The Event Returns: What Did You Think?

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The two hour return of The Event brought us right into the thick of Thomas' plan and answered many questions we were left with from the winter finale. 

In the first couple minutes of "And Then There Were More," we learned that the signal Thomas sent out was to inform his people that they were preparing for their arrival.

Virginia Madsen  on The Event

Blake is not an idiot and quickly realized that this meant Thomas planned the arrival of their kind as a form of attack on our world. Therefore, he volunteered to oversee the questioning of the prisoners.

A part of me really would love to hate Blake, I would definitely want a man like him in our Presidential cabinet. Blake has proved time and time again that he is as loyal as they come. A true patriot.

The second hour of The Event, "
Inostranka," mainly focused on Blake's and Thomas' visit to the prison facility.

Thomas realized that this was his opportunity to seek revenge for all the inhumane acts against his kind. Thomas was out for Blake's blood, but in the end, he got one of his own, Maya. This scene once again proved how cold-hearted Thomas has become. He may not have had the guts to kill his mother before, but I truly believe that if he had the opportunity to do it again, he would be able to go through with it now.

Because Maya propelled herself toward Blake, it proved that not all the aliens are as bad as Blake wanted to believe. Maya gave her life so that Blake could one day stop Thomas from destroying the entire human race. Hopefully, her character did not die in vain.

Sean and Leila

It was a shame to lose such a good actress so early on in the season, but if someone had to die, I was glad it was not Blake.

Elsewhere, as everyone probably already figured out from the last episode, Leila is part alien.

Michael confirmed that he definitely is one of them. From what I gathered, Leila and Samantha are not the only half-human/half-alien children out there - all the young girls that Dempsey was testing on are also like Michael's daughters.

Yet, we still don't know what Dempsey wanted with these girls and how it would correlate to Sophia and the rest of the aliens. Whatever the aging serum is, Dempsey used it to age himself. Could this mean that he is also not human and is using the serum as a way to blend in?

We also met Catherine Lewis this week. So far, we've learned that this Alaskan Senator not only has some brains in that pretty noggin of hers, but also knows how to play ball with the big boys. She may not know yet what Inostranka is, but I am certain she will learn everything she wants and probably a lot more.

After everything Sean risked to save Leila and be with her, I was shocked that Sophia wouldn't see this and allow these star-crossed lovers to be together. Michael didn't even know why, but he knew that Sophia's orders are not for questioning.

Sean, ever the good guy, walked away from Leila knowing it was best for her. How many people would let go and lose the love of their life after only getting them back a few days before?

What will happen next now that all the prisoners from Inostranka have escaped with Thomas as their new leader? Somehow these freely escaped prisoners will play a critical role in the battle between Sophia and Thomas. 


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That SS agent was ridiculously dumb.


Does no network know that long hiatuses(hiatusi) kill shows? Dempsey is probably an alien/future human. Why didn't Simon bring Sean to see the President? The President's been searching for Sean since like the 2nd?3rd? episode. Kudos to Sean for leaving! Blake has insane pain tolerance!


I see what you're saying Scott, but besides that minor detail, the event was a great episode. It is good to see something on tv other then reality shows. I also agree with you Michelle, Dempsey is one of them.


The Event is aweful. It makes absolutely no sense. Like the part when the Senator said that she had letters pertainign to her husbands indescretions. Like a secret service agent would let you slip in when the president said to secure the office. Ridicules! It needs to be some what believable to be good. I giev it a 1 on 5!


Just watched the return of The Event. Canada got the first glimpse Sunday night and I was able to catch it on NBC last night on the west coast. Wow! It was fantastic. A tight storyline and great heart! This is what we`ve been waiting for! Couldn`t be more pleased if this is what we`re in for in the coming weeks. Wonderful job, wonderful scenes. I`m more hooked than ever. For those who missed it last night, catch it on video soon on the NBC site or wherever else you`re able to view it online!


Not only was I hooked before but these two episodes have me still on the edge of my seat since the long break began. Amazing TV, finally, you have a loyal fan here!87

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The Event Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

We have no answers so we must assume the worst. We have to assume this message means that we are going to war.


We have no answers so we must assume the worst. We have to assume this message means that we are going to war.