The Good Wife Review: When One Storm is Over

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As our fearless leader, Matt Richenthal, prepares to take a few weeks of well-earned time off, I'll be stepping in to cover The Good Wife on his behalf. I hope I can deliver close to the same level of quality to which you've become accustomed.

A thick layer of uneasiness was draped across "Killer Song," a feeling that never really seemed to fade, despite the few moments of comic relief we had from Mr. Eli Gold.

If the main Lockhart/Gardner case wasn't disturbing enough, the plaintiff was downright chilling (as were the lyrics to his single) in his extreme lack of remorse, flippantly remarking "Oops" when Alicia suggested things would have been smoother for him if he hadn't killed somebody.

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Watching him talk to the people around him as if nothing untoward had ever taken place actually unnerved me. I suppose his actions were intended to come off darkly funny, but it was just unsettling. It was definitely an interesting twist, though, to have the daughter (was that really Gaby Hoffman?) link the song to a different murder, finally bringing her mother's killer to justice.  Good on Cary, too, for being there to help nail the guy in the end.

Speaking of which, what a change in tone for Mr. Agos. I love seeing Cary, jaw unclenched, talking to Alicia with those friendly eyes, and actually helping Lockhart/Gardner versus trying to trip them up in a thinly veiled attempt at revenge. I've been a little disappointed with Cary's role ever since he went on the offensive, so this reversal of character was nice to see.

As somewhat of a respite from all the dark edges to this episode, Eli proved his last name rather appropriate as he showed himself to have a bit of a Midas' touch with regard to the circumstances surrounding Natalie Flores (the ever-luminous America Ferrera). Eli is good, and really funny, when he's his near-curmudgeonly self - the scenes with his daughter had me laughing out loud - but what a treat to see him light up every time Natalie was around, even finding himself tongue tied, like a nervous teenage boy approaching a beautiful classmate.

Such a bummer that she turned out to have a boyfriend, though, because I would not object in the least to having Ferrera join the cast on a regular basis. Eli could definitely use some lightness and warmth in his life.

The meat and potatoes of the episode, however, came from last week's shocking revelation of Kalinda's fling with Peter. Watching with a pit in my stomach, I honestly couldn't determine who I felt the more sorry for, Alicia or Kalinda.

Alicia is finally starting to bounce back from the tumultuous year she's had. She's walking with a bit more spring in her step, and she's smiling more than I can remember her doing before (sans wine glass, anyway). In that last scene at home, she seemed to be more buoyant than usual, once again feeling comfortable in her home life - and it broke my heart to watch.

When she told Kalinda she doesn't know if it's happiness or just relief that the storm is over - at this point I don't think she cares which - it was clear she has no clue that she's only made it into in the eye of the storm; that brief calm before the relapse happens.

Peter has humiliated Alicia, stolen her pride, made her at once a laughingstock and someone to be pitied. This time, though, it will be even worse because now there's a level of trust and personal connection to the other woman. He'll not only destroy Alicia's self-respect for a second time, he'll be taking away the first real friend she's had since the scandal happened.

And we all know how loyal her former friends turned out to be.

Kalinda, on the other hand, was flat out scared for the first time I can recall since the show began. The fear in her eyes was pure. It's so atypical to see Kalinda this raw and exposed, and the way she lost focus on the case was a testament to how shaken up she is that her secret will get out. Every time Alicia got a phone call, or even approached her, Kalinda seemed genuinely thrown.

It's very difficult to see Kalinda like this. I'm used to her being so tough, strong, the one who has everyone else's back in a pinch. But now... there's no one to have her back.

Her conversation with Peter didn't do anything to ease that tension, either. The politics at play are dirty, and provide a guarantee that one way or another, the secret is going to come out.

And it's gonna be all kinds of ugly when it does.


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Il suo piacere di capire il vostro blog. Gli articoli di cui sopra è abbastanza straordinario, e mi è piaciuto molto leggere il tuo blog ed i punti che avete espresso. Mi piace molto ad apparire indietro su una base tipica, dopo molto di più all’interno del topic. Grazie per la condivisione di … continuare a scrivere!


i think the huns would do nicely with tarkans doing damage to all nearby buildings when they attack one. it’d fix the problem of tarkans having nothing to offer vs paladins.


