The Good Wife Preview: Now What?!?

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Following this Tuesday's explosive, revelatory episode of The Good Wife, fans can only wonder: now what?!? What will happen next?

With creators Robert and Michelle King admitting that Alicia will learn about Kalinda and Peter's past prior to the season finale, it's only a matter of time before this truth comes out. Might it take place on next week's "Killer Song?"

The episode will bring America Ferrera, as Natalie Flores, back into the picture. Get a look at what's to come via the official CBS preview:

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The Kings have said that Alicia will find out about Peter sleeping with Kalinda before the end of this season. Of course she will. This is a TV show and such a sub-plot makes for high drama. However, is Alicia really better off knowing? First, I am assuming that Peter slept with Kalinda some time ago - probably before the hookers scandal. I am one of those who think he is a different person now and would never do anything like that again. The Kings have tried to show he is changing to give fuel to the reconciliation between Peter and Alicia. So why should finding out about Kalinda destroy everything? The Pter haters want Alicia to leave him, rwgardless of whether he has changed or not. If this show lasted 10 more seasons with Peter being the perfect husband the whole time, they would still want him gone. That will never change. Yes, Peter is guilty of not telling Alicia about Kalinda, but I don't think his reasons were entirely self-serving. Kalinda was someone that Alicia has to work with every day. Knowing about what had happened in the past between her husband and Kalinda would have probably made the working relationship between the two very difficult, at best. Confessing now would only bring pain and anguish to everyone involved, not just Peter. Given that whatever went on between her friend and her husband ended a long time ago, if I were Alicia, I would just as soon not know about it.


I feel really bad for Alicia this will really hurt her. Besides Kalinda she really doesn't have any female friends. (Yes I am very aware she is just a character).


I love Julianna Marguiles,but please change her hairstyle. Put the part on the side and give a little height.


aahhhh i hope alicia will know about it ... and she will finally divorce peter ... i dont care if she gets it going with will ... but plz divorce him.. even though i suspect something was going on btw peter and kalinda ... but i never thought it was sexual ... i always thought it was work related ... come on a little bit of excitement .. alicia should know!!!!

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