Supernatural Season Finale Scoop: Deaths, Curveballs Ahead!

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What can we expect on the Supernatural season finale? Who is about to be featured in his own episode? Where will the brothers travel to next?

All of these questions and more were at the center of the show's panel discussion yesterday afternoon at Paley Fest, an event hosted by Maureen Ryan of AOL TV and one that featured a clip from the April 22, western-themed installment.

Watch the boys head back to 1861 and then check out a few scoop-worthy excerpts from the discussion below.

Hyped as "the emotional key-up" for the May 20 finale, "The Man Who Would Be King,” will focus on Castiel, going into the “fruition of some serious friendships and where they go," teases producer Ben Edlund.

We'll also meet Castiel's trusted lieutenant Rachel, played by
Sonya Salomaa.

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki didn't reveal many spoilers, but series creator Eric Kripke chimed in: “There’s a few curveballs coming."

Kripke also wrote the two-hour season finale, said everything will come "to a head" -  the war in heaven, the showdown with the Mother of All, and the story behind Purgatory - and added the final episodes aren't really related to each other.

“There’s so many mythology balls up in the air. It feels like two episodes that each have their own story. It’ll be awesome in reruns!”

Added producer Sera Gamble: "There will definitely be deaths. I would say that the last couple of episodes are pretty dark. The situation is rather desperate for Sam and Dean and they truly have to ban together to get the job done."

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Definately agree with killing off Lisa and Ben! They're so annoying, why are they even in the show. I think this big cliffhanger could ruin the show...... I can imagine Sam's wall breaking down and dying once and for all, definately one of the main characters dying i.e Castiel. Errr the cliffhanger could be Eve destroying everything or like the demons taking over and the world finding out about them. OMG will may 20th hurry up I don't think I can take it any longer!!!


The last sentence about them having to band together makes me very nervous, please leave my Bobby alone. Hilarious how perfect Dean seems to fit into the Wild West. And there is always room for more Castiel.


OMG, couldn't jack squat in the first part of the video except for something about the Cult. I guess I'll just wait until April:(


I actually like Lisa and Ben.....I like Lisa and Dean as a couple, I just hate that they are holding Dean back...


more lisa and ben, for godsake are we never going to get rid of them


I really hope they kill of lisa and ben


Wow... Curveballs... That's epic news... :/
Like they were gonna do anything more than that... Every season has ended in some sort of cliffhanger so we kinda figured as much...

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