I liked the bits with the killer. It wasn't like CSI at all, it was a brief look at what kind of people killers can be (insensitive sociopathic, ect.)instead of having an generic killer stereotype. Also it wasn't a cheap tactic by the writers for wanting to show that and for upping their game with the interest level of the cases. Society is desensitized by real people commiting violence (against women AND men) more than they are by seeing some gruesome but realistic photos on a fictional television series.


@Alain. Je regrette de vous dire que votre idée me paraît complètement folle. C'est à dire qu'à mon avis, votre hypothèse me paraît en effet bien insensée. C'est Kalinda, et non Alicia, qui est lesbienne ou au moins bisexuelle. Nous n'avons absolument rien vu jusqu'ici pour suggérer le contraire. En plus, c'est PETER qui est l'infidèle -- mainte fois d'ailleurs -- et pas seulement avec la pute Amber non plus. Quand Blake a accusé Kalinda de s'être couchée avec Peter, elle ne l'a pas nié du tout. Au contraire, son visage était plein de culpabilité. Et nous connaissons Peter. C'est bien possible, même PROBABLE, n'est-ce pas? Nous devons nous souvenir qu'Alicia est vraiment "The Good Wife" (un peu trop, on pourrait dire), tandis que c'est Peter qui est l'infidèle. Alicia aurait pu se coucher avec Will, et devrait le faire, mais elle par contre est bien trop fidèle au salaud qu'elle a épousé. Mais moi aussi, je suis exactement comme vous -- c'est à dire j'ai hâte de découvrir ce que l'imagination des King leur a permis de concevoir.


Sorry but I don't speak english Sur la base d'indices laissés au cours de plusieurs épisodes, une idée complètement folle m'a traversé l'esprit: et si c'était Alicia qui avait commis une faute cachée? Voici comment les choses auraient pu se dérouler:
Personnellement, je ne pense pas que Peter et Kalinda ont couché ensemble.
Kalinda travaillait pour Peter. Quand ils se rencontrent, leur attitude correspond plus à des personnes qui ont travaillé ensemble plutôt que couché ensemble.
Dans le passé, pour une raison que nous ignorons, peter a demandé à Kalinda de surveiller sa femme. Il est souvent absent de la maison. Sa femme est désoeuvrée et s'ennuie (desperate housewife). Elle a pu tromper son mari une seule fois ("one night")et peut-être pas avec un homme mais avec une femme, une de ses amies par exemple. Peut-être par un manque affectif, par curiosité ou après une soirée bine arrosée entre copines. Quoi qu'il en soit, kalinda a surpris Alicia (à son insu) avec une femme, peut-être dans un hôtel. Elle appelle Peter, qui est incrédule. Elle lui demande de la rejoindre à l'hôtel pour constater par lui-même. Ils laisseront croire qu'ils ont couché ensemble pour couvrir la faute d'Alicia (Kalinda ne ment donc pas quand elle dit qu'elle pas couché avec Peter).Le lendemain matin, Alicia, réalisant ce quelle a fait, s'enfuit, horrifiée et déterminée à ne plus jamais recommencer. "Just one night"... Cette idée doit vous paraître complètement folle.
Pourtant, il y a des indices permettant d'arriver à cette conclusion:
Rappelez vous la question surprenante qu'Alicia pose à Kalinda: "êtes-vous lesbienne?" ou quand elle lui dit: "tu n'aurais pas aimé la femme que j'étais" (c'est-à-dire une bourgeoise hypocrite). Le soir où elles fêtent la victoire d'Alicia, Kalinda, propose à Alicia d'appeler Will pour passer la nuit à l'hôtel. "je ne suis pas comme ça" dit Alicia. kalinda répond: "mais si vous êtes comme ça" car elle connaissait le passé d'Alicia. Souvenez-vous également combien Alicia est contrariée d'apprendre que Blake a enquêté auprès de ses anciennes voisines. pourquoi ne tient-elle pas non plus à retourner dans son ancien quartier?
Si nous retenons cette hypothèse, tout s'explique. Peter ne veut pas que ce fait soit connu: à cause des enfants, à cause du scandale, pour sauver les apparences ou son mariage, etc...Il achète le silence de kalinda en l'aidant à changer sa nationalité et en la couvrant peut-être pour une affaire louche. Ainsi chacun gardera le silence. Déçu par son épouse Peter prend alors une maîtresse, l'escort girl.
Depuis, Alicia s'est affirmée comme une femme brillante. Aux yeux de tous c'est l'épouse blessée, baffouée, "the good wife".
Au cours d'une interview, les Kings ont précisé que ce titre était "ironique" et ont également dit que tout le monde pense que tous ceux que l'onaime ne peuvent pas commettre de péché, ou quelque chose comme ça.
Alors qu'elle maintenant une avocate brillante et appréciée, la nouvelle publique de cette faute serait un "malheur" pour elle, pour ses enfants, pour le cabinet... (Kalinda a laissé entendre qu'un "malheur" allait arriver, pour la campagne de Peter. Un nouveau scandale.
Peter savait que si cette affaire était révélée, cela "la tuerait". Son image de "good wife" serait en effet complètement détruite aux yeux de tous (et de Will). Sa seule amie, kalinda, était au courant et ne lui a rien dit.
Peter est de nouveau amoureux de sa femme, la nouvelle Alicia, brillante et déterminée, à l'opposé de la bourgeoise effacée d'autrefois.
Pour l'instant l'affaire est encore secrète, seulement connue du cercle intime d'Alicia. Elle restera ainsi si Peter remporte son
élection. Alicia va donc continuer de coopérer avec Peter. Ainsi, une relation nouvelle et plus solide va les unir désormais. Mon hypothèse vous paraît-elle si insensée et tordue? Ou au contraire tout à fait cohérente et envisageable compte tenu des indices évoqués dans mon raisonnement. Merci de me donner votre avis. Un de mes amis a une idée encore plus saugrenue. kalinda serait une transexuelle, ce qui expliquerait son changement d'identité. Elle aurait commencé un flirt avec Peter qui, réalisant que sa partenaire d'un soir était en fait un "mâle" n'aurait pas voulu aller plus loin. Ainsi, ils n'auraient pas réellement "couché" ensemble au plein sens du terme. On comprend alors pourquoi cette révélation fait tant peur à Kalinda et blesserait Alicia.
Mais cette pure hypothése me paraît peu cohérente avec les indices que nous possédons et difficile à concevoir pour la suite de la série.
faisons confiance au Kings, qui nous ont habitués à des rebondissements surprenants et des retournements de situation totalement innatendus. J'ai hâte de découvrir ce que leur imagination, bien plus fertile que la mienne, leur a permis de concevoir. Vos commentaires, s'il vous plaît.


