family, and she would be a good hunter like the brother's they have both come back from the dead more so for Dean. I think they will do a season 7 . As the last one season 5 was off base to the other seasons 1-4. Season 5 was mostly about demons and angels. which took over the whole season 5, rather than each episode like season 1-4. Which were about the brother's and other hunter's going after old yellow eyes who killed their mother and gave Sam some demonic ability. and they also went after other evil creatures like witches, ghosts, zombies,werewolves, Dracula & vampires etc.


I hope they bring back Gwen Campbell as other than their grandad Samuel Cambell she was the only good one left in the family and she would be a good hunter like the brothers they have both more so Dean come back from the deal. I think they will do a season 7 the last one 5 was off base to the other series 1-4 was about all damons the last one was about angels and the devil took over the whole series rather than each episode like one about ol' yellow eyes they got in the end witches, ghosts, zombies,werewolves, dracula- vampires etc.


I must admit I am pretty shocked that there are some viewers who feel that season six has not lived up to the rest of the seasons. I think the biggest reason for this is that many people, after hearing the news that Sera Gamble was becoming the new head show runner, decided before even seeing the first episode that season six was doomed to fail with the new changes behind the scenes. (You have to remember that Eric Kripke is still a part of the show, just not as the show runner.) Coming into a season with that kind of biased opinion would of course set people up to expect season six to not be as good as the other seasons, but I strongly disagree. Last night’s episode “…And Then There Were None,� is a great example of why Supernatural is still one of the best shows on television. First there was the reference to the classic Agatha Christie novel, And Then There Were None, which the episode was named for. This connection is significant; in the book, ten people who are somehow connected with the deaths of others but have escaped punishment are tricked onto an isolated island, seemingly alone, and are picked off one by one. In the episode, the boys are led into this location and are forced to be put on lockdown because of the new creepy creature Eve has set upon them. And, just like in Christie’s story, the characters start to become killed off one after another. I think Samuel’s death is the most relevant to this connection since he had betrayed the brothers, his blood, and had yet to be punished for it. Yes, it was shocking that Samuel met his end, but I was more appreciative of the fact that Dean’s promise held true; the next time he saw Samuel, it would be the end of him. I would have been more disappointed if Samuel had walked away alive after Dean’s serious threat to kill him; the fact that this promise was followed through was very satisfying. And even though Sam killed Samuel when he wasn’t possessed is not important; Sam warned Samuel to stop, who was coming at him with a gun in his hand. Hunter 101: kill or be killed. And now we know that Samuel most certainly would have killed Sam if Sam had not stopped him first since the worm was inside his head. Again, it was shocking that three well-seasoned hunters, especially Rufus, was killed in one episode. But I think this was executed perfectly. As Dean always says, a hunter’s life is almost always short-lived compared to everyone else; eventually, something’s going to get them all. Remember, just as in And Then There Were None, multiple characters have to be picked off, and the fact that it was more major characters than random ones thrown into the mix just shows how powerful and problematic the new big baddie, Eve, is going to be. She managed to trick and force these professional hunters into a lockdown, start killing each other off, and took out three veterans without breaking a sweat just to send a message to the Winchesters: she’s going to make them suffer, and she’s going to kill them (or at least try to.) Also, I love that fact that the Mother of all these creatures chose the name, Eve. No, it doesn’t mean Adam is on his way, and NO this is not the human Eve from the Bible. Eve literally means mother of all, and Eve made it clear that she has a distinct hatred for humans. I think her being called Eve is her way of mocking our human “mother�; she’s here to show that she is a “true� mother, better than any human. This episode, along with most this season, was refreshingly original which is something that makes Supernatural unique; it remains unpredictable, and is always creative. It’s supposed to be a horror show with a raw telling of human emotion and family that keeps you guessing, on the edge of your seat wondering what’s going to happen next, which is exactly what it does. Some people complain that this season is moving too fast, but every single season has always kept that pace! Which works for the show because since the beginning they have wrote the storyline as though every season is it’s last; they want to make sure the audience and fans get the information and story that they want to tell in case it is their last chance to tell it. Unlike Lost, which held on too long to it’s mysteries and secrets (some that were never even answered), Supernatural makes a point to yes, keep you guessing, but they reveal information in a timely manner, not making us wait until we can’t stand it to reveal those mysteries. Another issue has been that Castiel has not been on this season as much. I agree and miss him as much as the other fans but you have to realize that Misha Collins, who plays Cas, recently just had a baby. I think it would be safe to assume that the writers have been giving him a little bit of a break so he can spend time with his family before going back to such a hectic work schedule. Before I finish my rant, unless the cast and crew decide otherwise, it’s also safe to assume that there will be a season seven. The fact that the ratings are still good and steady, and that the reps from the CW Network have said in interviews that they have no plans to get rid of the show, and that Jensen Ackles was quoted in the most recent issue of the Supernatural magazine as saying that he doesn’t believe season six is the last year, I think it’s a good bet that Supernatural is going to stick around a while longer, much to the happiness of all the loyal fans and viewers of the show.


