The Good Wife Trailer: A Look at Kalinda's Past

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Will Kalinda's mysterious past finally catch up to her? Yes, according to the following preview for "Ham Sandwich."

On Tuesday, The Good Wife returns with a new episode that delves into Kalinda's life before she arrived in Chicago. Look for her to get subpoenaed by the Grand Jury for the beating of a witness.

Elsewhere, Alicia and the firm represent drug kingpin Lemond Bishop, which causes strife of its own. Get an early look at this installment now and visit TV Fanatic soon after it airs for our detailed review:

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I'm really curious to know how Cary is going to help Kalinda without losing his job....he has this machiavellian attitude which could allow him to turn all this mess in "a win-win situation". But I can also picture him "breaking the rules" if necessary and getting fired for it...


If Blake goes down so does Will, he the one who ordered the hit on the doctor. Horray


Looks awesome. I hope Blake gets the end he deserves. I'm a little scared of what they have to reveal about Kalinda's past (the husband thing felt so out of character, I hope it's not more of the same) but if that finally gives Archie Panjabi some material this season, I'm all for it. There hasn't been a lot of Alicia/Kalinda moments this season either so it's great to see they are fixing that.


looks really good! i hope Kalinda dosen't go to jail!! she's my favourite character!!

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