The best thing to do is have Kalinda tell Alicia the truth and seek her forgiveness, at the time of this one nighter she did not know much about Alicia until meeting at the firm. Relating to the prison visit which she was asked by Alicia about it and lied to make sure what ever was being hidden stayed that way. There is still the big question of what is really being covered up ?? It sure isn't the one night stand, you don't lose your job and name change over that. I think we will all be totally shocked when this comes out.


To Karl, he read Miranda bc he's an officer of the court.
This is the best recap/review I've seen. Thank you for being a human and caring about how grizzly and chilling the psycho was. The violence against women and showing of the graphic photos are cheap cheap cheap tactics by the writers. They are treating TGW viewers like mindless CSI viewers. Why was it necessary to show the disturbig photos and images over and over? Lame work by the writers. Society is desensitized already. It's horrid.


Ratings were not that good this week because it was the premiere of Body of Proof. Hopefully next week they will get better.


So Kalinda had a one night stand with Peter back when so what it is in the way past, I think Alicia always knew she did from an earlier episode. But why did she get let go from the S.A office job ? Plus changed her name ? This is the real story. If the writers don't get on the ball there might not be another season, the ratings are on the decline and May is fast approaching for a YES or NO.


Great review the only thing I disagree with it is I think they were going for creepy with the killer. I wanted to smack him for even talking to the daughter, perhaps I get too involved :). I can't wait for Alicia to learn the truth and to see what she will do if she learns the truth and Peter wins the election. Poor Kalinda, I really love really love her relationship with Alicia and understand why she is afraid to tell her. There were a few tiny moments I loved everything with Eli, loved how Will brushed off his lapel after the opposing lawyer held it and how heartless some people can be (the cop).

The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Natalie: Am I being used here?
Alicia: I don't know. But you know what the best thing is to do if you are?
Natalie: What?
Alicia: Use them right back.

Kalinda: Psycho wants you.
Alicia: What do you think?
Kalinda: I think you should go.