The Bachelor Season Finale Promo: Will Brad Walk Away?

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He's done it once before. Will Brad Womack flake out on The Bachelor season finale a second time next week? ABC's promo definitely wants to plant that seed.

Of course, if you pay attention to The Bachelor spoilers or any word he's spoken publicly this season, you know he's not leaving without a fiancee this season.

What's a finale teaser without a little misdirection, though?

As for whether Brad ends up with Emily or Chantal, we leave that up to your best guesses ... or you can just follow the link above and see if you're correct.

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Emily as we watched on TV is not ready for a relationship, if she persues one, she will need alottttt of time because she sorts every little thing out and in the end, confuses herself. Maybe she thinks its therapy, but its a "Pitfall", and will only stack up the problems and not get rid of them...
Emily is a lovely lady and looks like a great mom too. But she needs alot of time to move seriously into a marriage type of relationship!


Unbelievable ending, I am sooo disapointed in this Brad guy!
Chantal was the best choice! she was a very smart, lovely lady who didn't have all the issues that Emily has!. Some people just don't go with the flow of things, everything has to be "Run through a chemistry Lab",(so to speak)... This type of relationship will notttt work!
Some people just make a relationship a problem even from the get go! to many issues,always analyizing every thing between the two of then, it will be "Nonstop" problems for Brad, and we see that came true already last night, when both admitted that they fight alot. We don't see a smooth relationship.Fight??? this is a new relationship and already we all can see the end result!
Brad, stay single awhile longer, 38 is not old!!!!

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