The Mentalist Review: "Bloodstream"

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Cho was in charge, Jane was set loose in a hospital, and La Roche filled in for Hightower as The Mentalist continued to shake things up this season.

"Bloodstream" gave us a kinder, gentler La Roche and it was nothing short of unnerving. Every time I saw the man this week, I pictured a little white dog under his arm. The show should be commended for giving such a creepy character so many layers. La Roche had always been fascinating as a villain, but giving him added dimension has made him human and even more interesting. I just hope we never lose that intense pitbull quality I’ve loved from the start.

Jane in the Hospital

I enjoyed Cho being put in charge of the team. He was so no-nonsense about it. His first loyalty was to Lisbon, but if this was now his team, he was going to lead it. Cho’s deadpan delivery and take charge attitude have been a highlight every week. I was glad he got to play more of a role here and wouldn't mind seeing it again down the line.

I don’t know which part I enjoyed more: Jane running loose in the hospital or Lisbon’s glee at not being responsible for his actions. My boss is Agent Kimball Cho. I can give you his phone number. For once she got to sit back, watch Jane’s antics and send the complaints to someone else.

And Jane’s mini tirade on the “kangaroo court” hospital system was one of the funniest lines all night.
Would a wallaby be more judicious? And Jane with the Russian crime lord was equally hilarious. From explaining that his badge was actually only a laminate to citing all of the reasons why he knew the man was a Russian crime boss, I couldn’t get enough of Jane on this installment.

When Lisbon entered the room and announced she was with the CBI I kept waiting for one of the Russians to ask “With who?” Maybe folks in California know what the CBI is but it still strikes me as odd each time I hear it and I’ve watched the show all three seasons.

As usual, Jane was smart. He wanted to know what was going on with the doctors, so he went straight for the nurses and it was fun to see him gossiping like one of the ladies. He fit right in.

My favorite scene was the one between Lisbon and La Roche toward the end. Lisbon gave Cho full credit for cracking the blackmarket radiation case. She proved what a strong leader she was by acknowledging the strengths of her team. Then, when La Roche put her back in charge, he admitted he was messing with her but he will not be disrespected.

With his mix of being almost scary smart with an undercurrent of strange humor, I hope we get to see more of Agent La Roche and his interactions with the CBI team.


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The only let down for me was that there was no interaction between Jane and Cho after Cho took over the squad. The first question that sprang to my mind was just how will a no-nonsense cop like Cho deal with Jane's grandstanding? And it was never answered. An oversight, I think. And I do wish they're wrap up the whole Red John thing before the series finale. It's getting dull, and I never bought thatthat Red John is such an evil super genius with an endless network of myrmidons.


I loved how Lisbon had no problem having Cho as her boss, even saying, "Yes, sir", when he told her what to do. And one of my favorite lines was when Lisbon tries to reign in Jane, and he says "What? You're not my boss anymore". :) What a great show.


I wonder why LaRoche was put in charge of CBI. He picked the wrong suspect for the mole and couldn't bring Hightower to justice. I thought it was so cute that Lisbon was happy to be rid of the responsiblity for Jane's actions. Cho did a great job as leader. I love the way Jane gets in there and solves the case. Great episode.


My favourite scene had to be Lisbon gleefully walking out of the hospital after announcing that he was no longer her problem, and Jane's little smile at how happy she was. It was nice to see Lisbon so relaxed with the whole situation, especially since the whole premise led me to believe that she would be demoted because LaRoche thought she was incompetent, leading her to go into a depressed spiral. Kudos to the writers for taking things in a totally different direction.


I too think LaRoche is becoming a more layered persona. The Kangaroo court was a bit over the top but some tidbits such as Jane calling himself an insultant and the laminate card business, kudos to the writers. Cho as the boss unfortunately did not impress me, since he is always so pragmatic anyway. Lisbon hit a high note this week, loved her.


I really like the mentalist but I am getting tired of La Roche being such a bully. I like the team....I don't really like it when someone comes in and does throws their weight around like he did last night.


I have to admit, I really did enjoy this episode, too. I think my favorite line from Jane was that he was to insult, to which Lisbon say consult and he retorted with that too. What a wonderful exchange. There are moments when I don't know how Robin Tunney holds it together being the straight man (woman).
I actually liked the way Jane came across this time. For a while there he was more berating than funny, but it seems like he has his swing back. Keep it up! Kudos to all.


My favorite scene was between Van Pelt and Lisbon in the hospital. These two have great chemistry together and I waited for a long time for the writers to develop a stronger bond bond.
Anyway I thought they were just cute. Also the Cho/Lisbon scenes were awesome but I'm glad Lisbon is back as the leader. You go girl.

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