If you look up Eve on wikipedia you'll see a more developed picture. The writers of the bible were influenced by other neighboring cultures. Lookup Ninhursag, Ashera, the Matronit(wife of God) Lilith and the archangel Samael. Some viewers of Supernatural are not christian or muslem but have still studied these religions as well as folklore and mythology.


Its been done before on an episode of The X-files....Season 1 Episode 8 - Ice
Worms infecting people and causing them to kill each other
In fact only 3 out of 6 survived in that too


I think their are three overall problems with Season 6. One the hard rock is missing. Two The episodes seem like they are moving too fast. Three You don't feel the overall seriousness of the "Mother of All", until this episode and there's only six more episodes to go for the Season. The seriousness should have been more terrifying. I am even suggesting that it would of been compelling to see that the Alpha's are succeeding in their "psychic Dog Whistle Sleeper cell or Vampire regime". Not to mention you wish Dean and Sam would go to Heaven to witness the Civil War that's going on. This season would make everyone though the happiest if you could just bring John Winchester back. And even it would be nice to relieve Adam of "The Cage". I bet there is going to be a Season 7 regardless of what any fan has to say, but lets hope that they can make a comeback due to this sixth one.


Here's my thing on this whole season. I was loving last season to bits and pieces and I own all the box sets. But my fear was when I heard that Kripke (SP?) was stepping back from being the lead story developer this season I had my fears that the ship was going to sink. He had only wanted it to be 5 seasons, and this is number 6. Do not get me wrong I do throughly enjoy the show, but they are really grasping for straws here. It was also a crappy blow for Rufus to be axed like that. Not too sad over Samuel and Gwen because in all honesty, they weren't all that greatly developed for this season, but Rufus was a irregular regular staple to the show. I'm still holding out hope for this season as we are going on again another hiatus, but sometimes you just need a crazy dramatic end to leave it up in the air (i.e season 5 ending) to have a lasting and profound effect to the viewer fan base. This is just IMHO, and I could be wrong.


I just want to know why are all the prime time shows going on hiatus?? Do they need to finish shooting???
I think this was yet another crap ep this season. I love supernatural, it is a great concept and the show has been up until season 5. It really should have ended at season 5. Simply because that was the best ending any season or series had. I feel that the writers were grasping at straws with season 6. Too much mystery is a bad thing and can lead to the show being dumb. I think its reaching there. Making Eve to be something more than the first woman is stretching and frankly very insulting to christians and muslims. Eve/Hawa was the mate of Adam, A human she cannot be better than God or like Lucifer. The reason why Lucifer rebelled was because he did not want to bow to Adam. I have barely tolerated the writers turning Angels into monster and God into someone who doesn't care but to do this... Its not right. I know its just a show, but the media and the shows today have a profound impact on the younger generations. Take Twilight as an example. Well thats just my opinion... I hope it ends after this season purely because its had its run.

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